Britney gets Naked?- AMAsOD EP 2

17 performances 20 awards and over 300 feet of red carpet the countdown is on 31 days to go this is a mas on demand how’s it going everybody I’m Lance Bass and i’m kimberly kole the big news last week was that Christina Aguilera will be performing at this year’s amas I love it and is there honor we put together a playlist with our favorite YouTube covers a fist year’s performance click here to check it out so seemed nokia set us up with some friends to talk music Christina Aguilera you look so beautiful today so our friends at nokia would like to know what is gonna be on your playlist as you’re touring around I’ve gotten really into m83 sounds great you know I mean genius talent Donny Hathaway Marvin Gaye to lauryn hill jay-z Kanye i’m currently really obsessed with Frank Ocean philosopher been into Briana I love I’m like a pop kid I can’t I can’t stop I couldn’t be more excited very very exciting this clip is brought to you by Nokia every time that you guys see are more button make sure to click it guess your very own amas OD hook up now Lance are you ready for timeline let’s do it a year for the chart toppers and a wild person like she’s not afraid of share with the world it’s time to go deeper into Rihanna’s 2012 Rihanna started off the year with a Facebook post in February asking you guys to help named her new fragrance do you feel more like a rebel or a flower coming by now we all know the answer that oh yes and then March badgalriri got into some trouble for an Instagram post mocking chris brown’s new girlfriend karrueche tran then of course movie Battleship inmates put the Barbados babe right back on top she posted so many pictures from the set and the premiere she was like her own one woman behind the scenes then g13 she drops a single where have you been which went huge she ended the summer by shocking us with an Instagram of her tat on her Tatas all that ink in honor of her little granny Oh finally September 20s she shared this with her Navy I feel a sin coming on all the two days later with i miss you i miss you okay I can’t help but think she’s talking about her recent rendezvous with Chris Brown who knows well whichever of the seven sins it is we look forward to more keep up with Rihanna at slash Rihanna and on twitter at Rihanna now how do you thank 40 people in 40 seconds duh one name per second thank you to the fans please never change I don’t know what I’m doing up here now it’s not on the cue cards I just want to thank all the lovely ladies and all of you guys cuz you’re pretty cool too are you sure this is right enjoy this one my band Michael Buble god I love winning face Thank You fan so much i love you mom hyrum announced the award trying to find my way back stage but what is one other win shout out to no doubt no doubt hey let’s go to Meg hey everyone meg turney here and we’re gonna capture this yeah how did that get there just kidding we’re gonna talk about the AMAs here’s miley cyrus of the 2010 show he live a cold you put the words right in Miley’s mouth case you are tacos now how about this one from last year’s rehearsals what are they thinking this time Desiree Juarez had my favorite really guys did I get the pinks in them and don’t forget to check out the AMAs on facebook where we throw it on a new caption challenge every Tuesday for now tourney out thanks Meg and don’t forget to check out our blogs at AMA is 365 com okay no lamp have an important question which do you love more me or the Amaze well Kimberly I’m gonna have to answer that question with a song american music award you’re ready to fly this one could actually make me cry we love her we love her I think she’s amazing oh my god amazing oh my god I love dealing like thank you what’s up hey what’s up hey this is big big big what’s going on sweets the world to me we did it baby we did it now back to mr. knee we asked if you want an AMA would you want to present it to you in third place is justin bieber second place is UK boy band one direction and the number one person you want handing you an award was katy perry and our second poll yeah if you could swap your teacher for your favorite ama artist two vertices britney spears came in at number three lady gaga at number two and the number one pick was 2011 am a new media honoree christina Grimmie representing for youtube and finally what song do you have on repeat lately eleven percent said Katy Perry’s wide awake well percent said they couldn’t put down what makes you beautiful by one direction and the number one ear worm for ama fans in maroon 5 payphone featuring Wiz Khalifa with twenty-five percent of the vote for catchy tune peace out and show some love on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget here’s our fan confession so I absolutely love one direction along with like all the other 12 year old girls in the world and it’s a little embarrassing some almost 25 I am not even ashamed anymore I just love up thanks Meg use the email address in the video description below so you can keep those fan confessions coming now it’s time to get red carpet ready with 30 second fashion JLo style last year I swear Jennifer Lopez had a thousand costume changes oh I love this giambattista valli hot couture love love love I wanted did you see that costume change sparkles leather so many outfits so little time I told you there she goes again she has such great style oh I know this one zuhair murad couture a great balance of sexy and elegant and I’m loving the ballerina bun okay if you can pull off a belly shirt number a you can pretty much more anything yeah if you’re cool with channeling Waldo all right guys let’s play for real for real first a shocking striptease pretty Spears almost got naked at the AMAs when she had her dress ripped off of her in 2001 couldn’t be listen Brittany I was promised that you’d be wearing something nasty whatever man for real people I’d like to see Ella loose his shirt next I’m right there with you next did Michael Jackson have to call the stage manager to fix a broken microphone in the middle of his 89 speech first I’d like to think come to the set up free Eddie pull it up like how the working phone was not for real but you did ask pal Eddie Murphy to give him a hand finally we all know snoop lion brings the party wherever he goes but was the former dog father caught selling special brownies backstage in 2004 actually a soft in his old 1s we got muffins for a dollar we got skulls for two dollars and we got brownies for 100 hours for real our cameras caught snoop at his impromptu bake sale thanks for watching everyone that’s all for a mas on demand now back to Meg we’ll see you next week sale una vaca says it would be cool for carrie underwood be nominated for artist of the year / NZ prince michael declares pink is amazing my gallant we did I’m gonna look way too good on the red carpet hashtag just saying I’m indiscreet said who doesn’t lov tboi nce love above xtina suit splayed tweeted the real xtina you inspire me every day aren’t everything a woman should be movie kero show says we love you win rock on no doubt means earn-in teacher says at coleraine touched and i’m your biggest fan tweet me or be tweeting in my life will be complete or just call me hashtag assess housing recovery says you guys my favorite bands definite passes always can’t get too much mean de Beaufort Vincent says I love you Nikki Merlin Henry I think he’s bouncing you knew garrison I love him he’s talented he’s not trying to copy or be no one else moma buses haryana this near fans in Gambia West Africa I really like you so much and that is Clara said just got my whole family a peninsula as long as you love me getting ready for excited for the believe tour so sorry good last week you don’t forget to watch the american music awards on ABC November eighteenth eight seven central

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