Church Helps Provide Comfort and Aid to California Fire Victims

This is a lot of people. “I didn’t think this many people were going to come. It’s pretty awesome.”
People from all walks of life, united for one purpose. “I know just this little
bit will help and it’s not just a little bit, it’s a lot.” These five thousand boxes of
food are for their neighbors from up north, Paradise, California. “It’s just
still surreal.” Once a picturesque mountain town now reduced to this
after the deadliest fire in California’s history.
“It’s like apocalyptic up here.” “I think we thought we were gonna die. I remember
thinking, I’m not sure if I’m ready to die like this.” When the flames overtook her
hometown, Brynn Chatfield and her husband fled down the mountain. As they drove,
Brynn could only pray. “That was a very important conversation with my Heavenly
Father but it’s made me realize how many people use prayer in their lives
and how important prayer is and actually how simple prayer can be.” In the
aftermath, many have offered prayers and jumped into action. “It warms my heart. This is,
this is what the Savior wants people to do is help others. This is what it’s all about.”
Members of the Gridley California Stake joined the community to put these food
boxes together. The supplies donated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints will be distributed to victims of the fire. “Boy, it’s amazing that how many
people come out and are willing to give and to serve.” In Chico, California, members
opened the doors of this meetinghouse to everyone.
Beth Brogden happened to stop by and saw what was inside. “It makes me want to cry.” She ended up leaving
with supplies that she and her friends, who all lost their homes, desperately
need. “It’s awesome. Let’s cry together.” “The way people have pulled together and, and in moments of their own personal
desperation reached out to one another is absolutely overwhelming.” Elder Kevin
W. Pearson, a senior church leader, spent the weekend ministering to those impacted by
the fire, sharing a message of light in the darkness. “When things seem at their
worst and you don’t know how you’re gonna figure it out, I’ve learned from my
own life that He’s there.” “We hear how bad the world is but we have seen so
much good. We can definitely feel the prayers and the strength from others.”

20 thoughts on “Church Helps Provide Comfort and Aid to California Fire Victims”

  1. its so good that the church has the resources and organisation to help all in the community.
    But to civic planners in the rebuild of the future surely you need to rethink the building and infrastructure of places like paradise to include water channesl and canals and fire trenches to protect homes in the future perhaps building homes underground with fire protection screens. looking at paradise on goggle b4 hand beautiful yes but really a firetrap waiting to hsppen with so much vegetation and trees surrounding everything.

  2. Are there any organized part that can accept Christmas gifts to any of those effected?..I am a member of the church…but have not heard of any particular humanitarian project yet…

  3. This is why when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is full of people who are in the process of theosis. God has blessed them without a doubt.

  4. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: builds temple
    People: They should’ve used that money to help the poor
    Also Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:

  5. This Brit would love to go help our fellow brothers and sisters in America!!

    I love America, and adore the American people!!

    May God bless them!!

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