Church Folks Secrets “Charlie”

Have you ever loved someone so deeply
only to find out that they haven’t been true to you? Most people think men are supposed to
be so hard and don’t have any feelings. Believe it or not. We take
heartbreak worst than most women do. Every time I think I’m going to have
something normal or a normal life, I get caught up in a whirlwind
of emotions and drama. Everyone has the weakness that they
at least try to control.. Mines is women. I’ve been cursed with the ability to find
the wrong woman. When will this change. [phone rings] Hey Richard, how you doing? Oh yeah. I was calling earlier because I wanted
to check with you to see if I can stop by and take a look at the renovations
for the main sanctuary at the church. Mmm hmm.. Yes, this evening will be fine..
Absolutely.. No problem. Oh No, no, no, no. Richard, I will not be stopping past
Veronica’s house this evening. Not at all. Richard, I mean, the last
thing that I was there, I stopped pass to pick up some clothes
and you wouldn’t believe what I saw. I mean she was all hugged up with
Robert all on a sofa. I mean, I’m not going for that.. It’s gonna to be a very long time before
I go back to Veronica’s house again. I can promise you that. No,
no. You know what, Richard, listen right now,
I just need to get, think some things through and do
some things just for myself. And, get myself together to see exactly where
I want to go and where I wanna be. Yes. Alright, Richard. Listen, I
will see you this evening.
Okay. Have a good one. Thanks. [music starts] I think it’s over here. I think that’s
it right there. Okay. Looks pretty nice. You really think so? Yeah.
I really hope this the one. I am so sick of looking at these houses. Maybe if you weren’t so picky
you’ll find something that you want? Why do you keep dragging me along? I
have better things to do. Oh, please. Like you got so much to do. Last time I checked you quit your job
and now you’re selling waist trainers and some healing cream. I am not selling
a waist trainer and healing creams. I will have, you know, I’m a yoga
instructor. Oh God. And a life coach. I have five clients in two sessions
for next week. Five? Oh my God. When did you do anything
fulfilling besides working?
Okay, so I have you know, yes, working that is very fulfilling
for me. Okay. I have a awesome job. I have, I would soon to have
an awesome home. Okay. Okay.
And all I need is.. A man. You need a man. Girl, I’m
just saying, you know, just the other day I went out on a date
and this man spent all his money on me. And I bet you ain’t give him none either.
Girl, of course it didn’t give him nothing.
What you think I’m a hoe. Okay, whatever. If the shoe fits.. Shut up. I am not a hoe. I mean, come on. It’s not my fault that these men wanna
give their time and their money to me. I mean, think about it. I’m attracted. I’m smart and I know how to get a man
to give me what I want. You could too, if you weren’t so uptight. Whatever.
Okay, let’s just get your butt on my car, so we can go look at this house.
Hopefully this is the one. Okay. Alright. [car door closes] Hello? Is anyone here?
Yes, I’m here. I’m here. How you doing? Charlie? Hi Charlie, I’m
Kiara, Richard’s sister. You go to my brother’s church
right? Indeed, that is me. Awesome. How you ladies doing? Well, I should be asking you, how
are you doing? I mean, listen, we were all there and I know something
so private became public in front of our family and friends.
I’m just so sorry for you. I’m sorry. This is my sister,
Justice. Nice to meet you. Oh yeah. I was at the party and I just say
I’m sorry that happened. Listen ladies, you don’t have to be sorry.
I didn’t expect for the day
to go that way. You know, I don’t like surprises. And, I definitely
don’t like to be shocked like that. I mean,
Veronica being pregnant. Wow. I don’t
even know if the baby’s mine. I do have a daughter,
but for unforeseen circumstances, I don’t get an opportunity
to see her often. All I can
say is, I’m sorry Charlie. You know, I mean, things are gonna
get better. But, on another note, you messed with Harmony? Wait
a second. She said you was with harmony and harmony is Robert’s mistress. That’s like a whole heck of a hot mess. Oh my gosh. But there’s a right
side of this. And what is that? You could’ve been married and I found
out the baby wasn’t yours. That is true. I’m just saying. I watched an episode
of Maury. And, there was this chick. She was 1000% sure and a baby
wasn’t his. It was a joke. I guess the joke’s on me.
I have a hard time trusting people. Don’t feel like that.
Listen, Veronica may not have been
the right one for you, but there is other women
there can make you happy. Or you can have fun with the wrong one.
I’m just saying. You know, the best way to get over
somebody is under somebody new. Please forgive her. You guys, I really appreciate you. But I know you didn’t
come here to be my therapist, right? So Kiara, would you like to see
the house? I absolutely will. Was hoping maybe we can talk
about it over drinks tonight? Sure. I guess. Perfect. Perfect.
I have my card right here. My number,
my personal. Yes it is my personal cell phone
number is right there on the side. I do need to take this call. No
problem. I’ll be right back. Alright. You got to excuse my sister
for coming on so strong. She’s been out the game for a minute. I
definitely wasn’t expecting that. Right? That totally blew my mind.
I gotta be honest. Probably rather prefer to
take you out tonight.What? Listen, only if you want to now. Alright, I prefer to go out with
you then your sister. Okay. I would like that, but I have to give
you a call when I’m alone. That’s fine. Alright. Alright. Talk to you later.
Talk to you later. I’m all done.. I’m ready for that tour. Well, let’s
go. Well, let’s go [door closes] right. Well, watch your step up there. So the bathroom is a brand new bathroom
that we just got built. [laughter] Okay, you are so silly. Talking
about this here and this is that. Well, no, in all honesty,
I hope you like this fool. That’s that macaroni and cheese.
That’s that jerk chicken. And don’t forget about them down
south greens right there. Wow, this looks amazing.
You know I try. So how’d you learn how to cook like this?
Most men, I know things that cooking is opening
up a bag of food and pouring it on to a plate. Oh What? So what’s your
secret? Oh man secrets. Well, in all honesty, I don’t know
about no secrets, but my
mother’s guilty as charged. She had me in the kitchen would have
coming up. Taught me how to cook, clean, so all that. She also told me
how to love a woman. Now my dad, my dad was one that taught me how to get
money. I don’t hate him for that at all. Secrets. I don’t know about no secrets..
Want some more wine? No, thank you. Okay. Now everybody has secrets, okay? I guess I’ll get to know yours when
I get to know you a little better. Let you tell it. So what made you invite
me over? I mean you barely know me. But you know what?
I almost didn’t accept, but I figured you can’t be too bad if
you’re best friends and business partners with my younger brother. Well Ray,
Ray is like a brother to me, I must say.
You know, me and Ray sort of kind of always ripping
and running in the streets every since we was young. I love Ray,
just like a brother man. So what happened with the guy
down at the church? I mean, all I could see was him laying
in the church lobby bleeding. I knew we was sort of kind of gonna talk
about this. So, I tried to dodge it. But in all honesty.. You know me and Ray.. Me and Ray used
to rip and run in the streets a lot. And we also used to have money here,
money there. We sort of kind of got caught
up with the wrong crowd. Wasn’t the life for me no more
nor was it for Ray. So we left. We also had a couple of ties still
in the streets. With that being said, we’ve reached out,
tried to get a loan. We got the loan from a good brother
named Tony that we used to work with. We sorta kinda got underbid from the
contracts. That’s what did us dirty. And, Tony sort of kind of felt like he wanted
his money back and wanting more of a percentage than what he deserved. I wasn’t
going for that. Neither was Ray… So, far as I know, you know
what I know.. That is awful. So wait, when my brother saw y’all have
in words, what he just jumped right in? Believe it or not,
he ain’t jump right in. He told me to go enjoy myself at the
wedding. So that’s exactly what I did. I went to go enjoy myself at the wedding.
Next thing you know, I see all the commotion, everybody
ripping and running, dude on the floor. You hear anything else? No, you
know what? I had not heard anything, but I know that Kiara will be
letting me know something soon. So.. What else do you do besides
borrow money from criminals? Well, I see where Ray gets his sense of
humor, that’s for sure. I’m a chill dude, you know what I mean? I don’t, I don’t
do nothing, man. I just buy cars, make money, spend money. You know, I
definitely gotta spend it on my women. I love women. So, what
about your love life? Well, I’m not dating anybody at
this point and time. Why is that? Did someone break your heart? Sort
of, kind of. You can say that. Um, I was engaged. I had a fiance and she died. Died in a car accident.
Uh, sometimes it still bothers me just a little bit. I never
thought I’d be able to get over that. At least until I met you. I
am so sorry for your loss. I don’t know how it feels
to lose somebody that way, but what I can understand is that time
does mend a broken heart. You know what, no rush for us to get into anything.
Okay? I’m just enjoying having dinner with you.
You and me both. In all honesty, I must admit I’m truly
happy I chose you over your sister. Cause..
Your sister’s kind of.. Stuck up and out of control. Mm
hmm, yeah that’s her. I mean, I wasn’t going say it and
you took the words right out
my mouth. I mean, you know, I’m not judgmental, but it is what
it is. Kiara isn’t that bad. But, she’s just set in her ways and
once things her way all the time. You know, we close in
age, but um, I don’t know. I just moved in with her and just
till I can find my own place. I just moved back here, you know, to be
closer to my family. Family is important. Now,
Justice on the other hand is wild, loud and overly aggressive.
Okay. You know what? We try to get on her all the time
about her ways and her lifestyle, but she just blows us off.
Don’t you know, she wrecked my car a few months ago
and gonna act like it was no big deal. You kidding. I gave her that
business. I’m sure you did, but I gotta come to her defense. Me being
a big brother, having a little brothers, little sisters.
You gotta give her some time. It’s gonna get..Take some time
to come around. She gonna adjust. She not used to having brothers
like you, Ray, big brothers, big sisters like y’all.
Come on man. You know, you know that’s gonna take
some time to get adjusted to. Sounds like a typical
brat baby brother to me. If you say so. But, you know what? I
think with the right woman in your life, you may be okay. That’s what I really want in my life. [phone rings] Ohh.. let me get them. Yo, what’s up
bro? Oh man, how you feeling? Okay. What? Yeah. Yeah. yeah yeah yeah. Hey, that’ll work. That’ll
work. That’ll work. Right now? Okay. Alright, cool. Well
yeah, no, no, no, no. That can
happen. Cool. Alright. Alright. Alright man.
Alright bro. everything okay? Everything is great.
Don’t kill me though. I sort of kind of, I gotta go take care of
something right now. So sort of, kind of gotta put this on hold and we
can come back to this and you can come over later on if you were
like. Okay, no problem. Um, I actually have to get
up early tomorrow anyway. So, make sure when you save my food. Oh,
I sure will. Put my food up please, cause I’m coming back for it.
Okay. Alright. So, call me later if you don’t fall asleep.
I won’t. I will not. See you my queen. Keep calling me man. Keep calling my phone for. It’s about to
be a problem.. Ok.. I can handle this. Hey, Keydah girl. Listen,
I’m so sorry. But, I’m not going to be making
out for coffee today. I literally just got home from work
and Ray is demanding my attention. I know you did. I mean, I know it hasn’t
been easy being around Ray. I mean, what happened was crazy, but I’m sure you’ve been hearing
that from everyone already. How are you dealing with everything? I’ve been drinking a lot of wine. That’s
how I’ve been dealing with all of this. No, it’s been so hard. I’ve been
trying to keep Ray encouraged. He’s been so depressed and not, about not getting married and then not
being able to work on this business right now. And it’s hard because I have to
put aside my feelings because, I had to deal with him.. And see that’s not fair to do. It was
your wedding too. And you know what? That’s what gets me so upset
when I think about men sometimes. You have to drop everything,
tend to their needs. They forget about what
you’re going through. Oh, and
don’t let you have a crisis. They’re completely clueless
on how to help. Girl, when I think about how selfish men can be.
I just get so angry sometimes. Oh,
wait a minute. I thought we’re talking about my
situation with Ray Oh Roberta. I’m so sorry. You’re right. I’m sorry. But
girl, like I said, when I think about it, I just get upset. But
yes, back to you. I mean, how are you dealing with everything
that’s happening? Not Getting married. I’m beyond devastated
about not getting married. I just don’t even want to think about it. Like really thought things this
time would be so different. I was convinced that Ray had turned
around everything that was bad in his life and was focused on just us. I really believe he’s focused
on you and the marriage Roberta. I just think he got pulled into
something that he didn’t expect. That’s a concern to me to Keydah. Ray always manages to get into something. It’s almost like his life
just can’t be simple. I really have been doing
some soul searching lately
and questioning myself about things. Maybe I rushed into this marriage thing
without really thinking it through. I don’t think that’s the case Roberta.
I mean, you were and you have been ready
to marry Ray for a long time. I just think that this situation just
has you feeling a little hesitant. Don’t doubt your love and
feelings for Ray. I mean, my cousin loves you more than anything
and wants you to really be his wife. But, until everything
settles down in our lives, I will be spending more time in the
coffee shop and less time at home. You know what, I think I
see Don, Charlie’s cousin.
He’s walking into the shop. Is he brown skin and it
has a beautiful body? That would be him. Did you hear about happened
between Don and Chyna? No.
What happened? Apparently, Chyna walked out of the church with Fred
on her arm in front of Don and all of the groomsmen. Deshawn said that Don
tried to act like a didn’t even bother, but he looked like he wanted
to punch Fred in the face. Can you imagine how Chyna and
Fred are spending time together? Mm.
That’s good to know. Why is that good to know?
What are you about to do? Nothing. I’m just about to make sure that Don is
okay after being played by my cousin. That’s what I’m about to do. Look, Imma
call you back after he leaves. Okay. Alright.
Okay. Okay. Excuse me. Um, you’re Don
right. Um, I’m Shykedah. Hey Shykedah. How are you doing?
Nice to meet you. Yup. I’m Don. Yeah. I know exactly who you are. You and um,
you and Deshawn used to see each other. You were the one to set him up
so to speak. Right? Yeah, yeah, that’s me. Okay. Do you mind if I come, come over and sit in join you. I
was sitting here by myself. Perfect. Anyway. Yes I did. And I
was wrong for that. But, we’ve straightened everything out.
Now besides, I’m not looking for a man
that’s attached to anyone else. Plus even me and Vicki are cool.
They eloped and I think it’s so romantic. Yeah. I think it’s good you moved on. I think you’re way too pretty to be
sitting alone waiting on somebody else. Another man become available
so you can get with. There’s plenty of men out here for you to
get with. So um, yeah. Plus I don’t know. I think eloping is, you know,
like cheap and impersonal. You know, I’d rather my bride
everything she wants and so much more. Hmm. So.. You think I’m pretty? Well, I appreciate the compliment.
You know what, I think my cousin Chyna was just stupid
for not wanting to hang out with you anymore. I mean, I don’t know what the big
deal is about titles and relationships. That’s exactly what I was trying to tell
her. But, uh, I think at the moment, the more what she needed,
I just didn’t have, I didn’t have the energy
or the time to provide. Well.. I’m not a hard woman to please. So, I will be ready tomorrow at eight.
Be ready for what? For our date. You’re gonna to take me to dinner and
then we can go shoot some pool after. I mean, unless you have something better
to do. Oh Wow. That was straight forward. Well, um, I like that. Yeah, we can uh,
we can definitely go on a date tomorrow. I’ll come through around 8:00 PM or
so to pick you up. Where did you uh, where you want me to pick you up from?
You know what? You can actually pick me up from my
grandmother’s house cause she’ll want to meet you again. Um, but I’m
gonna let you finish your coffee. I have to go home,
change and get to the gym. I have to get my body back in shape.
Oh really? I don’t say anything
you need to tighten up. What did you want me
to take a closer look? I can definitely tell you
what you need to do. Oh, okay. Well now who’s the one being forward?
We’ll see about that Don. Okay, bye. Hey girl,
I’m back. So..
Did you get what you wanted? Yes. We’re having dinner
tomorrow at eight. And, this is why I randomly hangout
at the house of coffee. Okay. Alright. Okay, bye. Ethel! What Pearl? [laughter] Listen,
what time is um.. Omar picking the uh kids up from the
airport? I don’t know. They be here soon. I cannot believe it. They gonna sit there
and get married. Run off to Vegas and get married. Run off to Vegas
and didn’t invite us. Ha! Like we don’t know how to turn up.
I know that’s right Pearl. Hold up, you know the last time we been to Vegas, we had a banging time.
You remember that time? I remember very clearly and
I think I told you before, don’t be bringing them mentionables
up in here. Don’t mention him, okay. Cause I got Harry with my life
now. And Harry, he makes me happy. [laughter] Look at you. Look
at you. Yes Pearl, but you know what? We, we aren’t the same women
today. We are not. We are not. We are not. And, I’m just, I can tell.We
have evolved. Listen at you girl. Harry really makes you happy. He
does. He does.I’m just glad. You know, you ain’t got them little,
young thugs running after you no more. [laughter] Ever since Harry done brought
you some flowers and candy a couple months ago. And, some
chocolates. Some truffles. I was talking about him not the candy. But, you know, it’s
just a shame. You know, things with Gerald. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah. It could’ve went.. A little good. But they went sour. Girl, he was a nut!
Girl, he was crazy. He gonna sit and say so I’m moving in with y’all.Okay!
He really thought he was moving up in here. The devil is a liar. Ha,
he ain’t nothing like my Harry. Harry, he works hard and he paid for everything.
Everything? Everything. Oh, I think that’s him right
there. Girl, you done spoke him up. I invited him over for dinner. You
invited him for dinner? Indeed I did. Indeed I did. Oh my gosh. [music starts]
Harry! Hey babe. Hi my love. How are you? Hey Harry, how you doing today? Hey
Ethel. Where you want this food at? Oh you can go right here and put it on the counter. Thank you so much for making your famous
barbecue chicken. Girl, and he cooks! Mmhmm Pearl! Don’t mess this one up. You
know what? that’s somebody, you gotta keep him around.
Listen, nobody trying to hear your
foolishness right now. Well,
he cooks. I know he does… I told you that. But listen, um, Omar, when is he bringing them? Like I asked
you earlier. What are they coming? Oh mar, Omari
does know the time and he’s coming soon. There’ll be here. Alright. You know what?
I keep asking and you keep ignoring me. Listen. What? Pearl, his
name is Omari not Omar. Here we go with this again. I know what,
what his name is. You think I don’t know. Messing up the man name. No, I’m calling
him what I know his government name is. What his mother named him and it’s
Omar. You know what. I just feel like.. somebody wanna name their child Omari.
That’s my snuggle bunny. Ha! More like a bear. You better be lucky Jesus
saves! [laughter] Omar! Happy
holidays mother! Omari, hey! Good to see you my love! Look at
you. Looking all red and everything. That’s my color boo. How are you?
Doing well? Very good. Oh my god. Hold up. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels. Wait a
minute. Where is Mrs. Daniels? Yeah, Where is she? Mrs. Daniels is
at home with the flu. So, I’m here eating dinner with you while she’s
at our place unboxing stuff and trying to heal up. but I definitely appreciate
knowing you cooked momma. Listen here. Look right here. Look right here. So
the thing about it is.. You’re lying. Okay. She’s not home with no flu. You
just said she’s unpacking everything. Who’s home with the
flu doing all that. No, I don’t think happened is is that she ate
some her own food. Got food poisoning, now she home sick. That’s what I think. Okay.
[clear throat] You know, I never agree with mother Pearl,
but, tonight I seen your wife
in the kitchen. Whew. Yes. Scared me to death.
Obviously, she gonna have to eat here or order
out so you can live. Hold up. Eat here? No, listen here, ain’t nothing
changed because you went away. Okay, this is what we do. But the thing about
it is, this is not a soup kitchen. I am not feeding a bunch
of homeless people, including you and your non cooking
wife. Pearl, pearl, don’t be like that. You right. We’re supposed
to look up these young folk. You right baby.You right Harry.
You make them feel good. So tell us more about the trip. I can show y’all some
pictures. Mm.. I like pictures. Don’t swipe to hard to the left.
You don’t want to see those pictures. [clapping and celebrating] Oh, this is nice. Her dress
is cute. It’s the same tuxedo. O m g tacky guy. Couldn’t you have put on a
tie or a different shirt? Glad Vicki didn’t wear the same outfit.
I rented it and I had to get as many wears out of it as
I could before we had to take it back. So, what else happened? So man,
we went to the Grand Canyon. We took a couple shows in,
took the sites in. Did a few other things we can’t talk
about [celebrating] One of the best days ever. Ahh.. That is so sweet. Pearl, are you
crying over there? No. No. No. I ain’t crying.
No, just a bunch of dust. How many times I have to
tell you to dust this house. When the last time you dust this house?
All up in my eyes. It’s allergy season. Now I’m just saying it’s allergies.
It’s allergies people. Don’t get all twisted anyway, but I was
thinking to all that you just said, right. You know, that Vicki has
really come a long way alright. She managed not to get beat down
by my grandbaby Shykedah. Okay? She winded up getting her little self out
in jail and after all that she been through, she still wind up
marrying you. You ole water head. [laughter] I ain’t been home 20 minutes
and you still talking crazy. Speaking of jail.
After you guys left, the police came and questioned all of all of us and they was questioning,
looking. When they got to Ray, they saw that blood on him. They knew he
stabbed that man. THEY LOCKED HIM UP! And, don’t you know they came and handcuffed my baby and they processed him like he was a criminal.
If it wasn’t for my oldest son Reggie, to bail him out with a good lawyer,
he probably be still there. Why Richard didn’t bail him out? The church is going through some financial
problems right now. And, uh, They, I think they were looking for some
money. Looking for some money? Yeah. We don’t even need to look very far
where you got the information that you’re not supposed to have. The church
has a small issue, just a small one. But the chief bishop is here.
Everything’s going to be okay. We’re all gonna be happy. Listen, I’m
just..It’s Harry. I had to tell Harry. He makes me happy. Anyway.
Don’t worry about it. You’ll just only running
your mouth because you worry
about your coins. Heyyyyy.. I ain’t mad at you. I’m not trying to go back to no apartment.
I’m not trying to do.. I’m not downsizing.
Apartment? Yeah. Pearl, you was living in the senior assistance
facility living quarters also known as jail. [laughter] She was on house arrest
y’all. Now, the truth comes out. It takes the holidays…
That was back in the day. And, you talk about Vicki. [music starts]

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