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Baptist Church Orlando FL, For well over a
decade First Baptist Oviedo has been involved in reaching out to our community through dramatic
presentations.  It began with Judgment House giving a message of hope in the face of tragedy.
Because of prayers, hard work and the dedication of our members, thousands of people made decisions,
many surrendering their life to Christ.  This began an exciting journey for our church.  Well, now our church is embarking on another
dream that will give us the opportunity to reach out to families in our community and
beyond.  This year, I’m pleased to announce our new
endeavor, Christmas Village. This is a grass roots effort that started at the beginning
of this year and we believe it has the potential of exceeding the expectations of anything
we’ve ever done.  Christmas Village is the largest evangelistic
effort ever undertaken in our churches history, a venture made up of two enormous venues that
will not only reach out to a mature audience but to the entire family.   This coming December our church campus will
become a winter wonderland with synchronized lights on every building, music, drama, food,
games and much more.  Each evening our guests will have the opportunity to experience an
adventurous walk-through drama called “Full Blown” which takes place during a terrible
blizzard.  It’s a production where audience members are plunged into chilly arctic weather
while following a story line with an unpredictable outcome.   As the dramatic story draws to a close, the
Gospel message will be shared.  Upon exiting the presentation, our guests immediately enter
into another exciting aspect of Christmas Village, our Village Square. This will be
a village made up of cottages and booths where guests can do a variety of things such as
play booth-type games, try different foods, watch puppet shows and listen to live entertainment
provided by our very own choir, orchestra and band members. We knew that Christmas Village was a gift
from God when three separate people came up with the same idea at the same time unbeknownst
to each other. Even down to the very name Christmas Village.  What are the chances
of that happening without Divine Intervention…a direct prompting from God? The basic foundation has been laid.  We have
a strong story, designs and ideas, state of the art technologies and we have been blessed
to acquire a number of resources to help get us started.  Now, we’re ready to build a
village for the Kingdom of God.   Christmas Village is the place where Christians
can celebrate being part of the greatest family on earth and in Heaven and where non-church
members can be loved on by people who care about them deeply. It is a community of believers
coming together to share the Gospel, the Good News, the story of Christmas, the Cross & God’s
love for all people. Baptist Church Orlando FL

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