Church Announces Changes to Recommendation Process for Young Missionaries

“It’s quite exciting.”
Every day brings something new for Sister Emily Watson. “We got toothpaste, soap,
towels, combs, our main job is hygiene and cleaning kits.” All week she works hard
representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “It’s still a mission, just a different kind of mission.” Sister Watson wasn’t able to serve a
proselyting mission as she had planned. “I have a condition called pulmonary
arterial hypertension.” Instead, she was called as a service missionary for 18 months. She spends much of her time here at the Church’s Humanitarian Center. “I’ve
grown to love this mission as much as I would have loved a proselyting mission.”
The service missionary program began in 2014 as a pilot test. It just recently
expanded to the United States and Canada. “They live at home, serve locally, they
serve in church operations or in community functions.” Until now the
process for going on a service mission has been different than for a
proselyting one, but starting in January, that will change. “Their call will be from
the prophet. They will apply just like every other missionary to full-time
missionary service.” All candidates will first be considered for proselyting
missions, but if they can’t, for physical, mental or emotional reasons, they may be
called as a service missionary. The same goes for those who serve a proselyting
mission but return home early. “I was out on a teaching mission and I had to come
home, I had a health issue, and I still felt like I needed to be serving.”
Elder Joseph Horne now serves in the Church’s Publishing Services Department
providing technical and user support for the gospel library app. “The only
difference between a service mission and a teaching mission is our perspective on
them. It’s the service to the Lord that matters.” “The Lord calls us to service
missions not just because we can’t do proselyting missions, but because there’s
a specific reason he needs us in a certain place.” “They’re dependable, they
show up, they do the work, they’re cheerful,
they’re positive, they’re enthusiastic, they bring life and energy.
This is serving the Lord as a missionary and bringing to pass God’s work.”
“You’re still a missionary. You wear the badge, you’re called “Elder” or “Sister” and the
Lord loves what you’re doing. I feel that every day.”

57 thoughts on “Church Announces Changes to Recommendation Process for Young Missionaries”

  1. Wow, que importante anuncio, agradecido al Padre por su inspiración y ver en estos tiempos como su Iglesia sigue creciendo, esto impulsará a muchos jóvenes que por distintas razones, no pudieron hacer proselitismo, sin embargo, llevaran orgullosos el nombre de Jesucristo en su pecho. Saludos desde Chile.

  2. As a mother of children with disabilities, I've been looking into service missions for sometime. I'm a bit confused about what is new

  3. 100% the only difference is out perspective on them. Our church culture dictates that proselyting missions are somehow superior to service missions. Not true. Glad for this tone at the top change.

  4. This is a wonderful solution for missionaries that want to serve but have a reason they cannot go abroad. Thank you for this Video! More missionaries need to know about this! Service counts! ❤

  5. I've been waiting for this for a long time and had a feeling it was coming soon. With so many today who are dealing with things like anxiety and depression (and are coming home early from missions as a result), they still can serve and not be stuck with the social stigma in the Church that seems to follow those who cannot serve a "normal" mission or have to come home early from one because of mental illness, only to be met with more negativity from some Church members, which makes it even worse. We've definitely seen an increase in mental illness (anxiety and depression) over the years and I'm grateful to see the changes made to meet these needs so that ALL can have the opportunity to serve in whatever capacity they can without running faster than they are able. And the wonders that this will do for the self-esteem as well! This is huge!

  6. Love that more church members will be able to serve in whatever capacity works best for them! Love these awesome youth!!!

  7. I am evangelical/Pentecostal and think that you guys have some crazy core beliefs.On the other hand,I find your service to Lord on your missions to be amazing.Also,I have seem you guys all over the streets of NYC and it's a blessing to see you guys spreading Jesus.

  8. Mormons are awesome. Its critical to be exposed to Mormons from childhood in order to developed their discipline. Even as adults in the ugly business world they do not drink, nor smoke nor judge others (openly) nor curse.

    Joseph Smith had an enormous historical impact. By the fruits of his labor he can be judged.

  9. I love it! I’m just wondering when this will reach others countries. This will help a lot, in special people who can’t serve a typical mission, but still having a wish to serve the Lord. ❤️ thank You so much, Heavily Father

  10. Be human, care humanly, before orders and style. Do charity with
    passion, have kindness ,be personal way to everyone .And everyone is
    original and so their issue. Do kindness even through church way.
    Problems many, more than we can solve. Be quick, flexible.Choose who u
    help more, if hopefull person, help partially atleast to cant be solved
    problems of other people. Love, pray, do. Talk with heart to people
    about their problems, and try to find solutions.

  11. No precupais hija por mama esta grande ella tiene 53 Año y eslla esta feliz por ustedes por todas las las iglecias porque ella dijo toda iglecia en solo redil en la Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias porque estamos los ultimos dias y aser la obra con carida por que una obra sin carida no es obra hija de mi corazon Amen

  12. Just curious here.

    Is this not free labor disguised as missionary work?

    Who did the jobs before these young people began doing them and were they paid positions?

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