Burger King® | Crispy Chicken Tenders™ | Food Review! 🍔👑🐔

welcome to peep this out reviews with
Ian K stay frosty so I’m headed into BK after hours to check out their entry
in the ever-popular chicken tender Wars and we’re going in cheaters cam style
to see what these all-new crispy chicken tenders are all about so let’s set
ourselves up through that drive-thru yeah peep this out let me go for an order of those crispy chicken tenders please just by themselves let’s go with just the
two piece please that’ll be fine let’s see do you guys have zesty let’s do zesty if
you’ve got it cool we’ll do that that’s it great thanks a lot so with the popularity of the glazed tenders at McDonald’s right now I am very curious to see what BK can
bring to the party gotcha cool thank you so have you tried these yet really the
breading and everything’s really good nice and crispy nice juicy I’m hoping
cool very cool well that sure sounds promising doesn’t it awesome thank you
so much I appreciate it you as well stay frosty we’ll see ya
buh bye alright so let’s get up close and personal and see what these are
working with well I got to say first off I really dig the packaging that these
crispy tenders come in here guys it looks really cool from the outside at
least here with that very familiar chicken logo that BK loves to put on
their packaging for all of their chicken products looks like this one is going to
feature some premium crispy juicy tenders that feature no artificial
flavors colors or preservatives let’s see exactly how they look on the inside and
well I got to admit these are a little on the small side for $2.49 a two piece
order is all I got here just to try these but as you can see very crispy
very fried looking but nice and thick I got to admit these actually don’t look
too bad in the thickness Department here I just think that price wise so far is a
little much for this but it definitely looked great they smell great I got a
little side of zesty sauce to dip into here so we’ll see exactly how this is
gonna go with these but these are the all-new crispy chicken tenders here at
BK let’s peep out this flavor yesir golden and crispy but how
juicy are they let’s find out after we dive in it’s the new
crispy chicken tenders here at BK mmm very juicy wow that’s actually really
juicy yeah that gentleman in the drive-thru was not kidding these are
actually pretty juicy you can see how juicy it is on the white meat itself and
the quantity of the white meat is pretty decent as well I was really hoping that
the coating itself was not gonna overtake the white meat because you
always have to worry about that with chicken tenders but fortunately it’s a
pretty even mix so far let me get you in here as close as I can given the
lighting situation guys as you can see a fairly decent amount of white meat on
the inside with a fairly decent amount of coating to go with unfortunately the
coating does not overtake the amount of white meat on this one pretty impressed
with it so far but of course we got to get a dunk into a particular sauce of
choice and in this case as you already know we’re going in on the zesty let’s
give it a shot yeah that’s st sauce aka the onion ring
sauce is always the bomb nice hints of horseradish in the air with this one
here we go mm-hmm first off the zesty sauce always delivers that nice little
sizzle I’m getting in the back of the mouth is only complemented with the
breading on the outside of this guy’s and then you get into the white meat
juiciness as well just a nice combination anyway and I have to admit
probably my favorite sauce aside from ranch that I’m gonna get in the future
with these pretty nice so this is just a quickie review of the new crispy chicken
tenders here at BK and I have to admit guys it really looks like every other
chicken tender I have ever seen I’m not really tasting if this is really
buttermilk or not but it is just a very nice fried breaded coating with a very
decent amount of white meat now this piece that you’re looking at right now
is the smaller of the two so naturally price-wise I probably wouldn’t expect to
pay more than $2.49 for this but if I had my way I wouldn’t go much above a buck
ninety-nine I think a dollar for each of these is not too bad but pretty tasty
guys definitely worth checking out come try our new crispy chicken tenders only
at Burger King you know there’s really not too much else I can really say about
these so for the overall score I’m gonna have to give the new crispy chicken
tenders here at BK just an OK 7 out of 10 while the juiciness was
absolutely there and the quality of that white meat was pretty decent along with
the breading on the outside as well it was pretty tasty pretty crunchy it’s the
price point and the size of them that definitely needs some work they should
at least cover the length of the bottom of the tray and that really was
something that stood out to me right when I opened it up so $2.49 for a two
piece a little much but don’t get me wrong they’re tasty so absolutely check
them out if you’re a fan of chicken tenders which I think most of you guys
are which brings me to the question are you guys gonna give these a shot drop
some comments down below let me know what you thought of the overall
presentation of the version that I got right now along with if you’re gonna
give them a shot and with that said this is Ian K closing out another episode of
peep this out cheaters cam style bringing you brand new content every single week
here on my channel so while you stay tuned for that next review coming real soon in
the meantime stay frosty definitely premium definitely crispy they just need
to be as long as the package they come in alright guys until next time I’ll
talk to you soon

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  2. Great review on those tenders the sauce is the key to those tenders they do have some crispness and tenderness going on with taht chicken suitation I'm checking them out now and will put my review up too but nice job and as always thanks for the frosty new content every week as always . Peep this .. Out!

  3. Haha, the guy at the drive-thru kinda sounded disappointed when you chose zesty sauce over whatever his favourite might have been… 😉

  4. Good review Ian. I prob will skip on these they look bland and boring to me just any other chicken tender out there. Least Micky dees and kfc did it up a bit with some fancy sauce to distinguish theirs.

  5. I think I will pass on these. They look too small for that price unfortunately. But still good review by you

  6. BK FINALLY releases chicken tenders again! They were my favorite as a kid, unfortunately the discontinued them. Not a fan of their nuggets much

  7. Good video Ian keep up the good work on your reviews bro. I tried the Honey Mustard on the tenders and the ranch was good too.

  8. Nice job as always, Ian. Might have to try these. Just wish they weren't so expensive. Then again – what ain't these days, right?

  9. Ian I've had such a sad past year man last oct i lost my little boy laith he was 15 months old we use to watch your videos together. There are very few souls that when they smile you can feel there happiness Ian you truly have a light about you very time i watch you even if im going through something tough you have a way to put a little light in my life. Thank you for having such positive Energy god bless

  10. Burger King Canada still had the chicken tenders on the menu when I quit there in 2016. They had had them on the menu for many years, at least since the 80’s. Just before I left my BK job we were told they would be discontinued soon. Even though they were good, I hardly had any people order them.

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