Blind Chicken Finger Taste Test

– Today we’re going on
a chicken tender bender. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning. – Welcome to the season 15 finale! Yes, yeah, you can clap. (crew applauds) Another season in the bag! – Dag and bag it. – We’re taking off for a couple of weeks but we will be back on June
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there so go check it out at
where you can join up. – Yes, today we gon’ eat a
bunch of chicken tenders. That makes it a very good day. Chicken tenders are truly
one of the world’s greatest engineering marvels of
man-chicken teamwork. All the fun of fried chicken
with none of the bones to remind you that it was
once a cluckin’ creature. – That’s why I majored in engineering. We never did anything with chicken though. It was quite a disappointment, that’s why I’m doing this now. – When do we get to make chicken fingers? – But which chicken strip
reaches the tip of craftsmanship? There’s only one way to find out. It’s time for ♪ Chickity fingers the fingered chicken ♪ ♪ Have a guess as to
which one we’re lickin’ ♪ We’re going to be blindly
tasting six rounds of fast food chicken
fingers and ranking them on a scale of one to 10. We’re gonna take the
average of our two scores to determine the best one. – Okay but we’re also gonna be playing against each other to see
who can accurately finger the chicken finger restaurant from which the chicken finger originated and whoever gets the most
restaurants correctly will assume the role of the Masked Finger. – Uh-oh. (chuckles) The tenders we’re gonna
be tasting are KFC. – Popeye’s. – Raising Cane’s. – McDonald’s. – Church’s Chicken. – And Carl’s Jr. – All right let’s get rippin’ into some drive-through chicken. – Yeah. – [Rhett and Link] Round one. – As you can see, we can’t. – And all the chicken
tenders will be brought to us on the patent pending Chicken
Finger Bringer Thinger. Bring it in! – Oh yeah. There it is. Oh that’s a crunchy one. – Oh wow. – Very crunchy finger. – Now I’m not a chicken finger God. I never get chicken fingers. – Oh really?
– No. – Sadly Bojangles’ is not
in our repertoire today. It was so hard for us to get ahold of it. But I just wanted to give ’em a shout-out. – The first thing I’m thinking is I should eat chicken finger
more, that’s pretty good. – Okay then what do you rate it? You really like it?
– I don’t really like it, but I like it. – I don’t love it, I think it’s going too
hard with the crunchy. That’s the outer fried–
– Too much crunch, huh? – Yeah I think you can
have too much crunch, so on a scale of, am I
going scale of one to five or one to 10?
– One to 10. – Okay I’m gonna give this… It tastes good though,
I’m gonna give it a six. – Oh you know what, I was thinking six. – I know.
– I enjoyed it, but I think that you can
do better chicken fingers. – I know where this is from 100%. – [Stevie] Okay three– – Whoa, really? You know?
– Oh yeah. – Okay. – [Stevie] Two, one. – Popeye’s.
– Church’s Chicken. (chuckles) – Since when you got a Church’s finger? – Remember when we used
to go to Pullen Park? I’d always swing by the Church’s Chicken before we’d go over there.
– Okay. – [Rhett and Link] Round two. – Bring it in.
– Give me that finger. There it is.
– Wow, okay. – This one, it seems to be
a more honest cut of meat. – Huh! Yeah that first one was dishonest, that’s what I was thinking the whole time. – I’m saying it– – It’s like a strip of chicken. – It’s a strip of chicken
that seems less processed than the previous one. – I don’t disagree with that. – It’s higher quality. I actually don’t think
it tastes better though. – Can you bring it back in ’cause I agree with your assessment but I
don’t think it tastes great. – [Link] Yeah. – Oh I got to a juicy part. – Oh you likin’ it better? – There’s a juicy part in the middle. – Well I didn’t get a
juicy part in the middle. Is it like what, like a Gusher? – Yeah bring Link’s Gusher in. – It’s like a gushing chicken finger? – Show him the Gusher in the middle. He’s gotta go deeper. You know what I’m talking
about, you get a little gush? – I didn’t get a gush, man. – Ah, wrong chicken. That’s an honest gushing chicken. But I feel like they could have done more. I think they’re trying
to let the chicken sing a little too much.
– Yep, yep, and it’s just clucking. – Okay I’ve got a little bit
of a shot in the dark here. – What’s your rating though? I give it a four. – I give it a five. – Oh okay, I know where this is from too. – Really?
– Yeah. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – Raising Cane’s.
– Carl’s Jr. Never been to Raising Cane’s. – That’s why I said it
’cause I’ve never been there. – [Rhett and Link] Round three. – Rhett I wanna tell you
regardless of the outcome, I’m having a great time. – Oh yeah I mean we’re
just eating tenders. – We’re livin’ the friggin’ dream. – We’re having people bring us tenders– – Look at us.
– On sticks. I don’t even know what it looks like. I haven’t even seen it,
that’s the beautiful thing. – What if in first grade
Miss Locklear said, “Okay class, you two guys in the back, “you’re gonna make a living
eating tenders on the internet.” – I would have been
like, “What’s a tender?” – I’d be like, “What’s the internet?” – All right bring it in. – Ow. There it is. That was a pointy one. Mm.
(Rhett chuckles) There’s a little something in this. – That’s a good piece of chicken! – Something in this batter, it’s good. And different. – Oh, hold on. Bring it back.
– What is this? Hmm. That is tasty. I hear some weird noises over there. What’s happening? – I stole the tender. – You took the whole thing?
– Yeah. – You like it that much? – Oh man.
– You gonna give it a 10? – No. – You gonna give it a nine? – That’s not how this works. – You gonna give it an eight? Or are you going with a seven? – I’m gonna give it a nine. – I think it is a great chicken tender and I don’t think I’ve
ever tasted it before. Man. – I hope that’s not like– – I’m gonna give a nine
too, it was really good. – [Stevie] Okay ready to guess? – And I’m–
– Ugh, I don’t– – Man.
– Yes? – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – KFC?
– Popeye’s. – It might be Popeye’s. It feels like a place
that’s dedicated to chicken. – I didn’t taste 11 herbs. – I thought I tasted at least 10. – [Rhett and Link] Round four. – Okay tenderize us. (Link purrs) Oh, mm. – [Link] Okay. – Whoa. That’s crunchy, man. – Yeah that could do some damage. You could like put that
on the tip of a spear and use it as an abrasive. – Hmm, it has a familiar taste. A little too salty. – I think it tastes pretty good though. – It’s good though, I mean
all of them have tasted good. – The meat itself is very tender. Man I’ve had this before. I don’t think KFC is that crunchy. I associated KFC with more of a softness. – Yeah.
– As well as the herbs and spices. – That is a good tender though. – I’ve had this before. – I’m gonna give it a six. – I really like this. I’m gonna give it an eight. – Okay. I got my guess. – Man, where is this from? – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – Popeye’s.
– McDonald’s? It can’t be McDonald’s. – [Rhett and Link] Round five. – Love me tender. This one, very unique taste. I would say it’s almost like a burnt taste in the flour. – A little dry. Doesn’t taste very honest. – I’m not lovin’ this chicken tender. – No. ♪ I’m not lovin’ it ♪ Maybe it’s McDonald’s.
– Is that a hint because that’s what I’m thinking. – Oh yeah? – I’m gonna give this one, this is my least favorite I’ve had so far, I’m gonna give it a five. – I’m gonna give it a four.
– It’s a little dense and it’s a little, I don’t know, I don’t like the way this is all working together. Tastes a little processed. – To me it’s just got
a burnt taste, period. I mean that’s the problem. – Burnt period, I’m done. – Oh gosh, what am I gonna do? – Ready?
– Yeah. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – [Both] McDonald’s. – Well we agree.
– Yeah we do. – [Rhett and Link] Round six. – Last one. – The final finger. – Okay. It’s a flatter one. This one’s much more honest
than most of the others as well. – Yeah this is honest,
can I get some more? – Mm, I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. I kinda, I kinda six it. Let me have another little nibble. Come on now, come on. – I actually am fond of this one. I’m like eight fond of this one. I like it, I like the honestness and there’s a pepperiness in the batter. They’re not trying to overdo it too much. Yeah, seems like high quality chicken, I’m gonna give it a eight. – Oh wow an eight.
– Yeah. – All right I’m ready to guess. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – [Both] Carl’s Jr. – Oh we agree, let’s remove the masks. Come back into the real world where people don’t feed
you chicken fingers just because you open your mouth, and let’s find out what you already know. Who won.
– Guys I’m really proud of you today.
– Oh yeah? – Really?
– You both showed up. – Ah.
– Oh, mm-mm. – [Stevie] Link, you got two correct. – Oh. – Pretty good.
– That’s pretty good, yeah. – [Stevie] Rhett, you got three correct. – Dang, son!
– Hey hey hey! – Congratulations! – I’m the tender of hidden
tender, what is it called? The Masked Tender.
– Oh my gosh. – [Stevie] And also I feel like we– – Put it on.
– Learned a lot today because–
– It’s chicken feet. – [Stevie] The best chicken
finger according to you– – You earned it, put it on.
– Was from Carl’s Jr. – [Link] And was that the last one or no? – [Rhett] No that was that
one that we both gave a nine. – Oh yeah.
– You know what? They do a good chicken tender– – Give me another Carl’s Jr.
– And I knew that. – Put it on man, come on. – This is frickin’, this is not a prize. – You earned it, sing us a song, Rhett. – Oh gosh.
– Sing us out. – It’s raw chicken–
– Oh my goodness. – [Rhett] Oh it stinks so
bad, why is this a prize? – Sing something, man. ♪ I’m the winner ♪ ♪ Makin’ batter ♪ ♪ I smell like a sinner ♪ – Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – [Rhett] You know what time it is. – Hi I’m Jennifer. – I’m Savannah.
– And I’m Lou. – And we’re at Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack in Asheville, North Carolina. – [Savannah and Lou] And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – There’s more hot chicken out there. I gotta try it all.
– Yeah you do. – Click the top link to watch us play chicken finger football
in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] Show the love
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100 thoughts on “Blind Chicken Finger Taste Test”

  1. Canes is dry no flavor chicken and the sauce is the forgiveness. They should have paired the chicken fingers with its sauce but that woulda given in away Lol.

  2. I swear Link is psychic
    He guessed most of the fingers 1 round ahead and this isn’t the first time he’s done it

  3. Raising Caine's is the best, particularly with their special sauce. It doesn't travel well though, because they use real chicken and batter, which get soggy really quickly compared with the more processed fast food chains.

  4. 1:43
    We are going to play against each other to see who can accurately finger the chicken……
    Rhett be like: (yeah.. Yes.. Thats it Link.. Wait what??? Link wtf)

  5. Love this!!!💓💓💓 You should do one with fast food milkshakes!! See if there really is a difference cause everyone near me says McDonald's is the best by far but I think they're all the same

  6. Link: what’s going on over there
    Rhett, deviously and devour stolen chicken tender: I stole it, I stole the chicken tender

  7. 6:51
    Rhett guesses KFC and Link guess Popeye’s
    Rhett: It could be Popeye’s. It tastes like a place dedicated to chicken…
    Rhett you guessed Kentucky Fried CHICKEN.

  8. Link Kept Guessing the Place Before he ate it XD he Guessed Carl’s Jr. the round before It appeared, same with Popeyes and the first time he Guesses McDonald’s, lol!

  9. Before I watch this…popeyes to me is the best, then raising canes.
    I've never had Carl's jr strips before though

  10. I'm glad you at least acknowledged Bojangles 😁 My mom loves Hardee's (aka Carl's Jr) chicken tenders. Bojangles is pretty much the only ones I've tried.

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