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“Trustworthy police serving the people” I forgot to ask you before. Are you hurt? No, I’m fine. I’m sorry that I made you do something so pointless. No. It was not pointless. I am always thankful to you. Father. I have a question to ask you too. How did you find the witnesses at their exact latitude and longitude? I’ll have a chance to tell you later. Okay. Darn it. You cannot leave like this. You must ask Mr. Lee– I’m under the Pope’s orders. Detective Seo. What’s with you too? You need to come to your senses. I am about 10 times more sensible than how I was during my college entrance exam. Are you coming with me or what? You cannot go. None of you can go. Wait. Wait a second. I was about to hop in. Are you going to drag me around? Prosecutor. You should use the back door today. Prosecutor. You two can go home too. Excuse me. “Prosecutor Park Kyung Sun” There she is. – There she is. “Happy public, just prosecution” Prosecutor, do you feel responsible for Mr. Kim’s suicide attempt? Rumours say he was forced to make a false confession. Is this true? Was there a fundamental problem with the investigation process? Did you use Mr. Kim as a scapegoat for Chairman Kim Joong Chul’s son? If a suspect tries to kill himself… does that make him innocent? If a suspect tries to kill himself… does it falsify the entire investigation? There were already many doubts. I did not make those doubts. All of you did. Do you mean you do not feel responsible? This is very unfortunate, but taking the responsibility is a completely different problem. Happy? Prosecutor, wait. – One second. One second. – Wait. Prosecutor, one more thing. Wait. – Prosecutor, say something. Please say something. Prosecutor. – Prosecutor! Wait! – Prosecutor! (Foreign language) What’s with this amateur atmosphere? Who’s Gozhaev? Get lost. (Foreign language) (Foreign language) (Foreign language) Are you Gozhaev? Pronounce my name properly. It’s Vladimir Gozhaev. Anyway, Father. You should be at a church. Why are you meddling in my business? We’re usually at a church… but we sometimes go out to catch bad guys like you. What did you do with the witnesses? Watch your tone when you talk to an elder. You little brat. Yes, Gozhaev is at least a decade older. You shouldn’t be rude to anyone who is even a year older than you. An elder? He’s not my elder. He’s just a Russian thug. Wait. You are the soju bottle girl. Come here. That little jerk. Enough. I told you to behave. We did not do anything wrong. Those two asked us to protect them. Why would they ask you to protect them? Is this a bodyguard business? We do everything if we get paid. Where did you put those witnesses? Witnesses? What witnesses? You sent them away on a ship just as you always do. What ship? I didn’t get them on a ship. They already left and are on the sea, aren’t they? Stop looking at me. The sea? You are way off. Goodness. They’re on the sea. Should we search the closest port first? Goodness, that stupid idiot. Wait, where are you taking us? This isn’t what you promised! Do you think there’s a way, Father? It’s hard to crack down a Russian smuggling ring. It takes too long too. Let’s give up for now. Yes. You have to go undercover for weeks to find a trace of a smuggling ring. How do you know all of this, Father? I could know. That’s not a state secret. Anyway, Detective Seo. I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while. How did you know where the witnesses were? My informant told me. Your informant? What informant? I can’t tell you that. They’re my secret informant. That’s weird. You just got started. How can you have an informant? Can you drop me off over there? I will drop you off at the church. No, I can go alone. You can drop me off. Goodbye, Father. Bye. Goodbye. Great work, Detective Seo. Great work. It wasn’t just her. What about me? What about– Another long day has gone by. Gosh, darn it! Man. Darn it. It keeps getting loose. Gosh, darn it. Man. It keeps on getting loose. You’re good at catching people, but not so much luck with dolls. Oh, you aren’t good at catching people. You’re good at catching the innocent. There is no reason to pick a fight with me in this desolate street at night. I’m not picking a fight. I’m talking about the suspect who attempted to kill himself. Don’t bring him up if you can help it. People think opportunities given by people are their only opportunity. And they obsess over it. An opportunity given by a man may fill your pockets but not your soul. The only way for you to live decently is seizing an opportunity that God gave you. And you seem to lose… that opportunity continuously, Madam. Or do you miss it on purpose? If you can make a living, you should seize that opportunity. All right! Yes! You were a drunk yesterday, but you sound like a decent priest today. I don’t remember what happened yesterday. Stop finding my faults and make sure you behave decently. If I’m telling you nicely for once– – Do you want me to listen? What can I do? I can’t hear it. But didn’t God… give you a chance to live like a normal guy without getting angry? You can give me a sermon after you seize that opportunity. Thanks for your midnight sermon. Right. You can take this as my offering. Goodbye. It’s three for the price of two. Just scan them. Okay then. Two for the price of one. Just scan them. Okay. You can just… talk casually like you used to. Forget it. You’re 27, not a kid. And I barely know you. You live in this building… and is a regular here. You can speak casually. I won’t speak casually to you. Okay. Do what you want. “TQ24” I just don’t get her. She has a charm that keeps me on my toes. “TQ24 Convenience Store” Yo Han. Are you off work? Yes. Shall we eat this? What is it? – Follow me. The cook made some sweet and sour pork for me to eat. I can’t eat if it’s drenched in sauce. “Seongwon Chinese Food” Stuff your face. You complain too much. Where did you learn to talk like that? I’m sorry. That was bad of me. Fill your face. My gosh. It’s tasty. That plush toy… Oh. I found it in the street. I told Sister Kim that… we lost the witnesses. How could something like this happen in a constitutional nation? They take our welfare facilities and abduct people in broad daylight. Gudam-gu is not constitutional. Satan rules the place. If Father Lee was still with us… they wouldn’t have dared do this. Father Lee would be so saddened to see us right now. The public has been complaining that the prosecution let off Kim Gun Young, son of Hanju Group’s chairman. It seems likely that the prosecution will hit a roadblock. The prosecutor in charge of the case is Park Kyung Sun with Seoul’s– You’re having a tough time, aren’t you? I saw you on TV. Oh, you saw that? You, Angela… shouldn’t live like God’s daughter. You must live like God. Me? Yes. Because your work is similar to God’s. My work is different from God’s, Father. Very different. Can I have one? I’m so sorry. That was my last one. I was hoping to get a free cigarette. Didn’t you say you’d quit? I did. I’d love to smoke on a day like this. I guess Father Lee won’t let me smoke. During the prayer time today… I complained to God for the first time since I became a priest. That was bad of me. That’s nothing. Some get angry every minute. I’m tough to put up with, aren’t I? Not at all. If it hadn’t been for you, we’d have gotten nothing done. I’m a nuisance. I just come and go, and get angry. That’s what you’re like. Father Lee said something to me once. The beginning of love and mercy… is when you accept a person as they are. Just accepting doesn’t change a thing. But I’ll still go by… what Father Lee said. That’s what I want. Dae Young, let’s keep one each. I paid a lot for them both. It’s not like we’re dating or something. Why would we keep one each? Come on. We need God’s protection to stay safe on the job. Come on. Take one. Young Cheon, wake up! Young Cheon. We’re here. Hurry. Young Cheon, no. No, Young Cheon. You can’t go, you fool. Young Cheon. “Lee Young Cheon” Detective Lee. I’m here. Is it tough being on the low shelf? Hang in there. When I make a fortune… I’ll move you to an upstairs shelf. I’m just… I did okay last year. Like you said… I didn’t die. And I’m healthy. My body’s fine. But everything else is rotten. But what can I do? I have to live as you wished me to. Young Cheon. Don’t worry about your wife and son. Rest in peace. In peace. “Lee Young Cheon”

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  2. That nun is a traitor 🙄🙄🙄ya'll observer her😏😏🤔🤔the people you're protecting are living big sleeping in a masters bed while you're sleeping on the floor in a room like a contain heheheheh..the detective be really stupid and dumb

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