Church’s Chicken® | Honey Butter Biscuit™ Tenders | Food Review! 😛🍯🍗

welcome to peep this out reviews with
Ian K stay frosty it’s all about the latest from Church’s Chicken for today’s review as they’re finally taking the signature flavor from their awesome
biscuits and adding it to what made them famous in the first place so let’s go in
and they’re all new honey butter biscuit tenders an already a very crispy
situation as always here at Church’s Chicken 3 100% white meat tender strips
bread it up to a nice crispy golden brown and that coating is actually the
same as the biscuit that you get along with it of course you can see it there
on the side coated up with that honey butter goodness on top speaking of honey
butter we’ve got a side of it for dipping so this is definitely gonna be
honey butter overload and I got to say the smell is absolutely glorious in my
car right now $5.00 promo does come with two sides I
did get a side of mashed potatoes and gravy as well as macaroni and cheese but
I’m absolutely gonna be focusing on the stars of the show which are these guys
right here and it definitely looks great so let’s see if the flavor matches the
greatness of these awesome looks here this is the all-new honey butter biscuit
tenders from Church’s Chicken let’s peep out this flavor some pretty thick white
meat nicely fried up with hints of honey butter in the air let’s dive in yeah
these smell great it’s the honey butter biscuit tenders here at churchs absolutely juicy after that first bite
and I have to admit with this being white meat you think it’d be a little
bit drier than regular dark meat but they did actually infuse the juices
pretty nicely in this guy’s I have to admit when I bit down into that you
instantly felt how moist the chicken was and then after that a little bit of the
saltiness from the coating comes in it really does taste like it has a little
bit of a thicker batter this time out and that’s obviously because it’s
similar to the biscuits that they use but no real honey butter flavor that I’m
getting from this one I think it’s really more gonna be from the sauce but
guys nice thick white meat let’s go for another bite and then we’re going for a
dip hmm but before we get into that dipping action let me show you the
quality of the white meat up close here as you can see nice and thick and
absolutely juicy it’s breaded up very nicely guys fried to a crispy golden
brown with just the right amount of saltiness in tow I have to say guys that
really is a highlight on top of the overall juiciness of this very nicely
done so far hey I know it’s just the chicken tender but it’s a very tasty
chicken tender at that this is definitely one of my all-time favorite
snacks if not meals with a side of ranch maybe honey mustard so those are
actually gonna be taking a back seat for this review because we’re definitely
gonna get into the honey butter sauce let’s see what that does well it looks
like honey but there are already strong hints of butter in the air and the
thickness is pretty decent on it too guys take a look at that very nice let’s go
in you know the aroma is kind of reminding me of the butter they use on
movie theater popcorn and you know how awesome that can be let’s do it oh yeah
that is straight movie theater popcorn butter with some nice sweetness on the
backend wow mmm super rich too nice with the coating that is really really good
mmm alright so it’s pretty clear to me now they’re trying to emulate the flavor
of the honey butter biscuit through the sauce itself it’s not so much in the
coating of the chicken itself as it is in what you’re dipping it into and this
is actually where it comes from all the goodness you’re seeing here is
essentially what’s around the chicken when you have that glaze in effect I
have to say the honey does make a difference the sweetness is there and
I’m gonna get into a bite of this right now just to compare it for ya and hey I
know the term world-famous does get thrown around pretty often when it comes
to describing how popular some foods are but I gotta say it really fits when it
comes to the honey butter biscuits here at churchs guys these really are world
famous let me hit it real fast mmm absolutely I don’t use that term lightly
because this truly is world famous let me give you a fast close up like I
always say in their reviews and my churchs chicken playlists popping up on
your screen right now this is always a treat to check out these honey butter
biscuits are always the bomb light crispy crunchiness on the outside a nice
denseness yet airiness at the same time on the inside and overall just lots of
amazing flavor it’s really one of the signatures on the menu and for good
reason and I have to say I’m really glad the chicken this time out is breaded up
with all that good stuff it kind of makes me wonder why they waited so long
to do that but either way I’m glad that it’s here and I have to say the honey
butter sauce goes extremely well really pretty much an extension of what that
biscuit is just with some white meat protein and man this is super thick and
like I said very reminiscent in flavor to the butter they use a movie theater
popcorn with a little hint of sweetness from that honey awesome
one more shot of that honey butter goodness on top of that white meat
absolutely a very decadent sauce this time out from churchs chicken guys and
I have to admit the butter is really really strong on it and I’m a fan of
butter so this is easily up there with one of my favorites already
gotta love the fact that it’s got honey too yeah it’s pretty rich tasting stuff so
overall I’m gonna have to give the honey butter biscuit tenders here at churchs
chicken a rock-solid 9 out of 10 you can’t deny what you’re getting for 5
bucks is not a great deal here guys because it absolutely is the only thing
I wish however is that the actual honey butter itself is a little bit more
pronounced in the coating and not so much in the sauce that it came with but
don’t get me wrong I’m glad I had some of that on the side to dip into I just
think overall it could have been just a little bit more in the coating itself to
really make it stand out on its own but hey it’s still delicious nonetheless
so what do you guys think drop some comments down below are you
guys generally fans of having honey with fried chicken like this and if you are
how does honey butter sound to you drop those comments down below and definitely
let me know and with that this is Ian K closing out another episode of peep
this out bringing you brand new content every single week here on my channel so
while you stay tuned for the next review coming real soon in the meantime stay
frosty hands down one of my favorite versions of churchs chicken yet and I’m
so glad their awesome honey butter biscuits had something to do with that
alright guys until next time I’ll talk to you soon

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  2. This review is definitely on my radar! It looks wonderful exclamation point I'm not surprised that the white meat chicken turn out juicy Church's always has been known to produce really good juicy chicken! Fantastic review!

  3. Oh. My. God. My salivary glands hurt, now. Thanks. Great review! And as always, thanks for awesome content! Two thumbs way up!

  4. we got plenty of churchs here in las vegas and I went late at night before they closed on my way home ordered a 5 piece and got home they gave me 5 extra pieces of chicken!! They did that to me twice different location! I love churchs they have really improved their flavor on their chicken:)

  5. Looks like honey buttery chickeny goodness situation going on with those chicken tenders would love to try that but no churches close to me nice one sounds good. Thanks for the frosty new content each and every week

  6. Ian go check out Honey Kettle chicken out in culver city. I had that years ago when the Mrs lived out in that area. Its pressured fried chicken with a honey batter.

  7. Half the time if I didn't see ur reviews I wouldn't know about much with the deals @ different fast food businesses but it looks good so definitely gonna try this it out

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  9. Hey Ian! Anything from Church's Chicken is always first rate, and these strips are worth trying out! I always enjoy the food from Church's, and the Honey Butter Biscuits are a welcome addition to their chicken. Great review, Ian! Thanks, and stay frosty, brother!

  10. I've been craving chicken recently and dang does this look good. Also they give you TWO!!sides with the meal for only 5 dollars…yea I wish I had a church's near me. Thanks again.

  11. Amazing YouTube food review video those honey butter chicken tenders look bomb yummy keeping high quality YouTube videos rollin nice very nice

  12. That looks good and I'm definitely trying when I get off work. To be honest, Churches has some great original chicken tenders but they do lack spices and flavor, so I'm super excited to try these. I wish they would bring back their sauce line up ( blackberry , strawberry, beez, etc…)

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