Church LIES: ‘Born Again’ (What Jesus REALLY Said)

In John 3 Jesus said that a person cannot
see or enter the Kingdom of God unless they are BORN AGAIN, in other words, BORN OF THE
SPIRIT. For this reason, among others, many Christian
churches have developed the doctrine that one can be saved by being baptized by the
church. In this video, we will look at what Jesus
actually said about this and how the Bible itself proves that the church doctrine on
this is wrong. You’ve probably heard the standard Christian
Creed somewhere: Believe in your heart that Christ died for our sins and rose again on
the third day. Be baptized, repent, and receive the Holy Spirit. This is based partially on Acts 2:38: Then
Peter said unto them Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and ye shall receive
the Holy Spirit. It is not known who wrote the book of Acts,
but most scholars agree it was written between 80-90 CE, decades after the deaths of both
Jesus and Peter. So whoever wrote the book of Acts was making claims about Peter after
his death. No one knows WHO made the claim that Peter said they need to be baptized to
receive the Holy Spirit, but the Bible itself proves this claim is false. In John 3 verses 7 and 8 Jesus said DO NOT
MARVEL that I said to you, you must be born again. Then he says You hear the sound of
the wind but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes. SO is every one that
is BORN OF THE SPIRIT. So it is clear that Jesus said himself that
it is NOT possible for a person to KNOW if someone is BORN OF THE SPIRIT. In other words,
no church can KNOW if someone is born again, and if they cannot even KNOW who is born again,
then they certainly cannot PROCLAIM anyone born again, not in TRUTH. So they are wrong when they say that if you are baptized you will receive the Holy Spirit. Because Jesus told them NOT to marvel about
that statement. Do NOT marvel that I said to you that you need to be born again, because
that is something you do not know where it comes from and where it goes. You can HEAR
the sound, but you CANNOT SEE it, just like the WIND. The church quotes this verse all the time,
yet fails to understand the meaning. Do NOT marvel about being born again. The meaning of this word translated as MARVEL is to regard with amazement and with a suggestion of BEGINNING TO SPECULATE
ON THE MATTER. So Jesus is telling us NOT to speculate about
what it means to be BORN AGAIN!!! Now look again at Acts 2. I’m sure you’ve
heard the story about how the Apostles received the Holy Spirit on the Feast of Pentecost. Remember, this was written decades AFTER both
Jesus and Peter’s death and no one knows for sure who wrote it, except that it was
probably a follower of Paul. It tells this story of how on the Feast of
Pentecost suddenly there came a sound from heaven and there appeared tongues of fire
upon each of the apostles and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost. Then look at verse 7: it says the people that
witnessed it MARVELLED!!! They MARVELLED at what they saw, in other words, Acts is telling
us that they MARVELLED over the receiving of the HOLY GHOST. But wait, didn’t Jesus just say NOT to MARVEL
about receiving the HOLY SPIRIT?! Yes. He said in John 3 do NOT MARVEL about
being born again, which he says is the same thing as being BORN OF THE SPIRIT. DO NOT
MARVEL about that. In Acts 2 it says they MARVELLED about it.
Then this author claims that Peter said to them that they will receive the Holy Spirit
if they are baptized, but again, Peter was dead when this book was written so there is
no way to verify that he actually said that. But regardless of WHO said it, the Bible is
CLEAR that it is a LIE. Jesus said NOT to marvel about being Born Again, which means
NOT to speculate about it because, as he explained, it is NOT possible for us to SEE it. It is
NOT possible for us to KNOW. It is NOT possible for any human to DETERMINE whether one has
received the Holy Spirit or not. Yet this follower of Paul is telling you something
that is CONTRARY to what Jesus said. That you CAN determine whether or not someone has
received it, and not only that, this companion of Paul is telling you that the church can
bestow the Holy Spirit by dunking you in a pool of water. Jesus was not referring to a pool of water
when he said you must be born of both WATER and SPIRIT. It is clear in John 3 that the
WATER he referred to was EMBRYONIC FLUID because that is the subject in verses 4 and 5. In verse 4 Nicodemus asks how can a man be
born when he is old, how can he enter his mother’s womb a second time? And in verses 5 and 6 Jesus answers him and
says except a man be born of water AND of the spirit he cannot enter into the Kingdom
of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit
is spirit. So he is clearly referring to TWO separate
births. One is the birth of the flesh, which is when a baby is born out of its mother.
That is the birth BY WATER because a fetus grows inside the embryonic sack, which is
full of fluid. Hence the expression “her water has broken” meaning the embryonic
sack, filled with fluid, has ruptured and the baby is coming out. THAT is the BIRTH
by WATER. The BIRTH of the FLESH. The other birth Jesus mentioned is the BIRTH
of the SPIRIT, which he says we do NOT know about and should NOT speculate about!!! He is NOT saying that you can receive the
birth of the spirit by being dunked in a swimming pool at your church. He is saying that your
church doesn’t even understand the MEANING!!! So this person comes along and writes the Book of Acts, none of the Bible
Scholars knows who it was exactly, but they do know that the person wrote this book AFTER
both Jesus and Peter were dead. And this UNKNOWN person says you can receive the Holy Spirit
if you are baptized in water by the church. But look at this, in verse 14 it says Peter
brought up the book of Joel, where it says that IN THE LAST DAYS the SPIRIT will be poured
out by GOD on ALL FLESH. This is a reference to Joel 2:28 which says
and it shall come to pass afterward that the LORD shall pour out the SPIRIT upon ALL FLESH
and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young
men shall see visions. And notice this IS a reference to the Feast
of Shavuot, which the Christians call Pentecost. In verse 24 it says the Floors shall be full
of WHEAT, which is a reference to the WHEAT HARVEST of Shavuot, 50 days after Passover.
Shavuot in 2016 on the TRUE Biblical calendar will occur within the window of June 9-11th. But notice in Joel 2, it says the SPIRIT will
be poured out AFTER verse 24, when the floors are full of WHEAT, which is AFTER verse 16
when the Bride and Bridegroom go out of their closet, and the Bride escapes when? In verse
10, when the Earth QUAKES and the Sun and Moon go dark. That is the standard timeline. That’s why we know its in order. Because that’s the standard order of the timeline that John talked about in Revelation, that Jesus talked about, that Daniel talked about. That is the timeline. And the Quaking of the Earth, when the Sun and Moon go dark That refers to the asteroid impact, when the
rescue will occur. In other words, the prophet Joel is saying
that the SPIRIT will be poured out AFTER the rescue, AFTER the asteroid impact. No wonder Jesus told us not to marvel about
it. Its not going to happen yet. So I’m sorry to say that the person who
wrote the book of Acts LIED. They mention that Peter brought up the prophecy in Joel,
but they obviously didn’t even understand WHY Joel was brought up. The reason Peter brought up the prophet Joel
is probably because Joel said the pouring out of the Holy Spirit will NOT occur until
the LAST DAYS after the ASTEROID, after the Sun and Moon go dark. This person who wrote acts clearly missed
the point that Peter was making, and then no doubt outright LIED saying Peter told them
they would receive the spirit when they are baptized. That is a lie. The church rides the Beast, that prophecy has been decoded. They are LYING. Jesus told us NOT to marvel about it, yet
billions of Christians are doing just that MARVELLING about it. Running around screaming at people
telling them they wont be saved unless they are baptized by the church. Jesus did NOT
say that! Now notice verses 42 and 43; and they continued
in the Apostles’ doctrine and FEAR came upon every soul!!! Wait a minute. Did the Holy Spirit come on
them or did FEAR come on them? Here it says BOTH. But 2 Timothy says God does NOT give
the SPIRIT of FEAR. Acts 2 is telling us that the Holy Spirit
came upon the Apostles along with FEAR and that is not in alignment with the prophecies.
Whoever wrote this wrote in Falsehood. The prophet Jeremiah already told us they wrote
the texts in Falsehood. The truth is in the coded prophecies, not in the false doctrines
of the Beast. Not in the falsified writings of the Roman Empire. Jesus said, its right there in the text; NO
ONE can determine whether ANYONE has been born again, so stop marvelling about it. Do
NOT marvel, do NOT speculate about what he meant by that. I intend to do just that. NOT
to speculate. And I don’t blame the people who were deceived
by the false doctrines. I blame the Church. They claim they are the experts, they claim
they are the authority on these subjects, yet they clearly are confused, they are clearly
leading people astray. And in Mark 16:16, where it makes the claim
that Jesus told them whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, well it is well
known among experts that this statement was added later and was not part of the original
text. Mark 16:16 is a claim that Jesus spoke these
words after he died and came back to life. In the original version of Mark 16 there were
NO post-resurrection appearances. The Pharisees are the ones who believed in
resurrection from the dead. Jesus called them LIARS and HYPOCRITES. Paul the PHARISEE came along after Jesus was
dead and he is the one who first came up with the RESURRECTION story. He created Christianity
and centuries later people were FORCED to become Christian or be MURDERED. No wonder
it says the apostles were AFRAID. No wonder Christianity carries with it a spirit of FEAR
in their followers. Jesus said the Pharisees are murderers. He
did NOT say that you will be saved if you are dunked in a swimming pool by some guy
at your church. He said people who are BORN of the SPIRIT are like the WIND and we should NOT
marvel or speculate about it. He said the rescue will NOT occur until the
END when the asteroid hits causing the sky to go dark. That is when, Joel says, GOD will
pour out the SPIRIT on ALL FLESH, NOT the church. So this does call into question, whether or
not the Feast of Shavuot has truly been fulfilled in the past, because at this point, Acts 2
appears to be a LIE. It is clear there is truth in the prophecies
but it is also clear that the writings of Paul and his followers are filled with half-truths
and sometimes OUTRIGHT LIES. Acts 2 says they were filled with FEAR yet
Joel 2 says NOT to be afraid. The Roman Empire DID alter the texts, they DID change the times.
But the truth they did NOT see, and the truth is STILL in this book. It was written in code
and to see the code, it is necessary to see the TRUTH. Jesus said he is the WAY the TRUTH and
the LIFE. So when he said Believe in him and
you will be saved, he was saying Believe in the TRUTH and you will be saved. He is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. So believe in the WAY and you will be saved, Believe in
the TRUTH and you will be saved, Believe in the LIFE and you will be saved. That is the
CODE. Believe in HIM and HE IS the TRUTH. In other
words, Jesus said, if you want to be saved, BELIEVE IN THE TRUTH. He didn’t say to believe in the LIES of
the BEAST. He didn’t say you have to believe in the FALSE IDEOLOGIES of the Church. He didn’t say to believe in the mythology of the rising CHRIST, which goes way back to Egypt and before. He said BELIEVE IN HIM and HE IS THE TRUTH.
PERIOD. BELIEVE IN THE TRUTH AND YOU WILL BE SAVED. For more information, check out the playlist
Bibles Countdown to the Meteorite and Rescue linked here and on my main channel page. You
can also check out the playlist False Doctrine Revealed. Thank you to those who support this work, I hope you are doing well and I will talk to you next week.

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