Church Street turns off their lights for climate change awareness

MANY KNOW CHURCH STREET FOR IT’S LIGHT DISPLAY… BUT ON SATUDAY NIGHT, IT’S LIGHTS OUT… IN HONOR OF THE EARTH earth hour is a global lights out display created by the world wildlife fund to recognize the importance of climate change STANDUP from 8:30 to 9:30 pm, church street, the u-u church and city hall will dim their lights to show support in protecting the planet.. but mike kanarick from the burlington electric department says you can get involved too we’re encouraging homeowners, renters and other businesses around town to turn off their lights in a show of support it’s a good way for us to remind the community and remind ourselves the condition that the planet is in and for an hour to dim the lights and reflect TRACK 2 RON REDMOND WITH THE CHURCH STREET MARKETPLACE SAYS THEY’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR MANY YEARS, WITH OUT ANY INCIDENTS people shouldn’t be surprised, it’s still safe, it’s a safe place to be TRACK 3 IN ADDITION TO PARTICPATING IN EARTH HOUR, BURLINGTON IS ALSO ONE OF THREE EARTH HOUR CITY CHALLENGE FINALISTS in recognition of our commitment to renewable energy… Just over a year ago, we crossed the threshhold of sourcing all of our generation from renewable sources TRACK 4 VOTING FOR THE U.S. EARTH HOUR CITY CAPITAL BEGINS IN LATE APRIL…IN BURLINGTON, I’M ABBY ISAACS, WPTZ NEWS CHANNEL 5

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