Catching Up with Chase Elliott in His Custom Luxury Coach

[Kasey] All right, so Kasey Hess here with a Marathon
coach, and we’re here on the infield of Las Vegas Motor Speedway, joined by Chase
Elliott, NASCAR’s most popular driver, as voted by the fans. Thanks for being here. [Chase] Yeah, no problem. Thanks for having me. [Kasey] So real quick, what was that like, to be voted… I know your
dad held that title for many years in the sport. [Chase] Yeah, yeah, obviously a
great honor. I think… I’ve told a lot of people, this… anybody’s watched any of my
interviews or anything, you know the banquet was cool, the trophy is cool, but
just the ability to go to the racetrack and see, you know, the hats and t-shirts
and people genuinely want to see you do well, I feel like it’s been it’s been the
biggest piece of it. I think it’s always gonna be very cool and something
I’ll never forget. [Kasey] Awesome. We’re sitting here in your sweet
new custom coach and obviously your dad had a couple of Marathons, so did that
play into why you chose Marathon? [Chase] Yeah, definitely. You know, as a kid that
was really all he had, I think he had a couple Marathon coaches over the years.
Obviously got to know a couple of the folks there through through that, through
that relationship, and you know it came time for me to be interested. I just felt
like that was the route that I wanted to at least try first, and certainly happy
with the way everything turned out. It’s been… it’s been great. Life on the road is
fun and when you have a nice place to spend it, it makes a big difference.
[Kasey] Absolutely. Like you said, 36-38 weekends a year. Yeah 38 weeks a year, so feel like I’m on this thing probably more than I’m at my
house. It’s definitely home away from home for all of us. [Kasey] Sso you’ve had it one
full season now, a little over a full season. Tell us kind of why you chose
what you did. [Chase] Everyone always — when they see your bus
at Marathon or wherever — they ask about man, that bus is sweet. The paint on it, the
black wheels, the mirrors…. Tell us a little bit how you came to that. [Chase] Yeah it
was actually a lot of fun, we went out to Oregon and
me and my mom and my dad actually went out and and designed this thing. During that
whole process and just kind of had a had some ideas from some other guys’ coaches
with Jimmy and and Kevin that was, you know specifically, those two I remember
some designs that I really liked and how they had things laid out in here kind of
switched some things up but really based a lot of it off of their two designs and
then did some small things here and there that I liked and didn’t like about
theirs and that I want to do in here. And then my mom does a really great job with
interior stuff so she she helped me with, you know, trying to pick out all the
cabinetry and the handles for the drawers and the colors and all that, so
it’s an amazing process and watching all of it, you know, come
together, and you mentioned the paint — had an idea for the paint, and we started
with one thing, ended up somewhere else on the paint, but it turned out good.
And I like black wheels on vehicles in general, so I think it makes
it look a lot better and not a big fan of chrome, so I like to eliminate as much
of that as possible. Black it out, you know? [Kasey] Yeah, I think speaking with Pete, who
does our paint designs, he mentioned that I think it was three or four renditions —
that you started one place and eventually got to that. [Chase] Yeah, yeah. We went all over
the board. We were… at one point this thing was white on the outside. I’m a big
fan of dark gray, so that was kind of where the black… and then red’s
probably my favorite color, so I think dark gray and the red kind of accents
well together, and then obviously the black wheels, to me, tie it. So yeah, it
turned out great and yeah, so far so good. [Kasey] Awesome. So you’ve
had it a year — your favorite memory in the bus? [Chase] Favorite memory in the bus… honestly
it’s tough. I mean it’s like asking somebody what their favorite memory in
their house is…… I don’t know but, just you know, for me, just the ability to have
everything you need, and I tell people all the time: I could probably
sell my house and live in this thing and be just fine, so. It just makes it
nice, but hard to say. I mean just you know, that to me that the summer months
are always really cool because you can spend some time outside, and, you know,
have the entertainment system and the area to watch TV and whatnot
outdoors, which is always nice. So I look forward to that time of year for sure. [Kasey] So
you mentioned that your mom helped you with the interior design. I know some of
your artwork in here is pretty unique, pretty sweet. Tell us about why you chose
the artwork you do. [Chase] Yeah well I wanted to kind of switch it out year to year, but kind of
started off with just an idea. I’m a big Eric Church fan. I’ve been to a number of
his concerts, and at his concerts they do, they basically like a tour poster for
each one. So of the concerts I’ve been to I tried to get my hands on each of the
posters and thought that’d be a good theme to start it off with. So it turned out
good, and unique art, you know, it’s just pretty neat and yeah, I like to switch it
up, so I’ll probably change it down the road and you know, eventually try to get
some family photos or … I’ve got some pretty cool pictures from last year might want
to hang up or something. But yeah that’s kind of where we started and it turned
out turned out really good. [Kasey] Awesome! Well, appreciate your time today, Chase. And a
neat fact: so of all the NASCAR champions, out of the 66, 22 of them are Marathon
customers who’ve been in racing, 22 champions total. So I think you’re in
good hands. [Chase] Yeah! [Kasey] Chase with Marathon. [Chase] Hopefully I can make it 23 this year. We’ll see. [Kasey] Absolutely. Thanks, Chase. Appreciate it. [Chase] Yep. You bet. [Beep!] [Kasey] A neat fact: so of all the NASCAR
champions, 22 champions… have… or… [Beep!] [Kasey] Out of the 22 championships,
Marathon coach owners from… won 22 champion… [Beep!] [Chase] 20 for 22… you’re 22 for 22, Marathon coach owners are champions, right…? [Beep!] [Kasey] …and out of the 66, 22 of them are… [Beep!] [Chase] I would say: “Of all of the NASCAR….
Of the 22 NASCAR champions, all 22 of them are Marathon coach owners.” [Kasey] Well,
there’s more than 22 champions, though. [Chase] Is that…? Okay, yeah. [Beep!] I would just say: “Over the years there’s been 22 NASCAR champions who are also a Marathon coach owners.” [Kasey] See? You need my job, Chase.

13 thoughts on “Catching Up with Chase Elliott in His Custom Luxury Coach”

  1. Very nice coach, I too love shades of grey. I would go with black wheels also. MARATHON is the best there is, the gold standard of custom coaches.

  2. Big Elliott fan, Chase, Bill and Ernie. Have a snapshot I took somewhere, of Chase as a toddler being carried by his dad in the pits at Phoenix, he has come a long way.

  3. Hey Chase what's going on with your motor you have been racing in the new year to quit because your motor you know what I think you should do I think that you should trade that motor and get Kyle Busch's motor

  4. New to RV’ing ….Looking for a used Prevost. Marathon and another brand which Starts with the letter ‘L” and relates to our freedom, keeps coming up on my radar. Any suggestions where I can pick up a preowned 2005-2011 Marathon coach? Preferably a dealership where I can shake the salesman’s hand and not have to count my fingers after doing so. 😎 Great interview BTW! Awesome coach, tastefully done. ✅ kudos to Mom! 👍

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