Christmas at Horbury Parish Church

welcome to the beautiful Church of st.
Peter and st. Leonard Horbury my name is father Christopher and I’m the vicar
here I’ve been here for three years now and we’re just in the throes of getting
ready for Advent and for Christmas hi my name’s Janet and I’m on the
evangelizing committee and st. Peter’s Church and at the moment were beginning
Advent so we’re delivering leaflets we want to make people feel welcome and at
home and hopefully encourage them to worship with us. They’re going to move
into all sorts of devotions through Advent as we prepare our hearts and our
minds to welcome and receive the Christ child at Christmas which will celebrate
with lots of masses and carol services and all sorts of great things like that
in church. My name’s Steven and I’m the director of music here in st. Peter’s
and st. John’s Horbury Bridge the church choir have really grown and we’re
advancing all the time with the different music we’re doing particularly
coming up to Christmas and advent there’s a lot to do a new thing
that we’re doing this year is going singing at the Conservative Club and
trying to have a community event and some outreach really to just spread the
good news of Christmas which is what it’s all about in all things that we do
in our with the music and the choir we want to bring glory to God and just
share the good news of Christmas with as many people as possible.

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