Avarice – a short film

Let’s play a game, a game of life We all desire for wealth, glory and fame I’ll help you get that, but in return, you must find me something So, are you guys in or not? Namaskar, I’m Prajwal. I don’t love movies, I live movies And I enjoy telling stories Well I strongly believe that, the way a story is told can completely change people’s perception Avarice is my latest film. And through this crowdfunding campaign I want to tell you all about it Avarice is a trilingual short film. Majorly made in Kannada, with a little mix of English and Hindi Our movie focuses on how we have let money control our emotions It is primarily based on Alan Watt’s thought, where he questions, “What if money was no object”? Avarice is a philosophical thriller about 3 strangers who are invited to play a game A scenario is built in which money is not at all an obstacle. And yet, these 3 strangers who are dreamers are asked to find a virtual phenomenon And by finding so, they would be rewarded with enormous wealth, glory and fame Which most of us desire. And every move of theirs is watched Wealth is a common destination, but the path we all take is different few become doctors, few become engineers, few get into business but how much do we actually like what we are doing? Well it’s quite common that we get up in the morning and we have to answer this Question to ourselves, “What am I even doing in life”? We get stuck in the rat race running behind money Avarice means “extreme greed for wealth”. This is what motivated me to tell the story to see if money is the only hindrance to take a leap towards success We have shot majority of the film, but to finish the shoot and complete the post production, We are in need of 2 lakhs. And that’s where you guys come in I’m extremely grateful to my team who are working selflessly on making Avarice big. And I really really can’t thank them enough. We literally have to squeeze out time from our regular day jobs, family and other commitments. and are working hard to make this dream come true With Avarice, we want to represent Kannada films on an international level With your support this dream will take very short time to see the daylight We want your support to make sure that this thought provoking fiction gets told by funding us, you will be a part of our journey we have 45 days to raise a target of 2 lakhs So in these 45 days even if we fail to raise 1 rupee less than 2 Lakhs, we won’t get any of it and all your money will be refunded. You must be wondering where the money goes, so let me tell you The money that you will be funding will be majorly used for post production Which involves Sound design, editing, VFX, DI, studio & equipment rentals and a lot more You can contribute via debit or credit card, or opt for net banking or even offline Cheque pickup service is available Avarice is not just one person’s story, it is all our stories Which is why we are reaching out to you Every little bit bitters, make it count for us We will be grateful to whatever you contribute We also have some interesting rewards for you in return. So please check our campaign page for details They say, “What goes around comes around” Join us in this journey today, fund us, thank you.

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