22 thoughts on “Church nativity scene depicts Jesus, Mary and Joseph as refugees in cages”

  1. Dumb fucking churches. Here in MN the Somali invasion was mostly the idea of catholic and Lutheran churches.
    Thanks assholes!

  2. I am a follower of Christ and this makes me really mad. I am ASHAMED a church did this. This is hideous and I would never want to see this near Christmas time. I don’t care what views you have on modern society , if you were a true believer you would be celebrating the BIRTH of Christ not using Christmas as a protest!!

  3. Those statues are just statues and nothing else. Those images do not represent the real Jesus Mary and Joseph of the Bible.

  4. It's a good thing that I believe in one God and that's the one who died for our sins. But I knowless that people like anything even if it don't make sence what so ever.

  5. I feel bad for people like this who doesnt understand the doctrine of Christianity/ religion. I hope you will be saved one day by our father. Will pray for you

  6. So I guess the lesson here is that immigrant families have members who are potential messiahs, and that the Romans are actively trying to kill them hem all.

  7. Lol all the Bible bangers are upset that their fictitious characters are being depicted in a sick reality that is happening today. Y’all care more about statues than you do human life? Take your bibles and carry on, if this upsets you, YOU ARE A BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM

  8. Mixing religion and political view makes this look ugly. Please take it down. Jesus is the reason for the season not your political views so you can get attention for your church.

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