British Priest Reviews Dank Christian Memes!?

29 thoughts on “British Priest Reviews Dank Christian Memes!?”

  1. 7:12 this was posted 2 days after my dad's birthday but he died a week before that…it's been almost a year now and that alone made me feel a bit better c:

  2. There is probably a Christian minecraft server out there that actually doesn’t allow you to say frick/heck and is run by a priest

  3. I've started to think that god must really find prayer annoying.
    Rando: God please bless my family
    God: Shut up! I'm trying to focus on world hunger! Can we do this later

  4. Hey you! Yes,you! Scrolling through the comments and only liking the ones that have more than a thousand likes? I’m with you 😂

  5. So many comment threads say Rev. Chris is what a Christian is “supposed” to be like. I agree, and this is true, but people seem to disagree that there are a lot of Christians like him. You guys just don’t seem to understand that the worst people on the internet make themselves look big because of the attention they get.
    There are not a lot of Christian flat earthers
    There are not a lot of “modern day crusaders”
    There are not a lot of Christians who would “peer pressure you”
    It’s just the worst cases that get on article headlines and clickbait, drawing attention to itself and giving a person a reason to prejudice everyone.

    I’ve found many threads of commenters who’ve never even opened the Bible and just says things like, “Christians kill people who don’t follow their religion and say I’m going to hell and I’m evil… blah blah”
    I don’t think these people have met many Christians irl and actually listened to them.

  6. Not a fan of Christians personally ( Im pagan and wiccan and have had really ad experiences with them) but like, protect these men please 🙂

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