Church Under The Bridge Celebrates 25 Years

It is the 25th anniversary of church
under the bridge and this morning they passed out 74 pairs of shoes to the
homeless. Once a year Mission Waco offers dignity to those in our streets by
raising funds from the community that allowed the homeless to pick out their
choice of shoes in a local retail store. The shoes were distributed at the
Mission Waco Myers Center and that is where the walk for the homeless began. These are real people struggling in our own communities. The walk for the
homeless is a 1.2 mile educational and prayer walk that stops at local sites The first stop was at the Compassion Ministries and the walk continued to
Caritas, My Brother’s Keeper, the Gospel Cafe, VA Regional, First Baptist Church
and the Salvation Army They finished the walk at the bridge and the worship service began The church under the bridge dancers had a special performance
for the 25th anniversary The outfits represented people from different cultures all coming together The video that we are copying from, everyone is from a different race like Jamaican and African, so that’s what we are representing, each country Since January of 2017 the homeless count in Waco was
221 people Jimmy and Jana and the entire Mission Waco staff and volunteers work
to help those people and try to reduce that number every year About 25 years ago we met with five homeless guys over at Taco Cabana for three weeks People kept coming and then they asked us hey why don’t you come under our bridge and lead a Bible Study They said let’s do it next week and
then there were 12 and then 12 turned into 20 25 years later and there are about 300 people at each service it’s been a sweet journey to be with people that maybe would not have
come to church and taught us so many things about
God things about us
how to heal ourselves and and heal others in our community Reporting for LTVN, I’m Meredith Aldis

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