Called into Family

To be a woman that was bleeding, which is actually what Mark calls her. Just “woman.” No identity. no family. Not from a village, just, “woman.” She would have had to declare herself unclean yelling in a loud voice so that she didn’t defile anybody else. She was already defiled. She lived with that, she had no place in the temple no place in the village because there were these laws. If this is the real deal, if this is the Messiah I remember there’s healing in his wings and she reaches out and touches the hem, the fringe Mark says just the robe Luke and Matthew say the fringe of his garment and immediately she is healed. She feels the healing process happen just like that and then Jesus calls her out. Right away, ‘who touched my robe’ and the disciples are like, ‘ugh you’re such a diva, everybody’s touching you lets just go to the big trick where you heal the dead person we saw you do it before, this’ll be fun just leave her alone’ and he says no, no, no, I felt that’s a paraphrase I felt power go out. Who did this and then this trembling woman Mark records, frightened comes and bows before him some scholars would say to expose her neck because people were going to start picking up stones She’d unequivocally disobeyed the law had not declared herself unclean had touched a rabbi and therefore defiling him and what is the first thing that Jesus says to her? What’s the first word that he utters? Daughter. Daughter. Rise up. Your suffering is over your faith has made you well. Now go in peace. Restored to family Restored to relationship with God Restored to new life in that instant with no buts.

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