Bible Hidden Texts | Newly Discovered Passages Removed By The Church

[MUSIC PLAYING] In 1945, a farmer named
Muhammad Ali al-Samman made the archaeological
discovery of a lifetime while digging in Nag Hammadi, Egypt. He hit a red clay jar that
was nearly a meter tall. Muhammad Ali was initially
hesitant to open it, thinking it might
contain a genie. What it held was equally as
rare as it was powerful– 13 leather-bound
papyrus books comprised of the 50 to 60 ancient
texts now referred to as the Gnostic Gospels. Muhammad Ali had no idea
the value of what he found. His mother had even less
of an understanding, or she never would
have used what many say are the lost pages
of the Bible for kindling. The book contained works
that were originally written around the same
time as the passages that did make their way into the
finished version of the Bible, with a few notable additions. So why didn’t the
gospels of Thomas, Judas, or Mary Magdalene make the cut? Especially when you
think about the fact that imperfect gospels,
like John and Luke, did. John was written in
the first century, but had portions added
in the fifth century. Meanwhile, Luke is an amalgam
of two different versions of the text. Copious revisions and the
combining of narrative threads are practices evident in
the Old Testament as well. The Book of Joshua
was added much later and wasn’t just the
combination of two accounts– it was at least four. One big reason for removing
a book from the Bible was because it offered
an account that was inconsistent with
another part of the story. The claim in the
Gospel of Philip that Jesus invented
bread didn’t work well with the dozens of
literal and symbolic references to bread throughout
the rest of the book. Similarly, the
depiction of Jesus in the Infancy Gospel of
Thomas was almost comically inconsistent with
everything else. It simply didn’t work to have
the “Prince of Peace” blinding people who reprimanded him
or killing another child who had the misfortune of bumping
into the young savior. That said, stories not
matching up between one book and another wasn’t
always a deal-breaker. The oldest gospel, Mark,
had the resurrection story added decades later. The four central
gospels were already well-established by the
end of the first century, and they couldn’t very easily
remove the entire book. It serves as a reminder
of how political it could be when those
in power were deciding what stayed in the Bible. Oddly enough, some things
that were removed entirely from the Bible were
later reinserted in some versions of the
book in a section called The Apocrypha or the “hidden
text” that could function as supplemental reading. But that wasn’t to be the
fate of the Gnostic Gospels. Another reason for removing
a book from the Bible was if it presented
incompatible beliefs. Misalignment of the narrative
could be a complicated thing to address. But when core ideas didn’t
match up, the course of action was clear. In this version,
there were two gods. There was the evil
and vindictive god from the Old Testament who
created the material world, and there was also the
benevolent Father of Christ. This idea upended the
newly-forming monotheistic faith. It was no choice but to
cut the passage completely. Other sections of
the text straddled the line between
story discrepancy and foundation-shifting concept. The Gnostic texts claimed
that the Holy Spirit was, in fact, a woman. They also make it fairly
clear that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus. Both notions could have
been taken in stride by today’s morals. But at the time, they
flew in direct opposition to the patriarchal shift from
female-centric pagan religions. Against the intentions
of those who felt it shouldn’t
be in the Bible, much of the modern
day public was introduced to this version
of the Mary Magdalene in Dan Brown’s bestseller
The Da Vinci Code. Perhaps, the biggest
incongruity of all was the idea that Jesus
wasn’t the redeemer of man, rather his function was that
of a spirit guide trying to help people
achieve enlightenment, to see that the Kingdom of
Heaven isn’t another realm, it’s within us
right here on Earth. This serves as proof of the
cross-pollination of belief systems from around the world,
which is interesting today, but was heresy back then. Imagine how much
different things might be if it was accepted
that the snake and Judas were actually heroes of the story. According to the
Gnostic texts, the snake was acting in the best
interest of Adam and Eve when he convinced
her to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge. They needed it in order
to reach their potential and obtain enlightenment. It was the evil
Old Testament god who wanted to keep humanity
ignorant and miserable. Obtaining knowledge was
the key to this version of Christianity. Knowledge and gnosticism have
the same root, after all. Far from being the betrayer
of his mentor and friend, Judas was the closest
disciple of Jesus who helped formulate
the plan that would allow him to
leave his earthly body and the torment of
the material realm. Keep in mind that the
passages themselves could take decades to be finalized. And then the
collection that made it into the Bible had several
opportunities to be changed between the Council
of Nicaea in 325 when they started to
canonize the faith, and the Council
of Trent and 1546 when Roman Catholicism
was solidified. In-between those
two councils in 367, St. Athanasius wrote
a letter condemning the use of noncanonical text. It was probably in
response to this that the gospels found their way
to being buried in a clay pot. Since their discovery,
the fragments of papyrus have been studied,
deciphered, and debated. It wasn’t until 2017 that
the First Apocalypse of James was translated. It’s here that Jesus explains
to James how the world is a prison of an angry god. That’s not a notion
that’s likely to find its way into the Bible. But you never know. The New American
Standard Bible was still being edited as
recently as 1995. Maybe future
versions of the Bible will include some of the
perspective-altering ideas of the Gnostic Gospels that were
removed all those years ago. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Here comes the beauty of Islam.Quran one book , correct, exact,no missing or adding. Same holy book to every creature created by almighty Allah.

  2. Gnostic texts were never "removed" from orthodox Christianity because they were never orthodox to begin with. Gnostic texts (and the beliefs behind them) were essentially fanfics that got popular enough that people began believing they were Biblically canon, but they were not canon nor ever were. Besides, Gnosticism follows both a completely different cosmology and a completely different theology from Judeo-Christianity, so no Gnostic text could ever claim to be orthodox anyway, since Gnostics don't believe Jesus was God — they don't even believe God is God. Gnosticism is entirely its own thing, it just happens to have Christian elements and figures woven in.

    Claiming that Gnostic texts were ever canon is like claiming "My Immortal" is a canonical "Harry Potter" book. I mean, it has the same characters, right? And they all go to Hogwarts, right? Therefore it must have been written by J.K. Rowling! Yeah…no.

    Any Biblical historian or historian whose field covers early Christian history can tell you these things. Don't buy the Dan Brown nonsense: His incorrect conclusion and assumptions regarding Gnostic texts and Gnostics within early Christianity are laughed at by all historians, from the Christian historians to the staunchest Atheist historians.

  3. Unsubscribed! Look, I know it doesn't matter if I was still subscribed or not! It's just that few of the things you guys said is very inconsistent.

    1) You say these Gnostic gospel were not added because it mentioned the God in the Old Testament is a different God from the one in the New Testament. I find this wrong because the New Testament makes reference to the God of the Old Testament continuously. Also, just because the God of the Old Testament may seem inconsistent as the one in the New Testament does not mean they are not one and the same. For example, the story of Jonah showed God's mercy to the people he felt should be wiped out (Old Testament) just in comparison to how he is in the New Testament. You might say that is inconsistent because the God in the New Testament didn't show any indication that he wanted to kill the people. BUT that is why Jesus came to the world. Jonah and Jesus were sent to correct the people, with the only difference being that Jesus's role was higher.

    2) You say the parts with Mary being Jesus wife and the Holy Spirit being a woman was removed to avoid them being seen as goddess (it's not your exact words, but it's basically the summary of what you said). That is also inconsistent since Mary (the mother of Jesus) would be seen as the same. Heck, she's kind of seeing as something almost to that today.

    3) While I cannot find any reason (besides my faith) to debunk the snake, I can find some with Judas. How can it be claimed that Judas was looking out for Jesus's best interest when he did it just to get some money. You could say he took the bribe to mask his true intention was a good person, but it does not explain why he killed himself than just leaving the whole thing behind. So yeah, it's pretty inconsistent.

    Now I know you mentioned some things were 'omitted' because some things were inconsistent, BUT you also mentioned things that were removed due to political reasons or to set a faith narrative. Besides, a little more digging on the Catholic Church history reveals that these were removed because of the certain shifts in religious beliefs centuries ago.

    So why am I unsubscribing? Well it's because I feel that if you guys can't do research or at least mention that this Gnostic gospel is up for debate (whether you believe in them or not) then what does this say on future videos? Will I one day become one of the many people who you just fooled with this video? I like being well-informed than just following what might be giving strong-minded atheists false firepower against Christians and causing them to believe in something that isn't entirely true.

    Btw I don't have anything against atheists though. I have friends that are atheists. We just respect each other's belief, thus if I say I'll pray for them, they know I mean them very well in whatever they're going through.

  4. Hey guys, if you want some real information about Gnosticism and its beliefs and texts, here's a great lecture by Dr. Michael Heiser (a Biblical scholar and scholar of ancient Near-Eastern language and history):

  5. And another foolishness from the Bible –
    Earth is flat and they can throw you from its edges to make you fall into the hell.

    Off course they might have removed it from their well controlled Bible, once they failed to suppress the scientific findings.

  6. Jesus and Judas is fucking gay just accept the truth butthurt christians here's why:
    Jesus: Ah, Men
    Judas: Being want to kiss jesus in paintings

  7. Why argue about whether this truly belonged in the bible, or not, when religion is nothing but the original mentalism. Religion isn't necessary to being a decent human being or even to know God. Also, God is nothing our weak, feeble little minds could currently understand, so we might as well just stop making stupid shit up.

  8. Interesting historically, but it's the 21st century, only intellectually retrograde people are Religious.
    Most people can see it's just a form of population control for weak, uneducated, people..
    Not just Christians of course, ALL the Abrahamic monotheistic 'faiths' are equally irrelevant.
    Just in the same way only small children believe in Santa, only small minded, unworldly people believe in God.

  9. Oh wow, this was laughably inaccurate. All of this has been addressed by Bible scholars a long, long time ago. The idea that you’ve taken Dan Brown’s fiction novel and used it as though it could be historical shows your ignorance and clear bias towards this subject. How about trying some reading that isn’t from nonbelieving leftists attempting to tear down the Christian faith?

  10. The Gnostic "Gospels" have no history further back than the 3rd century. The other books of the New Testament do have histories back to the time of the Apostles. This is why the Gnostic "Gospels" are not part of the Bible.

  11. At no point in early church history was any content "cut" from the christian scriptures. The formation of the Christian canon predates anything that would be considered an
    ecclesiastical hierarchy by today's standards, and those that were included were included on the basis of a casual consensus among common believers. There were a few sources that many were skeptical of including, such as Revelation, but the Gnostic gospels never entered the conversation.

    The Gnostics were a mystery cult that spliced elements from other religions in order to attract membership. "Look, we know you're a fan of Jesus, and all, but how would you like to know the H I D D E N T R U T H of who he is?" They were the ancient equivalent of trashy click bait.

  12. It was rumoured for centuries that Shakespeare was one of the scholars enlisted by King James to translate the BuyBull from Greek to English. … In the mid 20th Century his SIGNATURE was found in the 16th Psalm — The 16th word down from the top is "shake" and the 16th word up from the bottom is "spear." — OF COURSE it was edited out of "The New King James Version" but you can still look it up in The Original KJV.

  13. Bruh the appocrifa are texts that are inspired by Christian sentiment but were rejected by Catholic council not a secret and probably not the last of what will be in the appocrifa

  14. Wait a minute, people actually believe in religion 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 everyone pissed in this comment section is fucking funny.

  15. Gnostic Gospels aren't accepted by anyone as they're in Coptic language instead of Aramaic or Greek the primacy of Gospels we assume. Clearly a fake as the gospel of Barnabas.

  16. What if in the original book Joseph actually smashed virgin Mary but the Jewish controlled media decided to censor the book??

  17. "she used the lost pages as kindling for a fire." literally every history and literary nut had an out of body experience from the horror of that sentence.

  18. 🤣 wait 😂 seriously wait. The guy truly believed when he opened the clay jar/pot that a Jin would come out and grant his dumbass 3 wishes LMAO religious people are easily manipulated


  20. The gospels that were in contradiction did not make the cut? Precisely what discretion is all about. Testimonies that don't line up with Jesus' teachings and whom He claimed to be are not inspired by the Holy Spirit. If they had been included your argument would have been that God can't even lead His people to put together His word in a bible, or that God contradicts Himself.

  21. You said that Judas was the closest disciple of Jesus who helped formulate the plan to help Jesus leave His earthly body and the torment of the earthly realm right, but then not too much before that point was made you tell us that these gnostic gospels sent the message that Jesus was a mere spirit guide who taught that Heaven was not a separate spiritual realm but existed inside of us all.I see a contradiction there!

  22. Perhaps you should read the Gospel of Thomas and seeing if it is congruent with the canonical Gospels before throwing shade. Does the ending of Thomas' Gospel — where Jesus says a woman must turn into a man — sound anything remotely close to what salvation is as described in the biblical Gospels?

    Do your homework before posting hype trash. Unless you're all about the views, you post some largely uneducated videos.

  23. Everyone knows that bible is fake. Translated and edited over over over and over again. Everyone knows that rome make religion as a tool to united the whole roman empire. So they edited the bible how they want. Anyone who believes in vatikan and the roman church is stupid. Bcause christianity comes from jerusalem not rome.

  24. Yes, the compilation of the Biblical canon was a very human process. Yes, as in all things, politics was involved. Yet, as He always does, God is able to accomplish His purposes amidst the messiness of human free will. This video is silly clickbait.

    Incidentally, the old heresies never die; they just repackage themselves. Scientology, for instance, is a modern form of Gnosticism.

  25. Subbed on another vid from this channel.
    Came here, saw it's only opinion & bs, not actual history, unsubbed.

    If you're going to use 'History' in your name, you might want to actually know, ya know, some history.

  26. mmmmm desperate attempt to discredit the bible and christianity i see…looks like you made the assumption that people do not research their own faith.

  27. Norman Geisler, one of the world's formost Bible scholars, all of the New Testament was written before the end of the 1st century:

    F.F. Bruce, one of the world's formost Bible scholars, all of the New Testament was written before the end of the 1st century:

    Why the Apocrypha Isn't in the Bible

    1. Not one of the apocryphal books is written in the Hebrew language which was used in the Old Testament. All Apocryphal books are in Greek, except one which is extant only in Latin.

    2. None of the apocryphal writers laid claim to inspiration.

    3. The apocryphal books were never acknowledged as sacred scriptures by the Jews, custodians of the Hebrew scriptures. In fact, the Jewish people rejected and destroyed the apocrypha after the overthow of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

    4. The apocryphal books were not permitted among the sacred books during the first four centuries of the real Christian church.

    5. The Apocrypha contains fabulous statements which not only contradict the "canonical" scriptures but themselves. For example, in the two Books of Maccabees, Antiochus Epiphanes is made to die three different deaths in three different places.

    6. The Apocrypha includes doctrines in variance with the Bible, such as prayers for the dead and sinless perfection. The following verse was taken from the Apocrypha translation by Ronald Knox dated 1954: Basis for the doctrine of purgatory: 2Maccabees12:43-45, 2.000 pieces of silver were sent to Jerusalem for a sin-offering…Whereupon he made reconciliation for the dead, that they might be delivered from sin. Salvation by works: Ecclesiasticus 3:30, Water will quench a flaming fire, and alms maketh atonement for sin. Tobit 12:8-9, 17, It is better to give alms than to lay up gold; for alms doth deliver from death, and shall purge away all sin.

    7. The Apocrypha teach immoral practices, such as lying, suicide, assasination and magical incantation.

    8. No apocryphal book is referred to in the New Testament whereas the Old Testament is referred to hundreds of times.

    9. Because of these and other reasons, the apocryphal books are only valuable as ancient documents illustrative of the manners, language, opinions and history of the East.

  28. When dislikes are a 1/4 of total, you might want to rethink pretending your vids are facts rather than opinion.

  29. They didn't get to the gospel becouse they crytycized church and were incovinient to the ruleing class in it.

  30. look….we all know religion is bullshit. funny how all these commenters are arguing which bullshit is "real" bullshit and which is not. gnostic or not….all lies and bullshit nonsense.

  31. lol asking for sources like you cant fucking google it yourself fuck if your that bothered do some research the time it takes to write some of these comments you could have found out yourself he should have left a link for common sense in an age where information is at are finger tips yet people still want there hands held

  32. the bible itself has numerous contradictions, look up the people who witnessed jesus' supposed resurrection. the bible has as much truth as harry potter

  33. If this was brought to an debate kownlegde of human behavior and logic would make this more likely to have been the truth

  34. So many triggered Christians in the comments. Shocking!
    Guys, the fact is, your Bible didn't just drop out of the sky, fully formed. It was written, rewritten, edited, translated, and mistranslated by people. And yes, politics or personal beliefs were often involved. Pointing that out isn't an attack on your religion or your faith, it's just saying, "Hey, keep that context in mind when reading your holy book."

  35. I mean king James was the one who was credited for translating the Bible, (which is ironic because he was actually gay fun fact). Anything he didn’t like, he would take it out if it contradicted his beliefs, if the people who did all the work (as in translating it) didn’t want to, James would kill them. Shakespeare also wrote a few psalms for the Bible. My history teacher actually thinks it’s bull crap because of all the books that are missing and mistranslated (or purposely) phrases because of this

  36. How many bibles are out there? who knows. most were burned in Egypt when the library accidentally burned. It's always bothered me that there were so many different ones out there and I guess the people that transcribed the texts put their own beliefs into the translations. During Constantine's reign supposedly one Bible was to be made and texts were thrown out, others adopted. It kills me when some Bible thumped claims that if you don't believe his way, you're going to hell. Can't possibly be true.

  37. I been knew all this since I was 10 years old



  38. The Gnostic sect is a dead heretical branch of Christianity and they were never taken seriously like Arian Christianity

  39. Well, fastest sub and unsub to a channel ever! This was… Interesting at first… But it got worse and worse … Until the serpent being the good guy… Smh. What drivel. Buh bye là! Its too bad this sad attempt at entertainment was uploaded… Most of your other videos are insightful or at least have an entertaining delivery. Smh.

  40. My whole life ive believed that all these bibles and scriptures are all indivual rewritten versions of 1 origin book that noone (normal people) knows about. This helps my theory 😄 i loveee your videos. It reminds me of my fave history teacher who always told you the funnest and most controversial stories. Much love ♡

  41. Why is there a warning on this video? So some fucktard Christian water heads don't get upset? They're simpletons that can't think for themselves. Weak. Ignorant. Simpletons.

  42. For the ppl asking for resources just do your own research & you’ll see.. duh 😂😂 I know this is hard to hear..

  43. i strongly believe that the bible is not what we think it is more likely edited version i believe god is too good to be true i think he's a sinner too.

  44. After reading the ngostic gospels, I can say that these are completely false and fabricated. No doubt in my mind

  45. The biggest scam is that Jesus never appointed Paul the apostle. Yet, Paul’s writing is followed more than what Jesus actually preached. Mathew 5:17, read that passage.

  46. This is pretty simple to explain. Gnostics beliefs and rituals are of a mystical esoteric nature, that is to say magical. Which both the Holy Bible and Holy Quran highly object to. They are not just discovered. There are several copies of the Gnostic texts, just like there are several copies of the EXACT same words of the bible word for word through the centuries. The fascinating text that is not in the Bible and maybe should be is the book of Enoch.

  47. It's true. Woman is more righteous which is why she is kept underneath and not to be worshipped as well as Jesus is a spirit of love to teach the energy of love. Gods, there are many. God of….(for everything you can think of, there is a God of that thing.) Earth should be a Heaven. But people follow blindly and do not know love.

  48. I thought that I will subscribe, but now, seeing this without any sources, I will surely not. This is not history. This is shit.

  49. Many texts did not enter the bible because they are not inspired. simple, why would they put heresy into the Holy Bible? but let the haters run amuck for a time.

  50. Father Church, Constantine the last emperor and first pope, That has to be the biggest slap in the face to the Heart of those who Love Jesus, And that painful history of that empire of slavery plunder and mass genocide, And now this pope i use small case for the contempt i have this pope. He is making and pushing this agenda of having a person rule the planet, It begins with the UN and NWO out of Germany of course, That this UN will have the military might to enforce a global policy of their own, This must never come to pass, Were of one family people, In a universe filled with life, Be caring to each other, Peace,

  51. Everybody knows that the bible was heavily edited by The Roman Emperor Constantine aka the First Pope. the bible is just political propaganda

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