Church Leaders Arrested For Using The Homeless As Slave Labor

Well, here’s a disgusting story that emerged
this week. 12 individuals from the imperial valley ministries,
a church, a series of churches, really a nondenominational one out in California. uh 12 members officials from this church were
arrested this week on charges that include conspiracy, forced labor, document’s servitude,
and benefits fraud. Here’s what was happening at these churches. They were taking homeless people. Uh, they claimed that their specialty was,
you know, rehabilitating drug addicts who were homeless. They would bring them into the church and
say, Hey, you know, you need a nice warm bed. You need a nice good meal. We’re going to give you those things. Hand over all your documents. You know, your, your, your passport. If you have one, probably don’t your driver’s
license, a social security card. You got to give us all your documentation
so that we have that. That’s ours. Now, also a, by the way, you got to sign over
your benefits. If you’re getting welfare or food stamps,
you have to give those to us and we’re just going to pocket those. Uh, also, by the way, uh, you’re gonna have
to go outside and panhandle for nine hours a day and then you have to turn that money
over to us. That’s our money now. Oh, one more thing. We’re locking you in here and you can’t escape. They literally turn these homeless people
into slaves, slaves whose job it was to go out there every day with a little cup, collect
as much money as they possibly could, possibly collect, bring it back to the church and dumped
the cup out for the church. This was modern day slavery and these people
couldn’t leave again because the church had their documents, social security cards, id
cards, whatever it was. The church kept those and kept them locked. And then when the people came back to the
church, the homeless folks, they deadbolted them in there from the outside so that they
couldn’t escape. And the reason, one of the reasons we know
this was happening was because two people did escape. You had, uh, two of the victims managed to
escape the indictment. States. One was a 17 year old who broke a window and
ran to a neighboring property to call police. Second was a woman suffering from diabetes
who was allegedly refused medical care. That’s what was happening at these little
ministries out there in the state of California. Why? Because we do a horrible job here in the United
States, have taken care of our homeless population. That’s the bottom line. That’s what the story is really about. It’s not just about the disgusting actions
of these ministries out there in California. It’s about the country as a whole. Homeless people are typically the victims
of abuse, whether it’s financial abuse, you know, maybe it’s physical abuse, whatever
it is. We don’t protect them as a country. We see them on the street corners and we just
pass by, and I’m not just talking about average commuters, I’m talking about the politicians
as well. They’re doing nothing right now to help these
people, and more importantly, to protect these people for allegedly being the richest nation
on the planet. We sure do like to turn our backs on those
who need help because they’re living in abject poverty. That’s not what the richest nation on the
planet should be doing. You know, for a nation that likes to tout
its alleged Christian values, we sure aren’t living up to anything that the Bible actually
talked about at this point. We should all be ashamed. Even those of us who aren’t out there trying
to claim it’s a Christian nation. we’re still all hypocrites and we all collectively
have to do better. These are human beings. They’re not statistics. It’s not some gross bum you see on the side
of the street. That’s a human being. Human beings with children, human beings,
with parents, with siblings, siblings and parents and kids who may not have heard from
them in years. They don’t know where the next meal is going
to come from. They don’t know where they’re going to sleep
that night, and they’re sitting there praying that they don’t fall victim to abuse because
it’s become far too common. Because again, collectively as a country,
we’re doing absolutely nothing to help these people, and that’s a damn shame.

58 thoughts on “Church Leaders Arrested For Using The Homeless As Slave Labor”

  1. I used to live in a church run shelter and they force everyone who lives there to do jobs (sometimes more than one job) with no pay. They did not allow anyone to leave of their free will except on 1 weekend day for 5 hours and ONLY if had prior approval.

  2. This is just fucked up I've been homeless and this fucking angers me. So called Christians people of compassion and charity. They are the worst mother fuckers alive. I really hope the right people pay for this disgusting abuse of power against the most powerless . Fuck religion and those who abuse their position of trust.

  3. A taxi driver once told me why there are so many Churches in this country and how they made so much money tax free,easy money and low cost enterprises,simply agrees with them and makes them happy,customers services.

  4. Try explaining that to the ultrarich in So Cal, in south Texas, to CEOs who are protected by the present administration's welfare-state-for-the-rich tax policy, to Trump, to Bill Gates, to multimillionaire ou billionaire Pastors who preach detachment from the values of this world in their gigantic profitable megacathedrals… Try to convince shareholders that sometimes reaching for max profit is criminal (not legally but ethically).

  5. well reason you neglect homeless is well it is depending on charity and not goverment program based like most social democratic countries have …

  6. Thanks for the guilt Farron , Lol. I hope those people do a lot of time in jail , These are the scum that Mike Pence , or should I say Pounds think are great God loving people!. Sneer Sneer , they make me sick!.

  7. Was watching Joe Rogan interviewing someone, can't remember who, and he referred to the homeless as filth. I've heard this term a lot and it really is sickening the dehumanization that goes on.

    P.S. I don't mind Joe Rogan, he seems like a decent human.

  8. They are the brown shirt fascists not to mention their pedophile history for generations in their house of Satan they call church and still going on

  9. Whoever says slavery doesn't exist today, is naive, lying, or just stupid. This is inhumane and it's so sad these people who have lost a lot and are in desperate times being treated worse than animals.

    We seriously need government housing for all homeless people in the country; it would actually save taxes and there are more than enough abandoned houses for all of them.

  10. In Houston , Texas area I see this all the time. Sometimes they run up on me in Walmart parking lot and then I drive a mile and same organized homeless people with piece of paper will be at the next light.

  11. George W Bush administration pushed for churches to get government money for these services— not all churches are bad— but too many are used by charlatan con men

  12. OMG is this for real… and they call themselves christians …… modern day slavery….. I’m glad they were arrested. Your right we don’t take care of our homeless …. such a shame

  13. Well , not every church is a true church of God. There are many organizations that use the word church but are not govern by any Christian values. We need to remember that the devil will pervert what is of God in order to show God in a bad light. This place obviously is not a real church

  14. Another heavy blow on what it means to be a "True Christian". It means NOTHING. It's an empty statement. Being an Atheist however IS a statement that actually means more and more, – and it has moral and ethical value to it as well.

  15. It actually bothers me that I'm not the slightest surprised. I'm just glad these mf's finally got caught. "Well they were never True Christians".Well they were UNTIL THEY WERE CAUGHT WEREN'T THEY???? Fkin hypocrites………

  16. Leviticus 25 : 44
    And as for your male and female slaves whom you may have—from the nations that are around you, from them you may buy male and female slaves.

  17. Let's see what Kenneth Copeland, Joel Olsten, joyce Meyers, t d. Jake's, the mega, maga church's are going to do about this abuse. I'll sit back and wait.

  18. You're right Farron! You're absolutely right. There is no excuse for homelessness in
    the richest country in the world that gives how much to election campaigns!
    There is absolutely no excuse!!!

  19. Sexual and ritual abuse, psychological and emotional and simply loveless homes. Yes Farron my exact words recently. We should be ashamed. We're horrible. Thank you for posting this. This is my rage. I want to know where our native homeless population disappeared to? In my city. Not many care. But they can sure gather on the streets in the million to celebrate an nba championship. I guess that's the collective choosing their priorities. The rich basketball team owner/rapper given key to our city sometime ago then held a concert charging up to 1000+ $ to attend. Gee thanks for your love.

  20. People make money as their priority over god and will do anything in the name of god, our civilization was base on destroying people and race for god. Unfortunately all I see is example of hypocrites who are religious holy people – always has worse agendas. Government don’t care about the homeless people they make it difficult in every way – no help for mental illness, no passing law for living wages, no assist for pregnant women and respite care, no healthcare for all. Only Corp greed and stupid fear of socialism which we already have in Medicare, police and fire fighters. They rather spend money on decorate the White House with Christmas trees and gingerbread house, paying large salary to lazy government people who can’t get fired. The bureaucracy in layers of paper work for everything done is government.

  21. As an atheist, I've always respected every religion equally, (because it brought order to ancient civilizations) but this made me wonder why. That hasn't happened since I heard Catholic priests were humping little boys in the mid-2000s.

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