Church App – Wait! 3 Reasons Your Church Shouldn’t Build An App

– So your church wants to build an app. Well, before you do,
here are three reasons why you might wanna reconsider. (light upbeat music) Well hey there, I’m Brady
from and this is the channel that
helps you learn creative skills and feel like a pro. We publish new videos every single week, so make sure you hit the
subscribe button below and hey, if you like this video make sure you hit the like button also. And churches all around the
world are feeling the pressure and have for awhile, that
pressure to have an app. But for 99% of churches
I don’t think an app makes sense at all, because
most churches simply want an app that delivers content. Meaning, churches want members
to be able to watch sermons, or listen to audio, or read
articles, look up events, or link up to the giving
page on their church app. And that’s what the majority
of church app building services are offering right now. But if your church app is
simply meant to deliver content, here are three reasons why
you should not build that app. Reason number one. HTML5, and one of the reason
apps became so popular so quick is because you could do things
in an app back in the day that you couldn’t do in a
regular internet browser. But with the advent of HTML5,
all the cool animations and interactive elements of
apps can now be presented in the same way, not
just in your apps anymore but on the regular old internet. Basically, what made apps
unique was their experience. But now, that experience,
it’s not unique anymore. Reason number two your church
should not build an app, people are starting to predict
that apps won’t even exist in the next decade or so., a company
that has been a leader in digital marketing
for more than a decade, recently came out with a
podcast saying that apps are on the decline, and
their prediction was that it wouldn’t be around
for that much longer. And whether or not they’re correct, and apps do eventually become extinct, what’s true is that apps,
they’re just not novel like they used to be. And that’s the second reason
we don’t think it’s worthy of your church’s investment. Finally, reason number
three your church should not build an app is that, if
you’re using a church app building service, or even
if you’re building your own, the majority of church
apps are just your website in app form. I mean ask yourself this
question, very important: What can I do on your app that
I cannot do on your website? Because here’s the thing: your
church already has an app, it’s called your website that I can access on my phone’s internet browser. If your website is responsive,
you already have an app, and if your app doesn’t
offer anything significant to your church that your
website isn’t already capable of doing, it’s just not worth it. Of course, with all this being said, I did come up with a few cool ideas that your church could
build into it’s app, because apps do still
excel in several areas that internet browsers do not. Most notably, your apps go wherever you go on your mobile device. So leveraging the geolocation
of people using your app could be a big win. One way your church app could do this is send welcome notifications
when people roll into the church parking lot. Another thing that you
can do is allow people to check their kid into Kids
Ministry, using the app. At the very least, make
the giving function of your church app built
into the app itself. If your app’s giving
function is just a link to your website, hey that’s
a massive sign that your app just isn’t working like it should. So there you have it. Three reasons why I think your church should not build an app. If you liked this video,
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channel, we post new videos like this every week, helping your church learn creative skills and feel like a pro. And of course, if you’re
not building an app, what do you want to do? Well, what you wanna do is make sure your church’s website is great. And so we put together a free guide, it’s called The Secret Ingredients of the World’s Best Church Websites. Forget the app, just make
your website awesome, make it responsive, and
basically you’ll already have an app that way. So click below, and you can
download the free guide. Question of the day for you is
does your church have an app? ‘Cause I’d love to hear from
you, if you do or if you don’t. So make sure you post that
answer in the comments below. Thanks for watching,
I’ll see you next time.

7 thoughts on “Church App – Wait! 3 Reasons Your Church Shouldn’t Build An App”

  1. Using a specific web app (not a native app – but with a URL) promoted in the Sunday literature to reach out with specific engagement benefits is vitally necessary if designed for evangelism and outreach. For example, a church web app that has a share button that allows the congregation to "share" a live feed of the sermon or other message with their Facebook friends prior to the beginning of the service is just one of multiple positive uses that a website is usually too cumbersome to enable. Even if the web app simply explains HOW to use your phone to share a message on Facebook, etc., with links to the normal website, the app is vitally important.

  2. Is it worth creating an App for users to get push notifications to their devices? Also considering an App for online tithing and podcast.

  3. Your position overlooks the obvious – people don't open browsers and type in URLs on their phones. The compartmentalization of delivery method is germane to the smartphone experience. Push notifications and online giving are both a HUGE advantage, and people feel more connected to an entity if they've willingly downloaded an app, and are far more confident giving through that avenue than via text. Apps might be gone in 10 years? PHONES might be gone in 10 years. It's tech. You use what's effective, and adapt when it ceases to be. Well-designed church apps increase engagement. That's not coming from a dev (I'm not one) – it's coming from an end user, and the facts bear it out. And a church can get an app for as little as $50/mo. The ROI is huge.

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