3 thoughts on “Daily Catholic Mass – 2019-05-26 – Fr. Zachary”

  1. According to the commandment of god any male boy on the earth by his law must be circumcised.Those who do not follow this commandment should be cast of of his people.If Jesus was a Jew then he was circumcised.Did Jesus say at anytime that his people should go against the word of his father?The catholics cherry picked what commandments they liked and left the other ones out..I think that all children come from the womb of their mother not from some guys rib.I will just mark this out of my bible along with some other things.

  2. Jesus by guided by the Holy Spirit says you no longer need to be circumcised. See Acts of the Apostles Chapter 15 versus 1 to 35 which deals with this very issue. The Apostles, were given the authority by Jesus with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit to decide these issues going forward. That is why The Catholic Church has central authority to decide these issue and to continue Our Lord's mission of bring disciples to His One True Catholic Church.

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