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“Happy public, just prosecution” Mr. Park, how do I get to the back door from the east gate? “CEO Hwang Chul Bum” Is that how you control your junior? “Daebum Tradings” It’s not about control. Each detective has a different style. The priest can’t have known. Who was her source? Who sent her to Gapyeong’s French Village? I asked but she won’t say. You seem to have nothing over your minion. That’s embarrassing. It’s not about having something over her. Juniors and seniors have rules. Rules? What a joke. Come to me. I’ll make her talk. – Mr. Jang. Mr. Hwang’s still talking. No. I kind of agree with him. Shall I bring her in and ask her? Your partner. No, no. I will find out. What if you can’t? Then I will question her myself. Okay, Mr. Gu? Give me that. Isn’t it your partner’s death anniversary? Valentine’s Day, right? Is his son in primary school now? Give that to the wife for expenses. No thanks. I’ll get going now. Hey. Take it with you. Mr. Gu. He still has some pride left? Goodbye. In my memory… “Head Prosecutor Kang Seok Tae” you’ve never disappointed me in a row. I apologise. Hand over the Nonhyeon-dong meth case. Prosecutor Nam will take it. Prosecutor Nam? You know, your senior we had drinks with. He’s your junior from the institute. Sir. Let me wrap up my case. Come in. I’ll come back another time. No, it’s fine. Come and sit down. What did you just say? I’d like to wrap up my case, sir. Prosecutor Park. Do you know the chief prosecutor is angry? And what? You want to keep the case? My gosh. Prosecutor Nam. Yes, sir. The Nonhyeon-dong methamphetamine case. You wrap that up. I’ll do that strategically, sir. About that priest… what should we do about him? That’s why you should’ve just… He’s like an autumn mosquito. One that keeps buzzing by my ear when I’m trying to sleep. They’re unlike summer mosquitoes. They survived all sorts of hardships that they’re hard to kill. I’ll make sure to take him out. That mosquito also figured out where we’d hidden the witnesses. You. You can’t just let him be. I know. I’ll find his source. Good. Do that first and soothe the fury that’s burning me inside. Prosecutor Nam. How about a drink? – Yes? Sounds good. Hey. How good are you at golf? In the one-hundreds. Why are you still there? Oh, right. Prosecutor Park. Be strategic, okay? Be strategic. “Head Prosecutor’s Office” Why that little… The jerk. Scumbag. I should just… My gosh, I can’t stand him. Hello? Father, it’s Detective Seo. Why did you call? You need to come over here. We must get them. Both of them have debts. They were definitely bribed. Is there a statement to prove that? They must’ve taken cash. Who would transfer a bribe? Fine. Let’s say there’s a problem. How can we find them? We can contact Interpol. Interpol? Hello, Chief. “Serious Crime Squad 2” Interpol’s no joke. Interpol and the Pope. One would think we’re after a Colombian drug cartel. Chief, the circumstances are obvious. Don’t you agree, sir? Circumstances are subject to interpretation. Why would you put such a weird frame on those brave witnesses? It’s not a weird frame. It’s a fact. Fact? The fact is the prosecutor had them under witness protection. You got involved not knowing that. Witness protection? We have that in Korea? Oh, it’s being tested in certain areas. What about the Russians who attacked me? They assaulted me. It was a misunderstanding and skirmish… that happened over witness protection. You’re the one who should apologise. Chief. The laughter’s changed. What does that laugh mean? I’m tearing up here. Witness protection? What channel is that show on? It means nothing and isn’t even funny. “Meeting Room” Father, don’t you cause trouble today. He just left today. Wait. He’d never just leave. “Criminal Investigations” No, no, wait. Wait. “Your trouble-shooter, the Gudam Police” You smashed it again. We got this yesterday. Order another one then. How about I just… get a punch machine and put it… in the middle of the corridor? For you to punch as you pass by? Yes, that sounds like a good idea. A coin-operated one. He’s really weird. He’s not normal. You crazy priest. He smashed it again. We follow, pigglywiggly. We follow, coochie coo, woospiedoo. Huggly– – Master. The kids need it too. Enlightenment. We follow. We follow. I promise you that when you grow up, you’ll be adults. Listen up, children. “Gudam Orphanage” A month from now, I will start looking after you. What are you talking about? You’ll find out officially soon enough. Then… what happens to Reverend Mother? Where will she go? Reverend Mother will go somewhere else and then I will take over and teach you. No. You look nasty. Now calm down, children. We brought you presents. Hand them out. – Okay. You can’t. Gudam Church is still in charge here. I won’t accept this. Kids, say no. You can’t accept them. Let them keep them. They like it. Right, kids? Please leave. Until there’s an official announcement, don’t you ever come back here. Sister. You need enlightenment. You’re so angry. When you’re so pretty. Get out. Leave. Get out of here. – What’s wrong? Hey. – I said leave. We follow. We follow. “Gudam Catholic Church” Gosh. Why are you following me? It’s my duty to follow you until the sun sets. Until sunset? It’ll set soon. Will you just go home now? I could get a tan in this sunlight. Don’t come in. Don’t you dare. How dare you? You have no right to enter. Don’t come in. Are you exorcising a normal person now? Father. This Maegak master said so. Dear Lord. Did he really say that? Yes. That there’d be an official announcement. Maegakgyo? It’s a cult. A religious cult. What should we do now? They are Satan’s followers. Any religion can take over but Maegakgyo. What can a cult do? We have religious freedom. If you’re to say that– Even so, we won’t give in to them! You can’t sit there and talk nonsense. You people are angry in general. Prayer helps lose weight or shrink faces, or win the lottery? That’s a cult of the worst kind. That’s not all. They make the followers spend everything and dupe them with staged shows. If anyone shows doubt, they turn to violence. Let’s check first. What? What for? Check what? If they’re eligible to take over. Why would you even check? I said they’re a famous cult. Forgive me for blabbing. I apologise. I’ll see how famous they are. You wait here. Maegakgyo’s a bit odd, but they aren’t that weird or bad. Who said you could come in? You cleansed me earlier while saying something weird. Hello. I’m Seo Seung A from Gudam Police. Gosh, Detective Seo. I love your style. I wanted to ask you something. Go ahead. The witnesses who exposed Father Lee. They were in Gapyeong’s French Village. Where did you find that out? I have an informant. I’m good at sussing out lying pupils. I’m an expert. Tell the truth. I really got it from an informant. Detective Seo. How dare you talk back at me? Tell the truth. “Maegakgyo is Umbagan Republic’s religion” Since we’re at it, I had a look around the orphanage. I gave some presents to the kids too. You do that to adults and kids alike? Enlightenment. Little presents make it more effective. So… when will it become official? I wonder. Very soon. Then you just say thank you… and accept the offer. Pick out a few smart workers. When we make a foundation… they’ll be in charge. Don’t worry, don’t worry. I have a few in mind. Shall we have some octopus soup? Sorry. It’s prayer time soon. How much must you make on a weekday? What’s your ploy today? Today, I plan to do something serious… without any fancy techniques. Can I take a look? Let’s see how you dupe the crowd. We follow. “Main Temple of Maegak” We follow. – We follow. Please welcome our dear master. We follow. – We follow. “Maegak for the world” “Maegakgyo is Umbagan Republic’s religion” Today… there are many sick in body and soul. Why are you sick? Why are you sick? We follow. We follow. – We follow. Our master’s enlightenment… will cleanse and purify your blood. “Maegakgyo” Where are you hurt? My leg. Your leg is hurt. Let us pray. We follow. Higgledy piggledy boop. Sickness. Come to me. We follow! “We follow”? Drop the crutches and walk. Walk! We follow! We follow! My enlightenment… will enter your souls… It must be the energy. My shoulder feels fine now. My limbs feel relaxed and loosened. We follow! We follow! Darn cult. You can’t say that about another religion. Enlightenment… My goodness. We follow! We follow. – We follow. We follow. – We follow. It’s a priest. A priest. A priest is here. He left his god and came to our master. We follow. – Welcome. Father. Welcome. We welcome you. You’re welcome. He’s not a priest. He’s disguised as one. He’s not a priest. – Welcome. Come back. – Look. Father. Make a donation for some rice cake. Rice cake of enlightenment. Hello, brother. Make a donation for some rice cake. I’ll taste it first. Donate– – After I taste this. We follow. Share it with the priest. “Maegakgyo” What was that? You did it. He did it. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. Have some enlightenment. This situation… makes me angry. I owe you a punch. I think it’s time. This is insane. It’s the funniest thing I heard in the past 10 years. Why do you always want to hit me? Can I ask why? Mr. Hwang. This priest’s temper– The welfare facilities. This religious cult. And you right here. Are you my fan? A stalker? Why do you keep digging into me? You two need to calm down first. Father, I beg of you. Mr. Hwang’s a really scary guy. Shall we go outside? It will be embarrassing if the cameras film you getting beaten up. Why should we go outside? I won’t embarrass myself. Mr. Hwang. Father. You can’t do this here. Stay out of it. No, no. You be the referee. The referee. My gosh. If I beat up a priest… it’ll weigh on my conscience. I’ll make sure it doesn’t. Can’t we talk this out? You people know better than to do this. There’s more? – Now that’s gone… I feel slightly less guilty. Let’s begin. Fight. What? You come in. “Special thanks to Anchor Park Eun Kyung” “Norazo – My Neighbourhood Hero” The Fiery Priest Are you testing my patience until the fourth period? I have a personal informant. Hey! No one will blame you for giving up. Come on. I’m just getting started. What? I’ll say it only once, so listen up. They are the bad jerks. They’re a gang. Would they get caught? The sons of witches. With your spirit and bravado, you act like you’ll take everyone down. But you show your cards and lose everything. What? Lose everything? What else did I lose?

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