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Mr. Park, find me an old gambler. Pyeongtaek 10-tailed Fox. What… did you just say? Madam 10-tailed Fox? “Madam”? – Yes. Madam 10-tailed Fox… isn’t just a gambler. In the whole of Korean gambling history, she is the greatest female gambler. She’s like… a Joan of Arc. How can a gambler be Joan of Arc? Keep going. Twenty or so years ago… there were three great gamblers. Suncheon Oh Kwang Du… Masan Dodari… and Pyeongtaek… 10-tailed Fox. She got her name because she’s said to hide cards in her 10th tail. That’s why she’s not nine-tailed fox. Can you not exaggerate? Anyway, these three gamblers played one final game. “Land Deed” When news spread, the police was fully mobilised to catch them all… and Jongno 4-ga, the rumoured location was completely blocked off. Three gamblers turned Seoul upside-down. Gamblers from all over did all they could to watch the game. What happened? “Guddeng” “Sampal Gwangddeng” Of course, 10-tailed Fox won. Good. – That day, the police arrested Oh Kwang Du and Dodari but 10-tailed Fox… disappeared into thin air. She hasn’t appeared since. That is what Mr. Park said. Wow. That’s it. Won’t that work? You won’t ask her to gamble, will you? Yes, I will. She just has to win. Then we’ll get the file… and put away Chief Nam. She became a nun to escape that life and you’ll ask her to play? Come on. I became a priest to get away and I throw punches left and right. Not everyone’s situation is like yours. Everyone’s different. I guess so. I didn’t think about that. Today… you’re pretty thoughtful. What? Do you think I’m a teenager? That really hurt my pride. Was it that hurtful? Can’t she just beat the guy? It would be so simple then. You’re like a wizard. Talk to her. Why are you calling me a wizard? It’s just that… to someone, that’s what you are. I wish I were a real wizard. What are we to do then? It’s so tough. Hello, sir. I’m Hwang Chul Bum from Yeosu. It’s an honour to meet you. Man Ho said lots of good things about you. Sit. – Thank you. Sorry to interrupt your meal. I’m getting a lot of visitors today. Are you here… for that file too? This is insane. How am I to win it from the great Oh Kwang Du? Can’t we just level the place? Then everyone from Suncheon, Yeosu and Gwangyang will riot. We must take him on. Find us a gambler. Yes, sir. – Geez. Gosh. Goodness. “Who does Rising Moon belong to?” Wait. What’s this? Who did this? Darn it. Who on earth is doing this? My gosh. Hello, Mr. Park. Yes, I’m just about to leave. I’ll see you very shortly. Is the accountant’s file crucial evidence? Yes. Only that can bring down Chief Nam. You’re still up? Yes, Father. It’s so late. What’s on your mind… that’s keeping you up? It’s just… I’m thinking about this and that. Is Oh Kwang Du… on your mind? I see you found out. Did your friend tell you? I knew it. I just knew this would happen. That’s why I felt so anxious. I didn’t recognise him because he wore a mask. What am I to do about this now? You can calm down. It’s okay. How much do you know? I didn’t hear much. Just about your brother and Jongno 4-ga and… Pyeongtaek 10-tailed Fox? That’s about all that I know. If that’s what you know, you know everything! What am I to do about this? Why did I bring you tea that day? Oh, dear. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable at all. I’m… I’m sorry. Now that you know… it can’t be helped. You honestly want me… to challenge Oh Kwang Du, don’t you? To be honest… yes. I would like to, but… it’s not that simple. It wouldn’t be. I understand. My brother died trying to become… a gambler like his big sister. My silly talent got my brother killed. He died at… the hands of Oh Kwang Du’s men. The evening of the day that I beat him. Do you mean… it was because he lost? What a jerk. Then he should take the shuttle to the fiery pit. I’ll get him on board for you. I know where he is, so I’ll avenge your brother. Just say the word. For those reasons and more… to have to gamble again for me… is too much. The fear that… I’ll be full of hatred… and curses for the other. That’s my biggest worry. I’m sorry. I guess… I was too flippant about it. Gosh, no. I want that Chief Nam… to pay for what he did soon. He should. Because of what I was good at… many people suffered. A long time ago. God had to make me… a really skilled fighter. I thought it would be a waste to stop. I know people gossip… that a priest starts fights. But that didn’t matter to me. What really matters to me… is helping people live… with the minimum of justice. That’s it. That’s why I’m like this. If you were to think about it, I hope that… you consider what I said… a huge lot. Why Father Lee… cared so much about you. I’m finally beginning to understand. Father. Today, both… Sister Kim and I… took a full blow. Our deepest secrets got dug up. But I didn’t feel as afraid today. I felt that I could share my burden. And… I’m fine now, so can God… give Sister Kim some hints? Tell God for me. Is that true? Don’t show that you know. Wow. I don’t believe it. It was about 50 times more shocking than when I realised you’re actor Han Woo Ram. That’s very true. She doesn’t want to come back, does she? I doubt it. However urgent the circumstances… I don’t want to force or urge her. Whatever her decision is… I will follow it. What now? What should I do now? There’s not much time left. Hwang Chul Bum will have approached him. This is insane. What should I do? I haven’t felt like this in a while. It’s tense. There’s really not much time left. “Gudam Catholic Church” Oh, dear. It’s raining. Oh, no. Goodness. What a mess. Goodness. Thank you. “Gwang” Bi… Bigwang. Lord! Bigwang! My Lord! Father. Father. I will… I’ll do it. I’ll play. Yay. – Yay. You two… That reaction was a bit… Oh, dear. Before that… I must drop by somewhere. Yay. – Yay. You mean to say… you will do that again? Reverend Mother, this is… an operation to catch the evildoers. That’s right. Like catching Satan– You two will keep quiet. If I were forced to agree… I might only do so if a life was at stake. But things don’t seem that desperate. No. It’s not that desperate. But the world’s right is at stake. It’s a simple talent… but I want to contribute to creating a better world. Just this once… I will set aside God’s ways. She struggled to reach this decision. Please give permission. We will help as best we can. Even if you do not approve, I’ll do it. But then… I will accept any punishment. Let’s go somewhere. Where? You’ll find out. The race is at 8:00 p.m. tonight. Winner must win two out of three rounds. Is he the player? Yes. Say hello. I’m Ssangmun-dong Master Lee. Is the priest’s side… not playing? I guess they couldn’t find anyone. Then… Sir. How about I give you cash– Forget it. During the race… if there’s a commotion or the cops show up… that file thing will be burned. Okay? Yes, sir. Who’s this? Pyeongtaek 10-tailed Fox. Who? Kill two birds with one stone. Catch two pigeons with one bean. Sweep and find cash. – One hit two points. Let’s do that. Lean in. I’m busy putting up flyers. What is it? Will you stop with the flyers? There’s a way to get our team back. What? Welcome. Cheer up. Let’s start over. Ms. Park… is joining us? Yes. You look displeased. “Success” This is what… you lot have been doing. Mr. Lee. The Fiery Priest What will you give if you lose? You seem to want something. If I win… Sister, walk away. It’s okay. Then shall we play in earnest? I’ll take the fall for this. I took bribes and slacked off. Using your talent in other ways. Isn’t that great? Let’s get it. – Yes. The case must be reopened and the truth revealed. Please reconsider. This is over. We can’t just let him leave. If we meet, we part. I’ll solve everything in two weeks… and leave voluntarily.

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