Classic Cenk Uygur Interview with David Pakman

tourist beaten with jane ke here from
the young turks passed thank you and also tell you that you’ve made my life
hell both at the same recommendation a couple years ago we met our prison in
nine europe he said you guys are doing video i was thinking about it and we did
it’s been great but also ended up in the having to bring all of this stuff and uh… try to find it all with my
class six hours before our flight so thanks but also nothing not sorry well you know it’s worked great ended as
of now here is the only thing we have two hundred and seventy nine uteach
subscribers honor channel you’ve got a hundred and thirty thousand so blogging behind alittle bit but they are
a one of the time that’s the way that we will this temple one brick at a time how long were you guys doing video and
putting in a new team before you hit critical mass some people say it’s a
genius thousand and then it starts just going on its own that’s interesting that you know we hear is definitely do it for a while
before caught on no question about that yet uh… and that only elections help us a
lot cuz i give us a a good deal momentum as have people were or uh… gravitating to assist issues right um but i i’m not sure there was a magic
moment where all the sudden it it took off it was a real gradual built it was a slow and steady keep plugging
away doing what you do right so i had going on on my show a little while
ago this is the k_k_k_ gal you mentioned it briefly in one episode icye turning
in his earnings earnings it’s the jews stupid ads of jesus so i’m not sure we’re just talking about vino what’s his campaign based on its
based on hating jews and i said to him do you hate neat person with mountainous
photograph never met so i mean i think you know it’s is it a general hatred is
it means is now i hate u specifically you are july a and even listened higher interview of
the premise of this entire view is is completely bogus so we put the interview
out and start getting tons of feedback most of it is he handled it well you can get into an argument with the
guy he can reason that someone like that there’s a contingent of started trying
to get past kicked off of some of the stations around saying even having acai
and as a platform for schizophrenic speech and it has to be some wine but to me that line sounds like opening
the door to a slippery slope right i totally agree with you know i’m on
your side your side look eat who watch that interview
provider made sense iming noy litany of different the guys who believe
me they may since they were hopeless to begin with i think letting him there is
a penny is in that format with u doing interviews it’s in
questioning him in satara i think exposes ideas for how ridiculous
and buffoon ish that they are i mean we as a great question you asked
them do you hate me personally and when he says yes he might even lose a couple
skinheads are you go and i think you’re a stream for that a red herring and it
seems like a nice guy i mean i thought i kinda you know it’s definitely argument
that was made with somebody might hear that and if they don’t see that the
hostess p in critical enough they might be
convinced to vote for the guy over to agree with his injuries but you could
make that argument even if i disagree maybe somebody
doesn’t like me back and convince them right and you can’t go by that now
that’s crazy talk i mean and what he because hang himself what do you need to
say mean uh… you know all you do is go look at how ridiculously as na i’m not by an animal reunion prior to that paul camera and i
don’t know if you’re familiar with him he says sex researcher but he’s been fully
discredited as any kind of researcher he said if we repeal don’t ask don’t tell disconnect the willy nilly gay rape in
the military of course the study was based on seventeen people um… seven which for people he
personally knew had him on and it was written up and
huffington post by an african-american gay journalist he said a lot of people are solace interview and
they say discussion out of a platform basically the same thing isn’t with glen
miller and he said you know what i’m gay and african-american if this guy doesn’t get on his opinion
doesn’t go away you can’t just not given the platform in
similar to the west for a baptist church do you agree that what would you find that i mean if
nobody has them on give their opinions go away or do you
have to expose them now look at high speed every show should
make the uh… that uh… decision case-by-case right and ect i’d only this any harm in in every
really did in fact you expose his study for being on says because both so-called studies out there anyway
and he’s been trumpeting that around as if it’s real and so if you can debunk it a little bit
i think you do a service now the west for about the skies i’m not too interests in them so i don’t
have on my show but but if somebody else that’s not really a
problem with that i think you know it’s a free country and uh… and i mean again diverting norden leads you
to debunk uh… for so any could make for an entertaining show an informative
show what about the argument though that just by having them on a program is
giving them some kind of credibility i don’t think so i’m young by that date
have i mean i like that research show a lot
had no idea of credibility of the words that are on there or whatever is that we
call a newspaper story for us you know a little bit angry midget
either detroit i don’t remember bread yet now i uh… realizes umesh are more
credibility i don’t know okayed it’s it’s absurd now just being on a program
doesn’t mean that doesn’t mean anything disney’s on the program it’s how you frame that might if the if
c_n_n_ has them on and say it all on the one hand we have this expert uh…
saying uh… don’t ask don’t tell doesn’t make
any sense of war whatever give sociological data center and on the
other hand we have this guy who’s italy and india rape intakes going to happen well then they that’s unacceptable
because you put them on equal platforms are hand you frame them wrong there’s
always you frame them right i don’t see any harmony by the way i love that guy
studies the ass like seventeen and of his buddies in like gabbard ever allow
military and i’m going to be read i mean for someone to watch resemble you because the question of the
framing is interesting to me because we see on every news network on blogs everywhere that here’s one penny
his yet their opinion here’s the unbiased moderator but on a
lot of channels deep moderate moderate is not really unbiased and framing isn’t
unbiased either and you’ve been on msnbc in a bunch of others what’s been your experience with that
what what’s going on behind the scenes meeting in both parties usually in those
cases know what the framing is going to be
debating it’s going to be a totally fair setup you tell me in i think people are decent sense of of where people are coming out
of from my guy i’ve been on fox news a couple of times and i was never under delusion that it
was his if fair debate and i knew was going to be too yes one and is there a pre interview that gives
you a sense of what’s gonna happen are you just basically show up and you know what to expect a different
shows handle things in different ways like the book some shows will tell you
the topic is i mean i gotta tell you that i was a yet why are you on right
uh… some will it give you more detailed questions uh… and aitchison
varies on the detail but nobody will tell you all by the way
i’m biased in this was just so you know so it’s gonna be framed up to make you
look silly and give you you know brighter side of the the time that the
other person gets right enemy in here on fox news that’s
exactly what you expect if you’re on cnn s_ n_b_c_ you know it’s
gonna be really quick and that uh… you better be ready to to lay out
your case economic this legislation three synonymous n_b_c_ msnbc’s here yet framed i think fairly accurately those
shows that i’ve been on uh… on c_n_n_ it’s gonna get usually
framed from the conventional wisdom uh… approach
in washington whatever conventional wisdom is at the time at this hour and
that’s usually a right wing position from not as right wing is fighters but
pretty right wing so you know uh… ice you know what to
expect death yes when you’re preparing for an interview
have you ever been asked by their handler the person you’re going to be
interviewing for the questions up front has how all head at you when you’re
gonna do and what i’m doing any of you have somebody asking for the questions
up front you know it’s in subtle ways some people
have if they say hey give me all the questions i say well good luck to beat
bill but that’s not what’s happening here right down but if and i think it’s fair for me like it i’m is it fair them in the ites all
happened to me a couple of times and i was in guests i really really wanna try
i would have hated to lose them because they wanted every question up
front but i said no it just doesn’t feel right
right no if the asu overall question a friend
that i i don’t think that make sense but it if someone says hey look you know when i
lost my kitty cat uh… the other day and i’m just devastated by it cannot bring that up check that’s
reasonable yet in the defense if you’re having a model
package has been dancers now sure but if you have a monster about health care an
ego kato and i think your cabinet handle it with that you
know yeah this is the context of that interview antiretroviral not present the local paper
massachusetts a couple weeks ago talking about handlers and a lot of times when
i’m asked to stay away from a certain topic the principle the person interviewing
number one is not even aware that the interviewers are being asked to stay
away from that sure and number two sometimes i’ll make the call say you
know they’ve never been on my show worse comes to worse they’ll never come again i’m just going to go there anyway how
many times have you had to make that call a lot before families are usually do was a really one on what you get a
handle a case by case case by case and look it’s enormously important for show
as the ethos of our show that we don’t sell off racks made so if somebody says here asked me this
question and and e e or otherwise i won’t come out would
have made real appeal because that would that’s not what we do not know you
announce this person is going to come on but they insisted on knowing the
questions so we said no again depends on the context of from
time to time we’re definitely down that or for someone bails eileen every
because they found out uh… were actually have some questions
that center righto i absolutely a and then then i might call a mom and i are
on that and i’m you know he give you a uh… a
rough example lou dobbs was on the show and his handler had you know so all
these different things and but i think you exactly what he said i
don’t think we knew that and uh… so i’m asking you questions and the p_r_
person dot on the line in the middle of the interview i might are you crazy were a hacker
fifty p and then we don’t get mad and he’s like
down ofcourse i’ll answer the question writing and shoot them away so it’s not
uncommon that the inner the interviewee is actually much more open to talking
about stuff bend their hands on bellevue have sold and look a little bit more on the spot
you know in even if they had told their handlers earlier if they’re on air yeah they’re more on the spot to be as
but i think in general my experience is that there are mostly more willing to
answer questions than their p_r_ people want them to i’ve
heard you talking on your show and also in some of the interviews you’ve done
here about reaching out to the right wingers
that eventually they’ll come over to our side so on and so forth and when i hear
that ait can only think to myself that it’s like when surely felts roper tells me that eventually the jews who accept
jesus and then they will i went and i won’t go to hell and all the other hand
right on the exhibits it’s a little hopeless isn’t um… no i don’t think so
it’s not that badly because uh… but do you have a very specific let him if you’re hoping that your any yet uh… pro-life
people to go hey you know what i have been really consider about the woman’s
liberty and that she should be the controller or
money managing right that stuff we can happen in a cabin case
by case but that’s in masses little tough but i’m asking for something very
specific saying hey look i came to you don’t like their politicians being
bought and i don’t like it either and i’m messing issue group liberal
positions or progressive positions i want to have a real fair ideological
battle with him but right now we’re not having that
uh… what we’re having is that is uh… well this is a survey that one of
us they serve the corporate interests that are bought them kenai eventually get d some percentage
of right wingers understand that and if you win that fight i think
absolute you can but there’s going to be resistance if it’s coming from someone
on the left register principle at least that’s what i bumped into him of course they’re gonna distrust you et
cetera that’s normal i mean if eh… sean hannity came with a wonderful idea who who we’d be considered rotor wright
has it that day and i think in what’s what’s going on underneath this guy’s
causing that yeah exactly and but hopefully if you do it for a long enough
and you explain it to them very very clearly elegant heady came with an idea it’s he’s not wrong hundreds on time you
know have broken clocks right twice a day or is it that is a set least
so i i did not hear mouth any certain percentage will yourselves
and percent want and get the people who who will because i am on this site idle i don’t want their politicians bought by
corporations and controlled by washington and wall street sure i wanna have an honest debate when you think about the tea party i know that you get into a lot of rants
about tea party i get intolerance but the tea party um… i think that the tea party the
better the tea party does the more it will help progressive candidates because
you’re taking away eight to one or nine to one republican votes before that you know
compared to liberal votes but that narrative i’m not hearing it
that much is there’s just something wrong about the narrative or is there
some reason the nobody’s talking about it well look at the there’s an upside in
down side to the the on side of the city’s if they enter into an election
into a general election right uh… they’ve done great damage to
republicans may be easier to siphon away votes yeah then democrats will win polly
best example is twenty third district in new york with a
loss a c pedestrian hope it helps us eighteen seventy s so it so loosing short term strategy no
question about that especially if they’re going to alex but um or even in primaries is probably lose
his strategy is a regular person who’s more right wing and less able to it if he’ll centrists once they get to the general as i get
judge alex effects generally speaking although i think a lot of people i can
you tell for example will think hey you know what this case now more honest then
though but with all that bob bennett who is a
total sellout idea and so the it’s a mixed bag but here’s what i’m concerned about and why
i think a lot of people are concerned about the t party movement pushing to overturn window to the right in over two window for those that don’t know is where you are on the
spectrum and animals you know that window moves within the spectrum cheney and bush push that window all the
way to the right obama has barely push in an inch back lane so that’s one of the recently described
below obama as he’s doing that the tea party guys keep pushing that we
know further and further to the right so now obon whiting is the center-right
politician not even a central f politician absolutely it if your windows between all babu
center-right entity parties who are insane right well that’s a terrible window and you
see how the nifty parties have helped the right
wingers move the window in their direction it’s
interesting you mention the criticism of obama because honor our show we’ve been
pretty critical of him over the last couple months and you have as well an estate getting emails from being
tried and true democrats which i’m i’m a registered independent and i don’t i’m not personally democrat agri mostly
liberals saying i’m not uh… helping the cause as if because it’s a progressive showed
them some responsibility to agree with the president even if you don’t really
agree are you bumping up against that too yeah i hear all the time and i tell them this plenty of other
shows alot iso bombers s go find those right okay no we don’t do a show that’s pro
democrat dannemeyer nichols ok uh… i have no interest uh… mill uh… i’m doomed nishal uh…
on empty i have a depressive on progress of
principles so if obama’s on fighting for parece
appraisals also qualify for a bomb is that something though that you could be
good are you republicans i have when they are more successful it can be in part because they’ve got
people that are telling the party line no matter what the native is people that
you needed to women is that a factor know it’s a big big zack opposite uh… the republican new conservator
shows don’t pull the party line at all uh… liquidated the mccain antonline
told they didn’t want to reduce w_ bush day pack republicans all the time for
some further and further to the right thing uh… so successfully push them to
the lab saloon eleven eleven john mccain they got back on to go from doing reasonable immigration
bill that he co-sponsored a disable his eye on it was his bill right now
although he has my own daughter by please do not rush limbaugh no they push them and to the right in in
from their perspective they should and and so you’re not doing yourself for your cause or even the democrats any favor by saying okay i won’t question all bomb
i won’t question the democratic reignited because it only gives an
incentive to go for the right and because everyone don’t have to worry
about the left i don’t have to have he’s left i don’t have to give them anything i promised
them all have to worry about his appeasing
the right that’s a terrible idea too bad place to
be to acknowledge um… blasting i had met brian on the
show couple weeks ago he’s like a key bagger trainer he says he trains to
daggers and how to behave at the protests on and so forth he suggested that the misspelled science
like you know thank our god will in all those bazaar signs are liberal plants
that are showing up there to make the tea bag urs look bad it’s it would be brilliant if that is
the case would it not it would be a bit angular in guarantee
you that there are liberals that organized it uh… at anm and b uh… healthy liberals going waste of
time on stuff like that see like the conservatives are open this
conspiracy world like they love the conspiracy trade the liberals are all
conspiring to coming up on ways to make them think we’re conservative the item but looking about
what russia monday during the primaries operation campsite okay why don’t we
infiltrated democratic primaries and vote for peak before hillary clinton’s
uh… the excess era eve he told progress is that they were
material lunch as yeah i don’t have time for this nonsense right what’s funny
about that as there are actually lifelong republicans that for some
reason her cropping up now as registered democrats and some of those brush it’s district’s in band they missed the
deadline to go back to republicans and other they can even vote in their actual
republican primaries it’s amazing head straight look we don’t need plans to make the
service looks at what i gave you plenty good job uh… on their own in doing that yet etc which is good news by the idea there like a list ready to serve as look
down let’s guess i’m just so uh… they’re
vice president sheriff a lot of good to hear our prayer vice presidential pick michigan rather than she would be vice
president right now you know you know what david purchased it wasn’t ari
without an idea but a realization thank you for having me on the show and i had
this conversation cerebellum the liberal plant she must be poll on that’s not good the
thing is tell us on fifth face value would seem
ridiculous that was actually suggested at some point that it was actually at the very top level when the name
surveilling was floated it may have been influenced by the left
it would just be but it’s giving the liberal so much credit where we we have undeserved we had a woman named in an alaska who would then go and be really really
conservative and fairly hot no at issue a trickle the republicans and
the wants peace and so she’s brilliant wrecked his planting job throughout its
the best sleeper cell in history to become governor refugee as governor and cheaper tends to be an eighty-year-old
being a serious well this is like the or leaflets birth there conspiracy the it
was all planned from the start in a forty seven years ago with brock obama uh… they’d they brought him over from
kenya where it was the developer short form birth certificate that they didn’t
have a long form all along it was a conspiracy it’s so
hard to believe you we had a relation answers so they they plan to do newspaper announcements forty seven
years ago knowing this kid who’s being born now who was one day become off his half
black half white different it according to her death was born indonesian will
obviously become president on this list planted stuff uh… and afterwards she said that uh…
i was a fun to her on the show yes you know i had on to
show you know the amorous interceded telling in the bronco bomb is trying to
kill you he’s manipulating your pay pal account a pay pal now is on obama’s radishes
warm onion personally these people that the my tires i don’t know how can i i i guess people academy nobody goes after obama spiegel
more than i do think that there are many was better i don’t have any dead fish on so right
nobody’s manipulate it was a very tired ah… professor i was deletion cuter from the
young turks dot com pleasure to speak with you today great uh… dr react so i really appreciate rabia
dentro thanks

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