Church’s Chicken® | FLAMIN’ HONEY MegaBites™ Review 🔥🍯 | Peep THIS Out! 😋

welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty Church’s Chicken brings back
their fan favorite megabites and the third time out could be the charm as
this new flavor looks to be bringing the heat and it looks like it could be a
little sweet too as we go in on the all-new flame and honey megabites and as
usual that crispy golden goodness is on display from church’s chicken for you
what we’ve got here is supposed to be a 5 piece order of white meat chicken
battered up and fried to a crispy golden-brown for 3 bucks with a biscuit
but obviously we’ve got some extra pieces in there guys and I’m
absolutely digging that the seasoning itself is very similar to the buttermilk
ranch version that I reviewed a while back looks like they just sprinkled some
goodness on to it there you can really see it’s got a nice red tint but looking
pretty decent and you can actually smell the sweetness on this but I think this
Honey biscuit has something to do with that looking pretty nice as well thir
world-famous biscuit as always for dipping we’ve got some honey barbecue
sauce the recommendation to pair up with this one here and just so you guys know
the seasoning itself is supposed to have a little bit of honey mixed with it as
well but again just something they can shake on to the chicken itself but
looking pretty decent definitely excited to get into this one here and see if the
flavor is gonna deliver on it it’s the all new flamin honey megabites
brand-new here at Church’s Chicken let’s peep out this flavor yeah definitely a very
sweet smelling aroma coming off of this one aside from it looking really really
tasty nice and crispy guys I have to admit it looks really really good I’m
not gonna waste too much more time on this but before we get started and like
always if you guys are fans of high quality delicious looking food reviews
make sure to hit that subscribe button down below
and don’t forget to tap the Bell icon so you can be notified as soon as new
content drops every week so you know what I really want to start off with the
biscuit itself I figured it’s really the thing to really set off this review
since it’s got a honey on it and I have to admit I’ve always been a fan of the
biscuits over here at churchs I love the way they’re washed with honey on the
top just a nice denseness that they have on top of it but let me confirm that for
you real fast before we get into these new megabites hang on
mmm super confirmed that’s a lovely situation the
combination of that denseness and the crispness that it’s got on top of the
honey wash makes the flavor so unique and I can see why these are a favorite
here they’re definitely a favorite of mine just really really nice quality and
hey aside from the unique flavor because it’s distinctly Church’s Chicken when
you taste these biscuits you’ll know what I’m talking about how could you not
have a biscuit with some fried chicken right I mean come on
now and speaking of fried chicken let’s get into these megabites real fast I’m
really diggin the coating on a lot of these here it’s a really really deep
rich red smells very sweet is it gonna deliver the heat though
let’s give it a go very sweet already mmm a little bit of sizzle
this is not flamin but it is kind of picking up speed just a little bit here
intensity wise look at three three and a half it’s nothing crazy nothing that I’m
gonna actually use effects for in the video with because it’s just not that
high but it’s tasty definitely tasty mmm well they call these megabites for a
reason and considering the size of them they actually are a pretty decent size
think of them as like a glorified nugget but they have a lot of nice thickness to
them the coating is pretty nice it’s the signature coating here at churchs but
naturally with the flavor this time out I really like how they’re really fairly
coated nicely guys the flavor delivers the spice is kind of there but the
sweetness is definitely there pretty good okay now they recommend honey
barbecue sauce to go with this and there’s obviously a reason for it right
let’s go for a dip well this barbecue sauce has a very
strong rich barbecue aroma all on its own guys I think this is gonna lend
itself very nicely with what’s already in play here with a sweet and the spicy let’s
do it and hey you gotta love that color
contrast too I’m really diggin that orange along with the darkness of that
barbecue sauce here we go mmm oh yeah even more sweetness coming from the
honey the barbecue sauce itself that’s a lovely situation
yeah the thickness of that white meat is pretty much on point I pretty much split
this megabite in half as I bit into it here and you can actually see two nice
chunks of it here in my hand really really nice situation it’s whole
pieces of white meat with the breading and I have to admit with the honey
barbecue sauce beautiful combination the sweetness I’m getting the elevated
sweetness I should say from the barbecue sauce
there’s light sweetness of this itself as well as the spice not bad and just to
give you an idea close up of what the coating looks like I gotta say guys I’m
really diggin the fact that there’s more white meat than coating that’s the ratio
that you want at least maybe 20 percent coating 80 percent meat to really
complement each other and naturally what you’re getting here with these megabites are solid pieces of white meat together and just a lovely situation of
that breading guys I have to admit the color contrast is very nice with that
sweet and spicy shake that it’s got on it but when you pair it up with that
honey barbecue it’s a pretty lovely situation but let me
try a fast experiment here and go for a little bit of the barbecue sauce on this
megabite I’m gonna go for a bite of this and then a bite of the biscuit and see
what that combo’s like mmm so good either way here we go oh man oh yeah that is awesome Wow
there’s already honey in that barbecue sauce already but when I’m getting it
with the biscuit on top of it it’s even more elevated and of course the
denseness of the biscuit itself the chicken nice combination and just a nice
pairing overall this is really tasty well I gotta say I’m pretty much diggin
what these have to offer with this new flavor this time out and I think the
third time really is the charm it’s a nice combination of sweet just a little
bit of spiciness but nothing too crazy and a very decent amount of white meat
chicken with a very light coating of the breading on the outside and overall just
really really nice flavor a really good promo too for 3 bucks with a biscuit not
bad and that’s one of the reasons these flamin honey mega bites are gonna get
just a half a point higher than normal because the value of what you’re getting
for three bucks delivers and fortunately so does the flavor so with that said I’m
gonna have to give the flamin honey megabites brand-new here at Church’s
Chicken a rock-solid 8.5 out of out of 10 like I said the value is high the flavor delivers and that biscuit combination with the barbecue sauce and
the chicken together you got to do that if you give this one a go it’s an easy
recommendation and it’s really good now the question is are you gonna go in on
this one drop some comments down below and first let me know if you’ve got a
Church’s Chicken in the area and if you do are you definitely gonna be giving
this one a shot and hey while we’re at it if you’ve ever had the original or
the buttermilk ranch after you try this one which is gonna be your favorite drop
those comments down below and definitely let me know and with that this is Ian K
closing out another episode of peep this out bringing you brand new content every
single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for that next review
coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty hey churchs if you’re watching
this right now when these do come back for a fourth time and I have a feeling
they’re going to what do you say we go with an actual sauce next time out to go
on top of these and not the sprinkle stuff these are already tasty as is but
can you imagine an actual sauce on them I know I can
alright everyone until next time I’ll talk to you soon but hey real quick
before you go and just in case you haven’t already take a look at the last
review that I put out right up over here along but I think YouTube’s gonna
recommend for you to check out as well as always I think you’ll find something
to like in both of them and I’ll definitely catch you in the next one see

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  2. I seriously thought those red chicken pieces will bring out the Peep this out's steaming CG effects😏 A1 meal though.

  3. Happy Saturday Ian! Anything that "Church's" puts out is always first rate and those are looking pretty tasty. Great review as always Ian. Really enjoyed the livestream last night. I always enjoy your content my friend. Have a great weekend and as always stay frosty.

  4. I do have a Church's near me. One of my favorite places to eat. The biscuits are a delicious wonder. I'm gonna give these bites a try. Great review, Ian. Thanks! 👍👍

  5. No Church's near me. My go to for nuggets is McD's and I gotta say I'm getting tired of them and BK has never done it for me.

  6. I thought you said a few videos ago you were going on a break do to what the dr told you but you didnt take a break i hope your health is doing better and as awalys i love your videos and stay frosty

  7. Only problem I have about church's which is key is their batter doesn't have much of a flavor, pretty plain. You know how popeyes has that famous taste to there chicken, KFC but churchs doesn't even tho I like that their chicken is way more bigger than popeyes! I'll give this one a try bcuz u can clearly see the added flavor/seasoning to those MEGA bites! As always thanks for the review Ian 🙂👍

  8. We have a Church's near us but I stopped going there years ago when they stopped selling fried ochra as a side…I love fried ochra and was disappointed when they stopped it.

  9. The best thing I like about Church's Chicken is their biscuits, second to Popeye's Chicken and their BAKED mac and cheese. I have stopped going there, but should they get in on the sandwich wars?

  10. Winner winner winner chicken dinner 😋 good seeing you on the stream last night. Sadly we don't have a Church's we just another restaurant around me oh well til next time TTYL

  11. Haven't checked you out in awhile man, forgot you and N6WC are the only two who aren't insufferable to watch lol, cheer Ian thanks for peeping this out my guy

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