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I’m falsely blamed. I just tried the drug because Chairman Kim’s son offered it to me. Why am I the most severely punished? But you said you’re the distributor. They said they’ll arrest my CEO and staff if I don’t make that confession. Hey. There are hundreds of suspects a month who change their argument later, like you. Let’s end this quietly, please. Please, I ask of you. It’s my mother. She’s too tormented. My gosh. You’re very good at acting. After you serve some time, go into acting. You’ll make it big, kid. I really didn’t do this. Hey, Kim. The law is… lifeless. No matter how much you shout and cry, it will not budge. That is the law. You can learn about the world and grow up with this chance, okay? Prosecutor. Prosecutor Kang wants to see you. What did I tell you? I said he’ll do the most annoying things. Didn’t I? Can we just ignore his request for the security footage? Wake up. Did you forget? He has the Pope behind him. Call them about the security footage. Who is this? Who do you think? The person in charge of the footage. They’re on the chief prosecutor’s side. What are you doing? Get to it. Yes, sir. “Prosecutor’s Oath” How many times do I have to tell you? Going through security footage is not an easy deal. We still have to do it. His whereabouts is the decisive evidence. We cannot do this with our manpower. I’ll do it. I’ll go to the situation room and get the footage from that day. May I do that, sir? Hey, you have a lot of work as the new– I can stay up a few nights. You have to sleep. Lack of sleep leads to all kinds of illness! She said she’ll do it. Why do you talk so much? It’s not like you’ll do it. You know what? – Why? Yes, Mr Lee. I checked their immigration records, and they both left the country. Where did they go? Well… The woman went to Dubai. Dubai? Yes. That’s the Middle East. I thought she went to Europe. Europe. The Middle– She’s stopping over. She stopped over there to go to France. What about the managerial secretary? Right. Well… He went to be with the French. “Knowledge of the day:” “French are the people who live in France” One of them went to France. The other went to be with the French. You’re right. Yes. Fix that before you leave today! “Seoul Gudam Police Station” Wait, Father. Wait. Do you think this is a classroom in your middle school? You kick stuff around and shout whenever you get angry. We cannot hold back for too long. Even if you are frustrated, have some manners. How would you feel if we went to church, kicked things, and touched everything? It’s because you people deserve this. My gosh. Isn’t your job to forgive the world and people? Why do you always want to bully us? Premature forgiveness is the evil and the source of evil. That’s why I do not forgive easily. “Your trouble-shooter, the Gudam Police” “Your trouble-shooter, the Gudam Police”, my foot. I’m going to break that too. No. Not these. Hit me instead. Break it. Fine. Do it. Break the board. These aren’t alive. My gosh. “Security footage in his route” Excuse me, some spicy cartilage and another bottle of soju. The red cap. – Sure. Who said you can sit here? I’ll buy. Let’s grab a drink together. Just go, will you? Thank you. Is this a rebellion? I just want to grab a drink. Why is this a rebellion? I know you won’t pour me one, so I’ll pour myself one. Goodness. Forget we’re a priest and a detective. Wouldn’t it be great to be drinking buddies as two men? I may trust meal buddies, but not drinking buddies. Fine, to each his own. Ma’am, one more soju, please. “Pentagon” This is Gi Yong Moon, Maegak Master. Say hello to him. It is an honour to meet you. Gi, Yong, Moon. My name is Gi Yong Moon. I have heard a lot about you. You are working day and night for the good of Gudam-gu. I am trying my best to help out a little. Mr Hwang brought Master Gi to Gudam-gu. Mr Hwang, you picked up a very useful man. Thank you. He will take over the welfare facilities from next month. And he’ll establish a foundation too. I say this by way of caution. You have to do this well without causing trouble. We absolutely hate trouble. Well, I’m sure you’ll manage. I will do my best. We follow. What? What are these? This is me and my followers’ way of showing appreciation to you for taking me in. We follow. I always found toads cuter than frogs. Detective Seo Seung A of Gudam Police. I came to retrieve the originals of the footage that we asked for. Yes, one second, please. Sure. Father. May I give you a word of advice? Go ahead. I won’t listen anyway. Whatever. Okay, let’s say this is a baseball game. The score… The score is nine to zero. Nine to zero. – Nine to zero. Nine to zero. We’re at ninth inning with two outs. There is no runner. It’s the last hitter. And the hitter hit a grounder right in front of the pitcher. And there is… There is no use in calling the owner if that is when you change your coach and your players. Right? You need to play a winning game. I don’t know anything about baseball. Are you completely out of touch with reality because you’re a priest? Or do you do this knowing the reality? Why did you poke around everywhere, even the Vatican City? Why? I told you not to speak before me. Your drunkenness isn’t an excuse. Okay? Is this because of your sense of justice as a priest? Nowadays, justice is like… the underwear that Superman wears on his tights. It’s completely ludicrous. Mr Gu. Even Superman… doesn’t wear underwear on his tights. No matter how hard you try, even if you come back from death, there are things that you just cannot pierce through or dig up. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Pope or his grandfather. What? Are you going to hit me again? Go ahead. Except… Except for my nose. Darn you. Father, you are far from normal. Why don’t you know that? Forget it. Where are you going? You said you’ll buy, didn’t you? He remembers that even when he’s drunk. Yes, Mr Lee. Everything is going well. Hey, Detective Gu. I just received a call. The security footage thing has been all taken care of. Goodness, already? Yes, sir. Salute. Hey, but we never know. Keep your eyes on Detective Seo. Yes, I’ll check on her. Salute. He’s completely drunk. Salute– Don’t hang up while I’m talking. “Cam 23” “Serious Crime Squad 2” “Cam 24” “Cam” Gosh, this is harder than I thought. “Serious Crime Squad 2” Take it easy. Even if you fall ill from working, no one will thank you. Did you have a drink? I did. Then go to sleep. I need to look through a few more. Don’t doze off there. Come and get some sleep for 30 minutes. Eat this. No chicken sandwiches? I’m sick of triangular kimbap. Those are popular and get sold out as soon as they’re displayed. Just eat what I give you and say thank you. You whine too much. Put one aside for me next time. It’s my wish. What happened to your lips? Did Jang Ryong hit you again? Hey. Try fighting back next time. Why do you keep getting beaten up? One day, I will hit him back. I will hit him a lot. How much wood would a woodchuck… Wait and see, Jang Ryong. Hey, hey. When you’re upset after getting beaten up, think happy thoughts. – Happy thoughts? Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Thailand. – Tom yum goong. Jang Ryong, I swear I will… No, no. You know, thoughts that just make you feel happy. For example, you’re in an elevator and you smell someone’s fried chicken. Yes, that smell is amazing. I like… the smell of an internet cafe when someone’s eating black bean noodles. The thought’s making my mouth water. What about this? In a small officetel, – Yes. through an open door, you smell grilled pork belly. Yes, the smell of pork belly. Yo Han, did you not hear something? I’m hungry and don’t hear anything. You have a customer, fatso. You can’t say that. No wonder Jang Ryong always beats you up. Jang Ryong. Jang Ryong. So… What? I’ll say so just because you’re a regular. You’re beautiful. I wanted to say that since last month. Hey, Mr Part-timer. – Yes? It’s extremely bad manners to comment on one’s looks. What are you to assess mine? It wasn’t an assessment. It was praise. Would you like it if someone said, “You look like a baozi”? What’s a baozi? A Chinese dumpling. Oh. – Hey. “King-sized dumplings” Mr Part-timer. Buy one, get one free, right? Yes, for those dumplings. I look like a Chinese dumpling. Even if that’s what you think, keep it to yourself, okay? Do you get that? Yes. Don’t yell at him like that. I’m telling him off because he made a mistake. I didn’t yell at him… Gosh, you reek. Even if he did wrong, talking down to someone like that is being haughty and arrogant, isn’t it? Haughty and arrogant? As an older person… How old are you? I was born in 1993. What? 1993? No way. Father. He was born in 1993. 1993? What happened in the galaxy that year? Oh, in 1993, the comet Shoemaker-Levy was observed and collided with Jupiter– – See? I’m way older than you. Not just older, you’re a nagging madam. Right? Bye, show-off. Take care. – Good bye, Father. I don’t believe he’s 25. What on earth happened in 1993? My gosh. Who did that to the floor? Did someone spill honey? Oh, dear. – Someone’s doing somersaults. Hey, Father. My goodness. Why did you drink so much? Are you all right? Who are you? It’s just me. It’s the madam. You know, you shouldn’t be touching a priest’s body like that. What would I get out of touching you that I’d even want to? If you touch me again… If you touch me again… What should I do then? Hey. I’m here. Hey, don’t. You shouldn’t be doing this here. I don’t know and I don’t care. So, you, Madam. How much more rotten must you get to ever be satisfied? You can be really harsh. Father. I don’t have power yet, so I can’t be corrupt. You know nothing for someone so smart. Power doesn’t make you corrupt. The corrupt people aim for power. In that sense, you tick all the right boxes. Just like that. I got your point, so go straight home, shower, and sleep. Point taken. Oops. – Goodness. You had a tough day serving the country. He has a saintly way of messing with me. You know nothing for someone so smart. Power doesn’t make you corrupt. The corrupt people aim for power. In that sense, you tick all the right boxes. Just like that. Hello, Ms Park. Sorry for the late call. The idol singer Mr Kim. How many years were we going to ask for? Let me have a look. Four years three months. He’ll miss the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Do you have something to say? Let’s halve the sentence so he can see the World Cup. Type up a new document tomorrow. Yes, Ms Park.

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