[CC] 열혈사제, The Fiery Priest, EP17 (3/3)

Hey, where’s Mr Hwang? Get over here! I want to see Mr Hwang! – Mr Hwang! Darn him. Where’s Mr Hwang? Get him! Get out here! Is there no one here? If you don’t come out, I’ll make up an acrostic poem with your name. Hwang! – You’re worse than a dog. Chul! Grow up and pray more! Bum! Be thankful for everything. I’m a priest! What is that noise? What is going on? I’ve heard those voices before. Oh, no. What is the matter? The religious community’s worst problem. How are you? Get out of the way, Long D. I want to see Mr Hwang! Go on your ways today. We’re very busy right now. Busy what? Busy bees? I’d grown to like you a lot. Now I suddenly dislike you. Can’t you just get lost? What’s this? Did you bring your tools? Gosh, I’m scared for my life. Did you wet yourself? – Yes. Why am I sweating so much? Did you see that? We’re nearly there. This is a very dangerous time. We should get going. – Let’s go. Go back inside. Why are you all out here? Stop frowning and get inside. What’s that? The moonwalk? Walk like that to the end of the earth. Drink at home during the day. Why am I sweating so much? My stomach’s bubbling up. I feel sick. What’s the problem? Oh, dear. A whole mob’s waiting upstairs. Myung Chul. – Yes? Go and check. – Okay. You sneaky thing. You’re too smart for your own good. These days, my ominous feeling is always right, you dirtbag. What? Have you lost your mind? Kill me. Shoot. If I die, everyone here dies as well. Sir. Just do what you came to do and things don’t have to be like this. Why are you doing this? I want to stick to our plans, but that’s not what Mr Kang wants to do. What now? Will you kill me and make things worse, or leave quietly as is? In two minutes, my boys will come downstairs. “Fiery Packed Meals” Hurry, hurry, Father, sir. Get in. It’s about to go down. We need it to go down outside for the money to move. Will this plan work? I’m so nervous. How can we incapacitate Hwang Chul Bum’s men? My stomach hurts. I need to go to the toilet. That’s it. We can incapacitate them that way. In ancient Chinese battles, they used a secret weapon to incapacitate the enemy. “Dokhwa”. A poisonous flower. Just one drop of this flower’s juice irritates your bowels and gives you massive diarrhoea. In the end, it paralyses your bowels so you have to lie down for an hour. Right before the explosive diarrhoea, you sweat a lot, profusely, like crazy. That flower. What is it called? Its name means leaking, pouring flower. It’s sulsahwa. Just the name makes me want to poop. But you can’t find it in Korea. It’s only grown in China. And because it’s poisonous, it can’t be imported. So, what is it you need? A flower called sulsahwa. Called what? Sulsahwa. “Sulsahwa water” “Fiery Packed Meals” If you’re done, let’s clean up. Okay. – Yes, boss. Oh, the guy with the scary face. You can’t just turn up like that. Is this a convenience store or what? It’s time for you to die. Kill him. What’s the matter? What’s going on? How gross. What’s that? It went as we wanted. – Sulsahwa. Isn’t this amazing? Look at those guys. They can’t move. It’s not something you should give people. I can’t watch. Must we do this? You little thug. You learned a lot. Things are a bit weird upstairs. Mr Hwang. Upstairs… What… That hurt. Oh, gosh. What on earth is going on? I have diarrhoea. We all have like a pack of dogs. That hurts. I don’t feel… Hey. Move the cash. “Gudam Express” “Gudam Express” My stomach is numb. It’s numb like I am under anaesthetic. I feel nothing. I want to get up, but… Mummy. What’s wrong with me? Can you stop talking? I feel nauseous. You idiot. Things are going as planned. Do you expect to live? You’re crazy. Hey. That’s not something you should say. You two. Get in there. Why? To kill us in there? Yes. Why ask if you know? If people die in here, that’ll add more problems, sir. Mr Hwang– – Be quiet. You go in as well. – Me? Why me? Just get in there. What’s going on? Hey. I warned you, didn’t I? I told you not to go against me ever again. I know you’re in this with him. Who? When? Why? What did I do? I never did such a thing. We didn’t do anything together. He said no. Hey. We heard you two talk. You can’t trust Prosecutor Kang. Other than “I’m hungry, I’m sleepy”, the rest is a lie. Understood? I don’t believe this. Hey, what? Other than “I’m hungry, I’m sleepy”, the rest is a lie? You two are out of your minds. Smart me didn’t think about high-tech equipment. Go inside. Why should I go inside? Did I do something to die for? My goodness. Go inside. You said people suffocate in there due to lack of oxygen. You’re right. What then? Watch things from here. Where are you going? She’s in danger. It’s an emergency and he’s so cool. How is that cool? He went in there without a plan. Darn it. “Daebum Tradings” “No smoking, No food allowed” Hey. Father. Fight. Hoon Seok. Don’t interrupt when the adults fight. Pardon? This is an unfair fight, you scumbag. Why are you interrupting? I kind of owe you. Don’t just stare. Shoot them. Shall I kill them? Come here. Didn’t you come in without a plan? My point exactly. Forget Prosecutor Park. I’ll go into the safe. Is that why you’re here? Are you dating? I’ll go into the safe. Leave her out. Forget it. I’ll stay over here. They’re getting the wrong idea. This is so embarrassing. What on earth is this mess? Hey. Are you all in this together? Oh, I don’t care now. Yes. I’m in this with the priest. You are all out of your minds. Then you lied when you said you’d help me. You all, you’re all dead. Hi, hip-hop girl. It’s stinking here too. Is this a local bank? Everyone’s here. I told you to stay outside. How could I do that? Hey. Those are blanks, aren’t they? They aren’t blanks. – Then shoot. They aren’t blanks! – So shoot. He caught on. – Darn it. Prosecutor Kang. – What? If I’m still alive tomorrow, you’re in big trouble. Are you bipolar? Will you kneel and cry now? You talk like you have something to show for. Hey. Deal with them. Lee Joong Kwon. Your life’s much better without me. No one else wants you dead. I said I’ll go in. Do me a favour. Father. – No, Father. Think about it. Quit harassing women and kids. You were in the special forces. Aren’t you ashamed? Be a man and think about it. Okay. “Gudam Express” A refreshing shower. We can get going then. You’re really immature. What do I lack that I’d do the dirty work for the likes of you? Did you never consider that? You scumbag. I’ll spend the money you saved up. Thanks a lot. Bring it over. For old time’s sake, I packed you some. Take it and spend it well. If I had a grudge against you, I’d have left you in the safe as well. You… You can’t do anything with the cash. Okay. If I can’t find a use for it, I’ll make a bed out of it. Don’t try to look for me. I know all your weaknesses. I can reveal them all. Okay? Let’s go! Hey, let’s go! He’s sleazy and dirty. He’s consistently been a scumbag. Why did you irritate him? Exactly. We could’ve talked it out. I can barely talk now. This is just insane. It’s not as suffocating as I thought. Hey. What? – What’s that? That loud noise. Is it that thing? The oxygen sucker? What’s this, Mr Hwang? Hey, a 50,000-won bill. It looks like our lives will be over in 15 minutes. For one person maybe. We’re– Two, four, six. No way. That means we have two to three minutes. Will we all die? The Fiery Priest Lee Joong Kwon betrayed Prosecutor Kang and took the money and ran. 150 billion won. I’m coming for the money. How did they get out? We need a more powerful plan. Why do I smell poop? Can you guarantee my son’s safety? Yes. This time, I want to make it up to you.

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