Aussie Outback Love Hunt

-Here we are. Kind of walk towards me. [INAUDIBLE] flew on my watch. Ladies are seriously forming
lines everywhere, uncontrollable to women. This is how desperate
we are for tits. We rode all the way, 210
kilometers, [INAUDIBLE] show us a tit. [INAUDIBLE] tit. But we’re getting it. Who wants to go on TV? You want to– no. Then we’ll dance. We’ll dance a while. It’d be a good night for you
to flick it, flick it off. -Get the old keg down. -Drew’s bringing a keg. -I’m going for a dip. [MUSIC PLAYING] ASHLIE OLIVER: This is my ute. It’s a Ford V8 It’s a 2003
model, mark one. It’s secondhand. It’s had a hard life. My boyfriend and I have build
it together, and he’s taught me how to do the whole
kit and kaboodle. I now know how to build a ute. And I have my little pig,
my little flying pig. It’s good to have something
quirky about the ute. And I’ve got the flying pig. Now, back here, I’ve got
a few more stickers. I’ve got “no undies, Monday to
Sunday.” At the top of the [INAUDIBLE], I’ve got “ride me
like you stole me.” It used to have a big workman’s canopy
on the back of it. And that was pretty shit. We used to call that the rape
dungeon, not that that ever happened in it. I go to B&S Balls. My goal this year to win the
wet t-shirt competition for the second year in a row. I won it last year, and last
year was my first year. My New Years resolution is not
to drink alcohol for a year. So it’ll be my first
B&S Ball sober. So it’ll be interesting. And this is Trevor the goat. I never really knew who
I was until probably about a year ago now. I had always changed myself
for my boyfriend. And I met my boyfriend James and
he was a country boy, so I became a country girl. And it’s the first time I felt
really comfortable in my skin. He’s been pretty faithful
since we’ve been together, so– ASHLIE OLIVER: He’s cheated
on me once. But that’s OK. I forgive him for that. Everyone makes mistakes
sometimes. And he made that mistake. And he said that he would
never do it again, and I believe him. I’m just trying to learn to love
myself, because I don’t love myself too much. So that’s where the non-drinking
comes in. I’m trying to respect
my body a bit more. ASHLIE OLIVER: I need all the
cheering, because the loudest cheer wins. -You won the wet t-shirt? ASHLIE OLIVER: I won
it last year. I need all the cheering
I can get. -I’m fighting for you, babe. ASHLIE OLIVER: Good. -Wet t-shirt rocks. I’m just going to
join in the fun. And I’m going to let me hair
down, not that I have much. But I’m going to let me hair
down and have a ball, because I love the Elmore B&S.
$120 at the gate. You cannot go wrong,
free booze. This is the biggest
event going. It is the absolute ultimate. [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING] -It’s better than size. -B&S is the best. [INAUDIBLE] B&S. [CHEERING] [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING] GLEN “MACCA” MCDONALD:
You never know. [CHEERING] [WHISTLING] ASHLIE OLIVER: I’m quite a
self-conscious sort of person. I think I’ve got a bit of
confidence in my boobs, but that’s about it. My lower half, I’m
not as confident. I feel confident when people are
cheering for me, but when they’re not, I’m like, aw,
am I not good enough? But then James always tells me
that I’ve got the best boobs, that he loves them. And he loves that they’re
more than a handful. So I’m OK with that. To have even had a chance
really, of winning, I would have had to have hooked
up with that guy. And I’m not willing
to do that. I have a boyfriend, and I’m
going to respect that. I don’t want to kiss someone
else just to win a stupid competition. I’m going to go back and
have a little snooze. I’m quite tired. So I’ll have a little kick. [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] -Having a good night? -Yeah, look at you, man. That’s what happens when
you’ve go to a B&S. -Lovin’ it! Woo! [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHING] [ENGINES REVVING] -Fucking love it. -On all like this, 200-odd
stickers here. And generally I can sell nearly
every one of them. We kept them here on Saturday. And they come back when they’re
sober on Sunday morning to pick them all up. -Yes, I have said no. They’ve asked, and I’ve said
no, I’m not doing that one. That one is just
below the line. It had something to
do with rape. And I refuse to do that,
because whichever way, that is not funny. -Yeah. What we say, basically, is
you’ve got to wear it. You come up with it, and you pay
me the money, but you’ve got to where it. That’s basically how
I look at it. Because our logo is the pig. [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING] [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I back pack the whole country 20 years ago. I thought i was a party animal. Not even close. Good times. P. S not to many women in. Darwin but the dancers are hot.

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