Climate Change Denier Switches When Land Taken by Keystone XL Pipeline

joining me is michael bishop michael is
a retired chemist and the landowner farm owner and texas back in two thousand
eight michael received a letter from trans canada saying that uh… his property has been
selected as a potential route ward of the keystone excel pipeline michael
talked to us first thank you for being here by the way talk to us first about that first letter you got from trans canada what it said and what
happened they were the first letter we got the
pancreatic and it wasn’t two thousand riveting basic goods or whatever they have von not very percent we worry tipped off site pruer potluck so when you got that letter did you
respond to did people just kind of show up acu property what was the next thing
to happen they tried to put me in jail and basically on my own property and
that that irritated the devil an so i uh… i confronted him back told that
they didn’t get out more proper you’re going to be some serious health issues
with their cruise and somebody who’s going to be real and it was not going to be me so i ran
amok my property and i didn’t hear anything for about six march two year
after that when you when you finally had a meeting
with some of the representatives from trans canada who want to put in the
keystone pipeline for your property you actually said hey you know you could
run this through the western part of my property i wouldn’t charge you anything for that
is that would be where i would prefer you run this and you were told basically
you can tell us where to run the pipeline that and that’s very good that’s very
correct the situation was wasn’t when went i was
under the impression at the time that it was a crude oil pipeline realize and texas law and realizing that
i would have been beating my head against the ball when he and said look dot the route you want to take his
inappropriate it’s not acceptable it’s cut off it impact myself mon neighbors i’ve got a solution for you there is a
new justin right away with three pipelines on it one is a small natural gas pipeline the
owners of some ocho crude oil pipeline braddock twenty four-inch wine your letter is an abandoned had been abandoned for nearly thirty
years it was a uh… uh… dpm approach crude oil on it all they had to do was come in a
straight line on the western aid to my property followed the route that will turn an
existing or out right away that was already there and andy and the problem would have been
solved not told a man upset i do not want your money i don’t like you i don’t like them buffeting i will give you the land you’d stay away from where andrea we shook hands uh… we had a meeting we shook hands
they agreed to it but the man told me you know something
no one church are they cannot be told by any regulatory agency orlando are where they can put their lives they can put their own land directly
under your house and under texas law they have to they have to pay for the
house to be moved well it just gives him unlimited
reporting and i i’m opposed to that he michael is it common in texas to have three pipelines going through your
property as it is and then i mean is that he’s comin situations where people
have so much stuff going to the property how absolutely your you’re looking at a
state that he cares there’s millions of miles of pipeline
slade miss in the state and and basically it’s a bit they’re
everywhere you can’t go part three or four hundred feet not by the
pipeline somewhere so yes very calm as it stands right now what’s the latest africa’s another band
member of back and forth in discussions the trans canada about the keystone
excel pipeline going for your property what’s the latest offer that you have on
the table or were these things stand right now the latest always subtle we settled in a
mediation hearing but that’s a little more inside contended in ma lawsuits was done under coercion and exploring
the refs and i can prove that beyond the shadow
of about eight years into the predictable no entrance canada even
though i upset a lot going back to court bali broad lawson probably knows soon enough travis canning state capital austin texas against the railroad commissioner which
is the permitting agency on pathway through preparing marseille
beatniks were roaming the uh… form according to your so are the is work being done on your
property right now the work is just-completed although
though the property has not been restored as they agreed to in their original in their original settlement purporting
to the wall they have not they have not personal work and in all honesty the damage it’s
irreparable they will never be able to restore the property to its original if
he said that’s what i want to focus on what’s been done what damage has been
done they had not algata ob got team greeks going to be my property and uh… these creature in our spring bed natural
preached and the problem is they have muddied the risk for it to the point they destroyed the vegetation wildlife
they have explored this thanks bud they came in with their giant excavator
contract over to me they’d level add leveled the creek the plank of the crate down to the point
where it will never be restored to its natural birch madam a month here is michael what before this
incident right what were your politics like in other words were you already what was your view on
all elyn drilling and has this changed it or has it just so happened that they
came across somebody who was against the stuff to begin with lookout i’ve spent uh… market madhavan
years have been pectoral when mister gross fire fighter paramedic our
workmen’s huts uh… plant technician grant wiggins evans wouldn’t be i was raised governorship channel
impeachment uh… i have no uh… i’m not i have no people quarrel
always not problem this is not cruel as my lawsuit cool there are a bit the problem areas and you-know-who going back to your
question um… um… common ultra-conservative uh… uh… may simply have voted republican
senator richard nixon sucked in the marine corps in the sixties but now i am a forward rupert area and and basically this is a about how i
used to belong to a group of scientists that believe that this uh… this climate change claim wasn’t fabrication and it was
uh… an economic manipulation i have since changed my views on anaheim
virumail member of american her union of concerned scientists fascinating and and so i’m guessing that year okay even this
view your story was pitched in the by a pretty progressively no liberal
organization you see here ok on those issues working with progressive groups i
would take it absolutely let listen here’s a thing climate change is not a fantasy this is
a real work we rent words there are two
problems concert at the end people like me at the plate at the hard
way and say now wait a bit i’m a very common analytical chemist by
half stopping at the looked on but the facts after the process but it’s packed and i think the evidence is all well at
this point that we we have but just or thought process but going back to a local personal issue this is a matter of eminent domain id
sovereignty of america seven secure talking about it foreign private corporation stealing american land to private personal bank and i’m sick and tired of my co-workers
say you’re telling me that all this is filled with it’s going to lower the
price of gasoline is going to give a slash uh… security for america and it’s baloney you’re talking about these private corporation located in canada it’s bringing down eight toxic corrosive
material that is not crude oil by any definition federal or
st and this and and taking it to another foreign
private corporation that corporation a small team of one of
them is multipart but even as a joint venture between or older chale and uh… at trolley radio refund that ism private economic gain texas law they are violating texas law
the constitution clearly statesman and our state your property can only be taken book it’s not-for-profit economic yet so i’m quite women were going to win
them that they’re going to have to be a good thing i want to all right we’ve been speaking with
michael bishop from texas michael really great to hear your story i’m sorry that
this is the reality of the situation but we’re gonna keep following it and we’ll
definitely have you back buried but you grant me appreciate and

57 thoughts on “Climate Change Denier Switches When Land Taken by Keystone XL Pipeline”

  1. Don't worry, Republicans/tea-baggers, you make up about 50% of the country. So, you suckers for corporate propaganda still fuck us all over in a big way. Thanks so much.

  2. Now he has a SLIGHT idea of how it feels to get your land reaped from you..Even if you try being NICE. Sounds familiar…In many cases, all over the world.

  3. Never in my pathetic, unworthy life did I think I'd be able to reply to Gandalf *in awe* I'M GETTING NAKED GANDY I AM

  4. TransCanada makes me ashamed of being Canadian. Stephen Harper failed at listening and standing up for the Canadian people as he usually does. Obama is our last hope at bring this all to an end.

  5. It is a private corporate venture pumping "oil," tar sands, from Canada down through Texas. How is the connected to any sort of objective that provides the United States with more oil? The product is sold onto a world market, and the objective is more profits for these companies…

  6. If the republicans/teaBaggers/paulTards gave two shits about the property rights of American citizens, they'd ALL be protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline. But like good little Koch-Puppets, they aren't.

  7. Damn Dave… Way to ask him if he was a climate nut in the kindest way possible. Seriously, kudos. So many "real" journalists can't pull of answers to questions like that.

  8. Stupid question, but can't the castle doctrine be used? I mean he can twist this into a trespassing charge and threat to property and person.

  9. You Americans have been duped hard. You were fine to let your international corporations fuck with other countries, now the international corporations are fucking with you. Globalists don't care about nationality or citizenship, they care about making your money into their money, whether they're American, Canadian or Zimbabwean. You have only yourselves to blame for this.

  10. They go on about how environmentalists are globalists, want the UN to have all the power, but when the corporations start impinging on their OWN rights, then whoops all of a sudden DON'T FUCKING TREAD ON ME.

  11. Not quite. It is an export pipeline to the port of Houston. That oil is going OVERSEAS, and will not lower the price of oil in Texas or any other part of the US, in fact it will "alleviate" a GLUT of petroleum in the Midwest and Mountain states, and therefore allow prices to go UP.

  12. Gay son? Its time for gay rights! Oil company taking your land? Climate change is real! Arrested for pot possession? Legalize weed!

  13. He can't be a libertarian if he believes govt should help him with his pipeline problem, and that govt should do something about global warming.

  14. In other words, this guy was completely OK when it was happening to other people. He even voted for it TO happen to other people. But when it happens to him it's a different story. Well, at least he Has changed his mind and is fighting to good fight. Good for him on that one.

  15. He's libertarian and wants to be protected from private corporations? Enjoy your liberty and freedom to get screwed by big business and have your property destroyed. Thank goodness they got those accursed government regulations out of the way so they can give you a good pigsquealing for a quick buck.

  16. His beef is not with oil but he care about climate change? How do you square that one? …Conservatives kill me they keep their heads in the sand on all issues UNTIL it happens to them.

  17. This guy is a full blooded idiot. I hope they take all his land and get him almost nothing. Maybe he will be the one to spark the evolution of Texans. But probably not since he thinks being a libertarian means the government will save him

  18. He seems to have changed his opinion based on his own personal experience with an oil company – doing it out of spite. Not the actions of a respectable scientist if you ask me.

  19. While that is possible, there is another explanation – denial of the reality of climate change is often tied up with people's perception of themselves. The bad interactions with TransCanada may have simply distanced him from his political ideology to the point where he could take a more objective look at the science.

  20. XL has irritated the crap out of me ever since I heard about it, but now that I realize the extent of the pipeline network, I'm like…whats one more? Corporations rule the world.

  21. Fuck you and your land buddy. Your inaction all these years has contributed to this.Now that it's you,"This sucks"?
    Sucks to be you. Ask me if I give a fuck.

  22. This guy is a nutjob, period!!!! Given that there are already pipelines in the ground, what's the big deal. Not like the land was stolen…. the pipe goes under the ground like all others. The rest of the rant is spoiled grapes and not based on facts.

  23. the problem is that THIS pipeline is for a kind of oil (heavy tar) which is far more corrosive and viscous, and needs to be heated in order to even get flowing.

  24. We are way beyond the point of no return oops did I say this !!!?????we are fucked as a civilization never mind our thirst the Chinese wish that they were close enough for a pipeline from Canada to china

  25. Actually. at least 40% of the pipeline capacity will be for American conventional crude. Also, synthetic crude derived from oilsands is NOT more corrosive travelling through pipeline. Do some homework. Not following the viscosity argument. There are solutions for that.

  26. Tell the people of Mayflower Arkansas. There might be solutions, but if the oilmen can make more money by not implementing them, they will. Look at the BP Gulf oil spill, they cut corners everywhere and were not prepared for the result.

  27. I don't disagree with that comment. I think that there needs to be stringent policy to ensure adequate maintenance and upkeep. You are now arguing a completely different point.

  28. 2016…fracking practice pipeline destroys 90% of maple farm at gun point by court order with no compensation to owners….we are the majority !!!!! that feels enough is enough!!!! IT IS IN OUR HANDS…it is PEOPLE FUELED AND DONE!… please share please check help learn act it is in our hands the alternative for peace on Earth our children's will be with a peace of mind knowing labels are for food not people safe at last… and THANKFUL!!!!!!…WE ALL NEED THIS… WE ALL WANT THIS …WE ALL CAN DO THIS… for what worked …what will… what should….No more Dems …no more Reps…for accountability… NOW NOT LATER NOW…

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