Brainwashed by the Westboro Baptist Church (Part 2/2)

MARGE PHELPS: Forget all the
rest of the scripture. Just think logically. It’s delusional. These people are delusional. It’s like they’re all
mentally ill. You turned this country
over to the fags. You did it aggressively. You did it proactively. You did it in 1,000
different ways. Now we’re coming home
in body bags. FRED PHELPS: It is my opinion
that the news media is totally corrupt and totally– I mean totally– dedicated to the militant
fag agenda. LIBBY ALVAREZ: This guy was
spitting on me and they knocked me down. I may have been 10
or something. SHIRLEY PHELPS-ROPER: Judge not
less you be judged, you blankity blanking blah, blah,
blah that says, blah, blah. To which I have to say,
[INAUDIBLE] stop judging us. STEVE DRAIN: All these
do-gooder, lying-ass Christians. FRED PHELPS: Break these signs
out in some public place. Display them, and it will only
be a matter of minutes, if not seconds, before the same
kind of vicious fag attack, we call it. Fag attack. Fag attack. DENISE HALL: I think when you
have that kind of hate speech against any one particular
group, other people are going to sit back and say,
wow, that’s really going over the top. MALE SPEAKER: You should
be burned at the stake. MALE SPEAKER: You filthy,
rotten, scum-sucking pig, [INAUDIBLE] you’re
going to hell. MARGE PHELPS: And this thing’s
going in waves now. We go out and tell them, they
respond by aggressively rejecting the message. MALE SPEAKER: They’re
pathetic. You people are pathetic. MARGE PHELPS: You know know
who claims to be the most Christian in this country
nowadays? The veterans and the
politicians. That’s why they’re the ones
who fight us the hardest. MALE SPEAKER: OK,
now, hey, guys. [INAUDIBLE]. TIM PHELPS: I remember I think
the worst one I went to was either that weekend that
I left in 2007– my birthday present was to go
to Washington, DC, for the Veterans’ Day parade. And so I was there and that
was kind of crazy. They chased us away when they’re
all down listening to the speech and they all
come up the hill and we’re right there. And we’re right at the corner
when the parade turns around. And we were kind of trapped
there on the corner. And we tried to jump. I had two of the younger
kids like this. I’m shielding them
or whatever. And so we tried to
hop the barrier. And the cops pulled out there
batons, like, get back over, get back over. DENISE HALL: They’re not asking anybody to hurt anybody. They’re saying things that we
can all find terrible, but they’re not saying, let’s
go kill gay people. NARRATOR: During our time with
the Westboro Baptist Church, we found it increasingly
difficult to reconcile their hate speech with how well
they treated us. But the one thing we had to keep
reminding ourselves was that, to them, we were nothing
more than another platform to spread their message. DENISE HALL: For those of us who
live here and have lived here for a long time, we can
just drive by and go, OK, that’s Fred. It’s just such a shock to people
in other cities that think, does everybody in
Topeka feel like this? And would everybody in
Topeka get behind something like this? And, no, of course,
we wouldn’t . GRUMPY: Anti-gays,
anti-America– you name it, he’s against it. MALE SPEAKER: Have
a good evening. GRUMPY: I know personally a
child who died of AIDS because of a blood transmission. They picketed that
child’s funeral. That [INAUDIBLE]. DENISE HALL: Ted’s kind of– there are good people in this
town that are trying to make the town grow and make
it look interesting. And then you have to think, oh
well, you get some company in from somewhere, and how much
does that hurt if they happen to drive by a bunch of picketers
and think, huh, should we move our families
and our company to Topeka? Hm. Well, let’s see. Maybe we’ll go to Omaha. STEVE DRAIN: I’m much more
fearful of neglecting my duty to my children to teach them
what the Lord requires of them than I am not having some
fleshly relationship with them, besides which, when we
talk about kids growing up that become adults, you don’t
hang out with people who don’t like the same kind of stuff
you like or do the same kind of you do. Everybody gravitates toward
people with common interests. NARRATOR: Steve’s daughters,
Lauren and Taylor, were brought into the Westboro
fold as adolescents. Upon their arrival, the Drains
sharply changed their approach to parenting– no Christmas, no Halloween, no
Thanksgiving, no more rock bands, no more haircuts for the
girls, no more chocolate bunnies, or even What Would
Jesus Do? bracelets, and above all, no boys. TAYLOR DRAIN: God says
to warn them for him. These people don’t obey him. They don’t keep his
commandments. STEVE DRAIN: Taylor, she
actually cut a music video not too long ago. She’s a senior at Washburn
University now. You understand, she studies
computer information systems, but she likes the the look
and feel side of that. So for instance,– that’s basically her website. She put it together. Taylor also does the WBC video
news a couple times a week. It usually has been
[INAUDIBLE] Pastor Phelps. But here recently, some of the
other elder men have been breaking out and starting
to do some talking. And Taylor she switches that. She’s got a little switcher
in there, in the studio. And she posts it herself
and sticks it up there. So it’s pretty cool. TIM PHELPS: Taylor, she
was kind of quiet. Truthfully, I’m surprised that
she’s there, because I thought that she was kind of attached
to some of those boys that left in her grade. I don’t know. And her sister– I thought she was attached
to her sister. NARRATOR: Well into the second
hour of our interview, we noticed that Steve was still
hesitant to discuss the one topic on both of our minds– his daughter Lauren. STEVE DRAIN: These are kids for
a while, and then they’re adults for a long time. And when they’re adults, when
they come to that age– the age where they have a
moral responsibility for themselves– at least I’ll know this. At least I’ll know that
I did my duty to them. Because my life isn’t about
pleasing myself. My life isn’t about pleasing
my children. My life is about serving
my Lord. LIBBY ALVAREZ: She never
was a true believer. You don’t even want to get
me started on this girl. She always wanted to
go out with boys. I know that I have people– even
after all that’s left– come up to me and tell me how
she would take clothes to school and change into them
that were inappropriate. She snuck out all the time with
a guy from Topeka High and did stuff with him. TIM PHELPS: Then she
got caught because she had a flat tire. LIBBY ALVAREZ: She got a flat
tire and she got caught. NARRATOR: Lauren Drain was
expelled from the Westboro Baptist Church in 2007. She has been allowed no contact
with her mother and two younger siblings,
Boaz and Faith. STEVE DRAIN: I haven’t spoken
to her probably in I’m going to say three years. I’m not really sure. But I think probably
three years since I’ve spoken to her. She’s a grown woman now. It’s way different than when
you’re a little kid. When I have these little kids,
they’re looking to Dad for some guidance. And I tell them, look, this is
what the scripture says here. This is the standard that
we have in this house. But now, she’s is
a grown woman. First time I go to telling her
that what she’s doing is wrong, she’s going to tell
me to take a long walk on a short pier. LIBBY ALVAREZ: I’ll tell
you what happened. There was this guy– I was responsible on YouTube
to put up videos. And so I was doing that. So this guy started
talking to me. And then Lauren started putting up videos or something. I don’t know why she
was on there. Then she started talking
to this guy. And this guy was trying
to flirt with us, OK? So apparently, she was– TIM PHELPS: Corresponding. LIBBY ALVAREZ: Yeah, she was
corresponding with him. And she ended up stealing her
mother’s credit card– TIM PHELPS: Bought
a plane ticket. LIBBY ALVAREZ: –and bought
a plane ticket for him to come to Kansas. STEVE DRAIN: Look, she’s not
a country mile from a Bible-believing Christian,
I can tell you right now. She lives with a man. She lives with a man. She’s not married to him. It’s kind of the fundamental
deal right there. NARRATOR: As we looked around
the Drain family home, we noticed that not a
single picture of Lauren Drain remained. She had been erased, as
if she never existed. STEVE DRAIN: Thankfully, the
Lord has been merciful to me. He’s given me children that
I didn’t even have when I came up here. No, he gave me Bo and
Faith after we even were living here. I got an eight-year-old daughter
who knows more Bible than a good chunk of preachers
in Topeka, Kansas. BOAZ DRAIN: Faith, you always
look weird, so it doesn’t really– you can’t tell
the difference. FAITH DRAIN: Shut up. STEVE DRAIN: Yeah, she called
me on my birthday. I think it was about
three years ago. She called me and she
was very cheerful. And she said, you were right
about everything you tried to tell me, Dad. And then she hung up. And that was the last
I’ve heard from her. NARRATOR: While she did provide
us with pictures and this video, Lauren Drain did not
grant Vice an interview. However, she did ask us
to plug her book. It comes out in 2013. LIBBY ALVAREZ: The views were
becoming more extreme. The main thing that I had a
problem with was praying for a specific person to die. But since I had lived there my
entire life and all that seemed normal to me– TIM PHELPS: You went
went along with it. LIBBY ALVAREZ: Yeah, I
went along with it. And I needed a personal breaking
point, like something that happened just to me. And that happened when my
family and I went on a vacation to Puerto Rico. We came back, my grandpa
asked for pictures. So the one that I gave him–
and only good one– me and my sister happened to
be wearing a bikini in it. They put out on a table so
everyone going to church– my grandma and grandpa,
they liked it. They put it out front so
everyone could look at it. After church, I walked out there
and I saw the picture had been moved way
to the back. And I just thought, oh, crap. Something bad’s going
to happen. STEVE DRAIN: There aren’t any
other options in life. You either warn the wicked or
you don’t warn the wicked. You warn the righteous or you
don’t warn the righteous. LIBBY ALVAREZ: We had
these meetings. I had been to them with
other people. And I mean, I know how
nervous I got there. And then it was my turn
for a meeting. There’s about 30 people around
you in a big rectangle. TIM PHELPS: It’s like
a verbal stoning. LIBBY ALVAREZ: Exactly. That’s exactly what is,
a verbal stoning. Everyone, they were saying
I don’t help out enough. And then his dad said that I
was chaff and that the wind was going to come and
blow me away. And it’s just like, sitting
there listening to all this, you obviously don’t
want me here. It actually opened
my eyes a lot. So every time I get sad
sometimes about leaving and missing my family, I think about
that, because they are not the honest, hard-working
people that I thought that they were. Sorry. Everyone kept calling me and
they were telling me, stop dishonoring your parents. Another one said, you need
to quit your job. Then, my grandpa called. He said, you’re not thinking
about leaving, are you? And then I said, no. And in that moment, I was
telling the truth, because I didn’t think I could leave. I didn’t think that was an
option for me to leave. I just kind of had a sudden
realization that I needed to get out there. It just overpowered me that
I needed to leave. The opportunity presented
itself. I had to do it, or it wasn’t
going to happen. My dad called and I
didn’t answer it. He left a message, and
I listened to it. He said, I hope you’re having
a good day, and everything will be fine. You just need to talk
to everyone. And we can get this result. But I knew that that wasn’t
going to happen. And then I left. Shirley sent me an email. And she said, your mom and your
dad and your sister want no communication with you. Remember earlier, when I said
it was an unspoken rule that you can’t talk to them? So there, I still have
that it writing. TIM PHELPS: Tara and James– LIBBY ALVAREZ: Marie,
Josh, you, Hez- TIM PHELPS: Michael, David. LIBBY ALVAREZ: Oh, yeah. Forgot about them. TIM PHELPS: Mechiah. LIBBY ALVAREZ: Oh, yeah. TIM PHELPS: Josh Phelps. LIBBY ALVAREZ: Oh, yeah. Geez. TIM PHELPS: We can’t find him. LIBBY ALVAREZ: Yeah. TIM PHELPS: From
our generation. There’s obviously Kate and Carl,
Teresa, Bill, and Mary. LIBBY ALVAREZ: Yeah, there’s
older ones that left, too. Well, I still have problems,
especially when I see a homosexual couple. I still am just like, oh, man. What’s going on over there? TIM PHELPS: The only thing I
have a problem with, I guess– I learned pretty quick how to
be able to manipulate my way through stuff. LIBBY ALVAREZ: I don’t
know how to do that. TIM PHELPS: I usually don’t
even use my last name unless I have to. Not that I’m ashamed of it, but
that I don’t want to be judged is, I guess, the
word I could use, on– LIBBY ALVAREZ: Yeah, exactly. TIM PHELPS: I went into an
interview the other day. I was looking for
a second job. And I went into the interview,
and he goes, Tim Phelps, from Topeka? I’m not even going to ask you. LIBBY ALVAREZ: Oh, god. TIM PHELPS: And I was like,
you can if you want. And he’s like, you know what
question I was going to ask. And then he didn’t ask it. LIBBY ALVAREZ: You should
have said something. TIM PHELPS: It’s
not a big deal. No, I just let him
do his interview. LIBBY ALVAREZ: Oh,
that’s weird. If you don’t get it, it’s
because he probably thinks that you’re still there. I’m just kidding. TIM PHELPS: Well, I guess
I could have been. But I don’t care. LIBBY ALVAREZ: Yeah. FRED PHELPS: Try to stop us! STEVE DRAIN: I’m having this
interview with you. And you know, we hit
it off pretty well. But it’s your vocation to
be interested in fringe personalities. Imagine being good
friends with me. We’re not going to be
bowling buddies. We’re just not going to.

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  1. Sorry but that scripture shit is bull shit and so aggravating when people say we follow the scriptures. And that church sounds like a bunch of bull shit

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This shit is hilarious. Poor white trash completely jealous of anyone who makes something of themselves. Pretty obvious all the men are closet queens and just need a BBC rammed up their poop shoots.

  3. Oh well in the Bible it says to people how you want to be treated so if you treat gays badly then you are going to hell as well you're also putting your hatred on to them God loves all you should know that and Jesus sacrificed hisself for everyone on the cross so I kissed a girl and I like it the taste of her cherry chapstick so I would gladly do it again

  4. Libby is annoying. Looking down on Lauren for “not being a true believer” and never buying into the crap she did. And who else doesn’t believe for a second what that poor excuse for a father said Lauren said in that phone call.

  5. I just wanna say that the things about “Thank God For Dead Soldiers,” “God Hates Fags,” “God Hates America” isn’t true. At all. God was full of love and preached it more than anything. Matthew 22:35-40 says, “And Jesus said unto him, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thy shoult love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments, lay ALL the law and prophets.”

    The point is God wanted love among all, and although homosexuality may be a sin, God loves everyone. He loves sinners everyday. I Corinthians 13: 4-5,

    “Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast. It is not proud. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It keeps NO record of wrongs.”

    Romans 5:8, “But God shows his love in that, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

    I just want everyone to know that what they preach isn’t God’s message. It isn’t what He would want. Christianity often gets a bad reputation, but it is only because of people like them. 💙💙

    Proverbs 8:17, “I love those who seek me, and those who seek me diligently find me.” 💕

  6. Why is Mr. Phelps so focused on homosexuality? Their is so much heart-breaking sin in this world that needs to be brought to the fore front. He is a sad man and not a Christian. Pray for his family. God loves you if you're gay or straight you deserve respect. God bless.

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  8. This Is the only beautiful thing that came from this church

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  13. Libby wouldn't have anything nice to say about Lauren…in Lauren's book, she wrote about how Libby didn't like the Drain girls (Lauren and Taylor) from the beginning, and made no secret about it to them. Lauren explained about the credit card situation in her book, and it wasn't as Libby said it was here. All this talk of Lauren sneaking off to meet boys – well, frankly I don't blame her! She was at an age where it was totally normal to be interested in boys, and her parents and the WBC were stifling her to such suffocating levels from having any kind of normal life, that she wasn't really given much choice! Lauren wouldn't have had to be so sneaky about everything if she'd just been allowed to be a normal teenager!! I do feel sorry for Libby in her own situation, but I feel that Libby is quite jealous of Lauren and that's why her opinions towards her are so unsavoury!

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  15. Most people just roll their eyes and ignore the Phelpses now – I guess. I became aware of them when they picketed the funeral of a kid that I went to the babysitter with whom had died of AIDS.

    Buildings at 15:12 are gone. They weren't as blighted (recently) as they look. There's a big, shiny new hotel there now – you'd see it if the shot at 15:15 was taken today. That place with the arches had a good Chinese food place that I used to eat at when I first moved here.

  16. This is a terrible cycle.
    By the westboro church spreading these words with such hate and aggression it just rattles up the other side and makes whatever they preach useless because no one will listen
    Then when homosexuals spit on these people and hurt them itll just make them want to do it more. Both sides are forgeting about love.
    Only with love could we help anyone.

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    protesting at funerals,
    how twisted do you have to be to think that that behavior is okay??
    they WANT people to die,
    well guess what,
    the feeling is mutual

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