An exciting night on Samford’s campus—New
York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas took to the stage for the Percy Cook Ratliff
Lecture series—hosted by Orlean Beeson School of Education. Metaxas, whose #1 best seller Bonhoeffer:
Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, was awarded the Pollack Award for Christian Biography
by Beeson Divinity School—is familiar with Samford and its place in higher education. Samford takes its role as a Christian institution
seriously. Really, it is the Christian faith which gives
us the whole idea behind education and behind science and other parts of education that
are searched without fear, whatever the truth is and then defending the truth. All that’s important to the extent that Samford
takes that seriously and is communicating that to its students and the community, that’s
huge and I’m really just thrilled that’s still the case. Metaxas is widely known as an ambassador of
faith—and encourages Samford students to use its faith based education to search for
truth in the world. If you’re willing to think for yourself and
willing to stand up for the truth, you honor God and honor the truth and in the end you’ll
effect all kinds of people, some of whom you’ll meet and some whom you won’t.

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