Church That Spreads Hate Epically Trolled

the Westboro Baptist Church is of course
by far away the most load some religious group in
the country they notoriously protest the funerals up for dead soldiers they hold up the God hates fags signs and they hit a new
low recently when they decided to protest
the victims of the Boston bombing well now they are being epically trolled the satanic temple is a new
york-based organization that performed a ceremony that they call up pink mass now what this does is it makes Fred Phelps dead mother gay now I don’t know if they actually
believe that something metaphysical is going on don’t think they do now really care I
just think they’re trying to piss off Fred Phelps and I love it and I’m totally for it so they said quote Fred Phelps is obligated
to believe that his mother is now gay and it believes are inviolable rights nobody has the right to challenge all
right to believe the Fred Phelps believes that his mother is now okay you so you
ready for the best part here their website is Westborough dash
baptist dot com now course that’s a way that they try to
get people to stumble across their website we’re now looking for the Westboro Baptist churches website
I’ll and hopefully they can whoever stumbles on
the website can see their vicious marking a VM are well they
performed a ceremony at Fred Phelps moms grave they had to gay couples make out on the grave at the end of the
ceremony the leader of the Church put his dick on the grain now they’re a encouraging people from all around the
US to go to the grave site and perform the
same pink mass and post pictures on it look I love this man and I I understand some
people who might be religious serves whatever they might say well what about you know ours you kinda disrespecting
his dad mom in reality you like your be no
messing with the graver whatever understand something the she’s dead she doesn’t exist anymore like poop got like no more right so that’s more psychological it in your head if you
take offense to that when you should actually take offense to is the Jackass Fred Phelps who he also
protested the him should I did say Andy Hawk I mean this guy do you really lonesome just bad rotten to their core
human beings anything you could do that is all legal doesn’t cause physical harm and get under Fred Phelps skin and by the way he
might just be dumb enough cuz he’s not dumb enough to believe the Bible and make up shit about the
Bible to up if you don’t have to believe that you
might just be dumb enough to think dollar this really my mom watching those
people making out on her grievance don’t terrible horrible up keep can go
and pay some of it as long as much as you possibly can if there’s anybody in the world that
deserves it it’s him

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