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welcome to peep this out reviews with
Ian K stay frosty the season of Lent is upon us and it looks like Church’s
Chicken is going all-in with garlic butter for its latest shrimp promo and
you know what I’m perfectly okay with that
I mean butter and garlic do go hand in hand after all so let’s take a look at
their all-new garlic butter shrimp platter and initially I have to say the
presentation is just okay so far lots of carby goodness as we can see here guys
we’ve got a side of their crinkle cut type fries as well as their famous honey
butter biscuit and of course the main event we have eight pieces of their
shrimp that look like they’re coated fairly evenly it’s actually looking
pretty nice here lots of butter goodness and apparently garlic as well but what
I’m really getting aroma wise in the car is more of the fried goodness than
anything else that’s really what’s standing out and I guess as it should
these are definitely fried up and nice and golden nice and brown we’ve got a
side of coleslaw this comes with as well looking just okay I have to admit I
don’t think that really looks super fresh right there but there you go for
the coleslaw for dipping of course cocktail sauce you got to
definitely dip this in here there’s no specialty sauce for this promo they’re
really focusing on the garlic and the butter for the shrimp themselves so let’s
see if these deliver overall because I have to say as I’m flying over one more
time nice and even on the coating there on the shrimp not too bad in the size
department but let’s give that flavor a shot and see if it delivers it’s the
all-new garlic butter shrimp platter here at Church’s Chicken let’s peep out
this flavor all right so upon closer inspection this
looks like it could be just a garlic powder sprinkle as opposed to the
shrimping marinated themselves but let’s just dive in and see it’s the new garlic
butter shrimp here at Church’s Chicken yup it is a garlic powder sprinkle guys
and I have to admit what’s really disappointing about this is that it’s
not really super garlicky in terms of flavor it’s just a little bit there in
the background more salty than anything but there is no butter the speak of that
I’m really tasting on this and the coating itself no real flavor at all
just a little bit of the saltiness a little bit of the garlic that I’m
getting from the powder itself but that’s it really mmm
here’s a quick shot on the inside of one of these shrimps for you and as you can
see a fairly decent amount of coating considering the average size of this
shrimp itself this one’s just a little on the small side but the coating itself
like I said does not have a lot of flavor to it but as you can see there is
plenty of that garlic powder dusting on the very top very similar to how they do
the megabites over here but just again guys no real flavor coming from really
anything except that powder oh such high hopes considering garlic butter is the
main selling point of this on the poster and unfortunately I’m not really getting
a lot of that with the exception again like I said of the garlic from the
powder itself no real butter to speak of let’s see if some cocktail sauce can
save the day well one thing about the cocktail sauce here at church’s is it’s
got a very deep rich aroma you can smell it instantly when you pop the top on it
and it really is very very strong as you can see nice and dark as well let’s give
this a go yeah the cocktail sauce is awesome but all I’m really tasting is
cocktail sauce and some fried breading which really still doesn’t have a lot of
flavor all of it is coming from the sauce everything on the shrimp is coming
from the powder no bueno guys I’m not really feeling this at all mmm it’s a
shame too because the breading is not very heavy on these so I’m really
surprised that the flavor is just not coming out as strong as it should again
I do like the fact that the coating is light and it does seem like it is even
across the board for the size of the shrimp which again on the average side
as well but I have to say flavor-wise I’m just not getting it it’s really just
the fried goodness that I’m getting from Popeyes minus some of the flavor it’s not
like the chicken which is really strange and in the cocktail sauce which is still
doing its job that really is the best part about this unfortunately but you
need something a little bit more flavorful to dip into it to give you
that combo like you’re really having something special
guys it’s garlic butter shrimp give me some garlic that’s other than the powder
type and give me a little bit more butter let me taste it at least you know
well I’ve definitely had better shrimp from Church’s Chicken in the past and
you can absolutely check out my Playlist popping up on your screen right now
for evidence of that so this is a disappointing one this time out and I do
have to admit I’m really really sad the garlic and the butter is not coming out
as much as it should they’re really relying more on the garlic powder than
anything else I just wish the coating was more flavorful and there was just a
little bit more butter to speak of just any type of butter would have been great
okay let me be honest like always the fries the biscuit and the coleslaw along
with eight pieces of shrimp is a pretty good value for five bucks I mean you are
getting a decent amount of food and initially that’s great but when the main
event itself is pretty lackluster all you’re really left with is fries biscuit
and a coleslaw and you kind of feel like five bucks was too much to pay for
something like that and that’s unfortunately the case with this one
while the shrimp itself are definitely plentiful I mean eight pieces is a
pretty decent amount the flavor just wasn’t there and I’m not gonna beat this
one to death because I think I’ve been pretty much doing it throughout this
review the garlic powder is the only thing that’s really holding this
together no flavor on the coating nothing really marinated on the shrimp
themselves and the shrimp themselves speaking of that on the average size at
best so while the cocktail sauce definitely does boost this one up just a
little bit unfortunately you really need the sauce
to really give any type of flavor to this aside from the powder so with that
said I’m gonna have to give the garlic butter shrimp here at Church’s Chicken
just a barely middle-of-the-road 5 out of 10 now only this one has some
butter in it like the name implies it would have been better right out the
gate on top of the garlic powder that it had because at least you have a little
bit of flavor coming from the butter as well as the garlic and that’s actually
what you’re expecting when you get something like this
you really shouldn’t need the cocktail sauce to give you the extra flavor on
top of it if anything that’s gonna mask the flavor that it’s actually going for
initially right so hey do yourself a favor if you give this one a shot make
sure you have some extra cocktail sauce in the bag because like I said the
cocktail sauce here at church’s is pretty great now the question is do you
think this platter looked pretty great drop some comments down below let me
know what you thought of this one in particular and if you think my
assessment ever may have been a little too harsh or right on the ball drop
those comments down below and definitely let me know and with that this is Ian K
closing out another episode of peep this out bringing you brand-new content every
single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for the next review
coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty you know I said to myself before
filming this review I wasn’t gonna focus on the awesome honey butter biscuits
here at church’s because I’ve literally done that for three-quarters of my
reviews here and while you can definitely check out my thoughts from
any of those reviews in that playlist considering how this review went today
let’s just say I need a little bit of a pick-me-up right now just to salvage a
little bit of something mmm it was worth it just to get this all
right everyone until next time I’ll talk to you soon

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