Aspen Baker: A better way to talk about abortion

It was the middle of summer
and well past closing time in the downtown Berkeley bar
where my friend Polly and I worked together as bartenders. Usually at the end of our shift
we had a drink — but not that night. “I’m pregnant. Not sure what I’m going
to do yet,” I told Polly. Without hesitation, she replied,
“I’ve had an abortion.” Before Polly, no one had ever told me
that she’d had an abortion. I’d graduated from college
just a few months earlier and I was in a new relationship
when I found out that I was pregnant. When I thought about my choices,
I honestly did not know how to decide, what criteria I should use. How would I know what
the right decision was? I worried that I would regret
an abortion later. Coming of age on the beaches
of Southern California, I grew up in the middle of
our nation’s abortion wars. I was born in a trailer on the third
anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Our community was surfing Christians. We cared about God, the less fortunate,
and the ocean. Everyone was pro-life. As a kid, the idea of abortion made me so
sad that I knew if I ever got pregnant I could never have one. And then I did. It was a step towards the unknown. But Polly had given me
a very special gift: the knowledge that I wasn’t alone and the realization that abortion
was something that we can talk about. Abortion is common. According to the Guttmacher Institute,
one in three women in America will have an abortion in their lifetime. But for the last few decades, the dialogue
around abortion in the United States has left little room for anything beyond
pro-life and pro-choice. It’s political and polarizing. But as much as abortion is hotly debated,
it’s still rare for us, whether as fellow women
or even just as fellow people, to talk with one another
about the abortions that we have. There is a gap. Between what happens in politics
and what happens in real life, and in that gap, a battlefield mentality. An “are you with us
or against us?” stance takes root. This isn’t just about abortion. There are so many important issues
that we can’t talk about. And so finding ways to shift the conflict
to a place of conversation is the work of my life. There are two main ways to get started. One way is to listen closely. And the other way is to share stories. So, 15 years ago, I cofounded
an organization called Exhale to start listening to people
who have had abortions. The first thing we did was create
a talk-line, where women and men could call to get emotional support. Free of judgment and politics,
believe it or not, nothing like our sevice had ever existed. We needed a new framework that could
hold all the experiences that we were hearing on our talk-line. The feminist who regrets her abortion. The Catholic who is grateful for hers. The personal experiences that weren’t
fitting neatly into one box or the other. We didn’t think it was right
to ask women to pick a side. We wanted to show them that
the whole world was on their side, as they were going through this deeply
personal experience. So we invented “pro-voice.” Beyond abortion, pro-voice works on hard
issues that we’ve struggled with globally for years, issues like immigration, religious
tolerance, violence against women. It also works on deeply personal topics
that might only matter to you and your immediate family and friends. They have a terminal illness,
their mother just died, they have a child with special needs
and they can’t talk about it. Listening and storytelling are
the hallmarks of pro-voice practice. Listening and storytelling. That sounds pretty nice. Sounds maybe, easy?
We could all do that. It’s not easy.
It’s very hard. Pro-voice is hard because we are talking
about things everyone’s fighting about or the things that no one
wants to talk about. I wish I could tell you that when you
decide to be pro-voice, that you’ll find beautiful moments of breakthrough
and gardens full of flowers, where listening and storytelling
creates wonderful “a-ha” moments. I wish I could tell you that there would
be a feminist welcoming party for you, or that there’s a long-lost sisterhood
of people who are just ready to have your back when you get slammed. But it can be vulnerable and exhausting
to tell our own stories when it feels like nobody cares. And if we truly listen to one another, we will hear things that demand
that we shift our own perceptions. There is no perfect time
and there is no perfect place to start a difficult conversation. There’s never a time when everyone will be
on the same page, share the same lens, or know the same history. So, let’s talk about listening
and how to be a good listener. There’s lots of ways to be a good listener
and I’m going to give you just a couple. One is to ask open-ended questions. You can ask yourself or someone
that you know, “How are you feeling?” “What was that like?” “What do you hope for, now?” Another way to be a good listener
is to use reflective language. If someone is talking about
their own personal experience, use the words that they use. If someone is talking about an abortion
and they say the word “baby,” you can say “baby.” If they say “fetus,”
you can say “fetus.” If someone describes themselves
as gender queer to you, you can say “gender queer.” If someone kind of looks like a he,
but they say they’re a she — it’s cool. Call that person a she. When we reflect the language of the person
who is sharing their own story, we are conveying that we are interested
in understanding who they are and what they’re going through. The same way that we hope people are
interested in knowing us. So, I’ll never forget being in one
of the Exhale counselor meetings, listening to a volunteer talk about how
she was getting a lot of calls from Christian women who
were talking about God. Now, some of our volunteers are religious,
but this particular one was not. At first, it felt a little weird for her
to talk to callers about God. So, she decided to get comfortable. And she stood in front of her mirror
at home, and she said the word “God.” “God.” “God.” “God.” “God.” “God.” “God.” Over and over and over again
until the word no longer felt strange coming out her mouth. Saying the word God did not turn this
volunteer into a Christian, but it did make her a much
better listener of Christian women. So, another way to be pro-voice
is to share stories, and one risk that you take on, when you
share your story with someone else, is that given the same
set of circumstances as you they might actually
make a different decision. For example, if you’re telling a story
about your abortion, realize that she might have had the baby. She might have placed for adoption. She might have told her parents
and her partner — or not. She might have felt relief and confidence,
even though you felt sad and lost. This is okay. Empathy gets created the moment we
imagine ourselves in someone else’s shoes. It doesn’t mean we all have
to end up in the same place. It’s not agreement, it’s not sameness
that pro-voice is after. It creates a culture and a society that
values what make us special and unique. It values what makes us human,
our flaws and our imperfections. And this way of thinking allows us to see
our differences with respect, instead of fear. And it generates the empathy that we need to overcome all the ways
that we try to hurt one another. Stigma, shame, prejudice,
discrimination, oppression. Pro-voice is contagious,
and the more it’s practiced the more it spreads. So, last year I was pregnant again. This time I was looking forward
to the birth of my son. And while pregnant, I had never been asked
how I was feeling so much in all my life. (Laughter) And however I replied, whether I was
feeling wonderful and excited or scared and totally freaked out, there was always someone there
giving me a “been there” response. It was awesome. It was a welcome, yet dramatic
departure from what I experience when I talk about
my mixed feelings of my abortion. Pro-voice is about the real stories
of real people making an impact on the way abortion and so many other politicized
and stigmatized issues are understood and discussed. From sexuality and mental health
to poverty and incarceration. Far beyond definition
as single right or wrong decisions, our experiences can exist on a spectrum. Pro-voice focuses that conversation
on human experience and it makes support and respect
possible for all. Thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Aspen Baker: A better way to talk about abortion”

  1. We should be terrified that 1/3 women have abortions. If you are “not pro abortion but pro choice,” then you should want to reduce that number. I also totally agree that you should listen and have a good conversation while openly disagreeing. What makes us human is that we all have different thoughts and feelings. We should be able to disagree without someone being offended.

  2. If you don't have the courage, resources or love to give to the baby. A-D-O-P-T-I-O-N is what you should think for the baby because you are giving him/her the right of life which every single human since the moment they exist have and don't forget, pregnancy was your fault not the baby's and if you kill him/her doesn't make you different than a murderer. You just want and easy exit from your mistakes stop y'all playing the victims it makes me teary and sick just to see people saying this is right, this is NOT right. As a feminist, as a woman and as a human is disgusting to see this. I'm sorry if I offend anyone but just imagine your niece,your little Bro or little sister being aborted and don't tell me that you still think is right. I'm aware there are cases where the mother is in danger or when she has been abused. With the first one the doctor should be the one telling the risks and solutions for his patient and in the second I think adoption is the solution.

    Maybe is a right for some people but what about the baby's rights? He/she can't defend her/himself you supporters are psychopaths and disgusting people.

  3. Okay #1 just because something is common does not make it ok or good or even acceptable. Assault and battery is common, domestic abuse is common, murder is common, none of them are ok or acceptable. #2 Overall I’m for depolarization in politics in 90% of subjects, but when it comes to abortion it IS us Vs. them, it those who protect and nurture life and science Vs. those who preach conveniency and are apathetic and selfish. There is middle ground but it’s not just accepting that an evil act is happening en masses and pretending it’s normal. A middle ground is a place where both sides try to set aside their biases and hostility and discuss with their opponents their differing opinions. What this lady described is purely willful ignorance. It “gets rid of” the problems by pretending it’s ok or normal or isn’t even an issue until everyone believes it. It’s essential see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. It’s how all of histories worst times and events have come to fruition and it’s what this moron believes we should all act like.

  4. Counseling and support for women in difficult circumstances is something anyone with a brain supports.

    But it doesn't make the core issue go away. What justifies the deliberate killing of an innocent human being? That's the only question that matters in the end. The work of death isn't suspended because we increase our understanding of peoples' motives and problems.

  5. I guess that woman who couldn't say the word God without feeling uncomfortable was demon possessed.

    God bless 🙂

  6. It is sad that you chose yourself over an innocent life. Your child should not have had to bear the brunt of your actions. You were looking for a way out. You grabbed at any reason that would make it all right in your mind to have an abortion. That is why all pro-choice women hyperventilate and go insane when shown pictures of aborted babies. Because they have pushed down and told their conscience to shut up so they won't have to realize the ramifications of their abortions. All pro-choice women know there were other choices than murder, but they choice the one most convenient for them. Sad sad sad the mental calisthenics you have to do to rationalize your abortion.

  7. “Are You REALLY ProLife?”–B8ZDqIqbOtzJHpnJwhYcqvIg

  8. Call it what you want, abortion is murder…and every woman that has had one will have to answer in the end for it.

  9. A safe place to talk about your feelings after you murdered your child so you can unload your guilty conscience and receive a high five.

  10. A letter to a mother to be.
    Hello Mother, I know you can't hear me but I am here, I have arrived. During your screaming last night something happened that I can't explain. I was swimming around and then wallah a huge flash of light and every part of your DNA and who ever, was transformed into me. Instantly I became an entity a part of you, and my existence was realized. I may not be able to speak, run, play hide and seek for everything after the creation that is not a voluntary function has to be learned and my only hope is that you will allow yourself to be my teacher.
    Even though I may be microscopic right now I am alive, I am just waiting to grow into the wonderful person I know I could be with your help. Is 9 months to much to ask? If when my dependence on you to breath is not to your liking, you could always pass me off to another wanting parent, I won't feel sad I won't even know that you have discarded me, but I will be grateful that at least you gave me a chance to experience life, for that is what conception is all about.
    When I think about all of those wanting mothers to be who cannot conceive, I can't help but think how blessed you and I truly are, for we both are now experiencing God's gift for the continuation of humanity.
    Note to my mother from your guest, you will not believe how fast my life has changed in just the first trimester, I now have a heart beats with a regular rhythm, and it feels and sounds something like yours. My arms and legs are growing longer, and my fingers and toes have begun to form, I tickle your tummy every now and then just to let you know I am here.
    I hope I don't have a weight problem because at the end of 8 weeks, I am looking more human and I am nearly 1 inch long and my weight has increased rapidly to just under 1/8 of an ounce. I am in awe of my reality and astonished to find I have a heart, soul and mind, and all of me can't wait to grow big enough so I can meet you and put a glowing smile on your face that only a baby can. Mother did you ever think that you would be teaching a fetus through your very own genetics?
    I can't thank you enough for allowing me the same right to life that was afforded to you by your mother, and I hope I will make you proud for your sacrifice. I can't tell you in words now, but when I get old enough you will see it in my eyes how wonderful it is to hold and feel my own identity. I cannot express how wonderful it will be to meet you personally, and just to let you know I am here, I will periodically give you a little love tap with my feet which are getting really big. Mom, I hope you don't mind my letting you know what is taking place in the dark recesses of your body.
    It is really dark in here, but I am never afraid because I listen to the music coming from your heart, to my heart. Life is a gift that should be given in love and there is no stronger a bond of love than that of a mother to her child. I overheard the doctor tell you that you are in the second trimester, he said I am now about 3 inches long, did you know I keep my legs curled up to my stomach. Every time you speak my heart rate rises from the vibration of your voice and I love it when you take hot baths, I find you sing beautiful lullabies which is very soothing and it makes me feel secure.
    Hi again it's your favourite guest I heard the doctor say that I am now around 7 and 1/4 pounds he said I came a long way these last 3 months, and I can't wait to meet you. the last seven months of my life went by so quickly, he also stated I was 14 inches long. Listening to all of these conversations and your soothing voice makes me so happy that you are going to be my mother, I feel so honoured, so privileged, I can't wait for us to meet in person.
    Ha mom, is there something wrong you were to the doctor only four days ago and I am feeling your stress and anxiety, I feel very afraid now. what is happening? Mom can you hear me, can't you read my thoughts something is pulling on my leg and it hurts so bad, I think my leg is gone now they are after the other leg, Mom please tell me what I did? Why are they pulling me apart? I have feelings and now by body is being torn apart limb by limb, how can this be called civil? You wouldn’t do that to any living thing? Mom I love you, but my head is hurting from the pressure of the forceps.
    Good bye Mother, my hopes of realization are not to be, you have successfully succeeded in eliminating your unwanted guest, and that dark red and black blob on the table is my broken heart and brains. Why would you toy with the creation of life, only to snuff it out at your leisure? Life is a gift from God, to be cherished and protected until it can protect itself, and failure to do so only exposes those people that are selfish and are an excuse to humanity.
    Good bye mother, for the memory of you will linger long in my heart, while my murder will play havoc on your mind for years to come. PJR

  11. If Pro Voice seeks to create a culture that values what
    makes us special and unique and values what makes us human (our flaws, our
    imperfections), why do you say abortion is ok? Help me understand why the human
    growing inside the woman’s womb is somehow not special and unique simply
    because it is smaller, not as developed, is more dependent and not in the same
    place as you or I? Sorry, Pro Voice may be a better way to talk about some
    things, but never to justify the willful and deliberate act of killing another
    human being.

  12. Why is it a pro choice argument to state the whole "1 in 3" or "1 in 4" women will have an abortion….. that's disgusting!! Proves the point that we need to do something about it as a society!! Makes me sick.

  13. Damn we will never find a a common ground on this issue bottom line is it’s medically necessary in some cases

  14. Guess who NEEEVER gets to talk about abortion…

    The baby who gets murdered before it has a voice (who usually is female).

    Murdering babies is MUBAR 👎🏼👎🏼🤥😵👿☠️

  15. “We all don’t have to end up in the same place…”

    But every aborted child ends up in the same place 🤔

  16. I am left leaning on most issues and I'm all for woman's rights and all but I can't get on board with the pro choicers, it just goes against everything I believe morally.

  17. Where is the pro life TED talk? Even though half the country believes a baby is baby, TED talk still does not allow it I suppose.

  18. Because you were careless, you got pregnant and then decided that the baby would be a burden to you, so you killed it.

  19. This was really good. People should have these discussions. I think it would help us all politically. I am pro life but I have reservations recently. I just feel different and I don’t know why.

  20. Pro "adult" voice, stories about everything except stories which challenge the ageist assumption that inside an adult women, a embryo, fetus, and baby have no human rights, and the"choice" is awarded to the adult female over the "infant" female.

  21. “Don’t worry, sweetie. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s all about our personal experiences.” Ughh. What drivel!

  22. To every woman that want to kill their unborn babies, I would ask them if they know what the word "sentient" means. Do they appreciate that they are a sentient human? In law, there is only two things, 1, sentient humans and 2, property. A sentient human is legally defined as a person composed of matter and possing the ability to feel sensation, who can perceive their existence, have the ability to learn and have consciousness. To consider a sentient human to be "property" is both unlawful and immoral. From the beginning of the concept of human rights under the law, no sentient human has the right to kill another sentient human. To kill such a sentient human is murder. Killing your unborn baby is against natural law. America has allowed the murder of over 61 million innocent sentient humans under Row vs Wade.

  23. I offer a free service to anyone considering getting an abortion. I call it “Personal Responsibility”. You made a choice, now deal with it.

  24. I can use the words that I choose to use and other people can try to understand or ask for my context instead of assuming my context just because you are offended.

  25. I would argue that the whole world is NOT on the “side of the women” making the choice for abortion. Your talk is just a play on words to make this all acceptable and okay. What is being said is- it’s a hard choice so if we “just listen” it will be okay. “When we reflect on the words people are saying we are conveying that we have an interest in who they are and what they are going through.”
    So we want to be able to “listen and talk” with empathy, okay, but no matter how well people are taught to listen and talk with someone about abortion, no listening ear or kind words can take away the FACT that an innocent human being’s life is at stake of being ended by the choice of the person who is the host (the mother) of that newly formed life. No matter how hard we listen or what kind words are used in talking with someone about abortion only the right of the host (mother) is being considered and the right of the life of the newly formed human being (the baby) is being denied.

  26. What a complete load of rubbish, dressing up the murder of babies with nice words. This is a dark force trying to corrupt the minds of the new generations. If you make the choice to have intercourse than you need to be ready for the chance f a child. If a woman has the horrible of experience of rape that also doe's not mean it is the babies fault so it is still not a justification to murder a life.

  27. What she proposes is really nice. But defibitelly, she didn't undestand the claim of the anti-anortionist at all. This solves almost nothing

  28. Abortion was introduced into the black community by the American left by Margaret Sanger to "kill them and other human weeds" Abortion was and is about killing people. If you use emotive words like "women's rights" and "choice" you'll get people to believe just about anything. The Democrats used the same argument of "choice" to defend slavery, nothing has changed.

  29. Yes listen to the mothers who failed at the one most important thing, to protect their children!!!
    You let somebody rip apart your own child. Your own flesh and blood. This has nothing to do with religion. This has something to do with humanity and morals. If a mother would do this to her child after the birth people would be so discusted.
    It is your child, and you have to protect it.
    Now you are happy about your child because it fits in your life.
    What about your other child, the one who will nether take his/her first breth? Will never be abel to so this beautiful world, hug his/her parents or his/her own children.
    You stole a life.
    What you did was a crime against your own helpless child.
    Thats the sad thruth. I have never been so honest/so direct but young women are pushed into thinking that beeing able to have an abortion is pro woman. It is not!
    We have to protect woman to help them and give them love and support! (Sry for my bad english)

  30. Everyone is indeed talking about the wrong thing. We should be discussing how to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

  31. Have you noticed that the creative power we call God has never forced anyone to do anything? Therefore every person who has ever been born has chosen its birth parents for its own reasons. We are more than our conscious waking mind, we have a real self which thinks, plans and has goals. Some spirits only want to be in the physical dimension of life for a short time, so abortion, miscarriage & stillbirth fit their plan. Miscarriage and stillbirth can have physical causes so it is not always the spirit’s desire. All of us were spiritual beings before we were born and we will continue to be. Our real self uses its free will to be born over and over. Reincarnation explains why children can be so different from their parents and siblings. Watch my video for more.

  32. She's right. There ARE so many issues we are not allowed to talk about. Among them, this, the MOST important issue facing western society today: western society is starting to fall and will continue falling and will fall if we don't now take action Kremlins evil deeds , dirty tricks and attempts to use useful leftists marxist idiots, multiculturalism , feminism , and class struggle to input, divide and conflict in western societies with the help of influx of islamic culture and Islam as 5th columns so bring down western society from within, like Russia has been doing i inside Ukraine with corruption, nepotism and political strong arming for years … Russia use mafia tactics in Ukraine and Marxist tactics in the west to attack and destroy the OIKOS of the target nation.
    Destroying a nation OIKOS brings it down and why the OIKOS in a nations identity is fundamental to its existence.
    Remember Russia is using Syrian refugees to flood the EU and western nations as it will help massively in Kremlins goal in destroying the western nations OIKOS and therefore bring down the west. 
    What is now happening in Europe with Islam is the same that has happen in Ukraine, Russians was using Communism back in the day to sink promote Russian dominance (RuSSianisem) and have  destroyed the Ukrainian OIKOS in the nation and therefore the Ukrainian identity and therefore also the culture and language and national identity. 
    Modern sociology—OIKOS
    The term Oikos is contemporarily used to describe social groups Alternatively, as Aristotle used it in his Politics, the term was sometimes used to refer to everybody living in a given house
    And today you can see this happen in Europe with islam with the help of a generation of marxists leftist multiculturalist Idiots from the west … The  leftist marxist socialist that have been Indoctrination with Political Correctness and Marxist ideology are now in-fact working and they are doing this subconsciously without even realizing it themselves to bring down western values system, culture and identity within the west itself .. The Kremlin  has been slowly for a long time, all the way back to the days of the cold war steady Indoctrinating MARXISM into the western via Labor Unions , leftists programs and the educational system with lefties professors and high schools teachers for years and now we see the results and fruits of that work from the Kremlin !!            
    It is called Active measures (Russian: активные мероприятия) is a term for the actions of political warfare conducted by the Soviet and Russian security services (Cheka, OGPU, NKVD, KGB, FSB) to influence the course of world events, in addition to collecting intelligence and producing "politically correct" assessment of it.

  33. God is the final authority. He is the originator of all life. He created you with a freewill to choose the good and reject the evil. Every rational being sees Abortion as an evil. God says in Jeremiah 1:5: "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, [and] I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."  

    Whatever spin folk put on this, Abortion is the deliberate act of violence toward and killing of an individual whose rights have been denied. We are quick to stand up and defend human rights and talk about equality for all, gender pay gaps, gay rights, racism, etc but when it comes to the unborn we somehow become like Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde. It is a woman's responsibility as a mother to protect the rights of her unborn child and her born child and to fight for those rights to life, freedom and individuality. We slap ourselves on the back and see ourselves as special and unique but we somehow have this great disconnect from our origins in the womb. The Lord says in Isaiah 5:20, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"  

    We all make mistakes, we all make poor decisions. Choice not Chance determines destiny. And the choices of the so called 50 million American people who have been aborted since the 1970s have never been allowed to be expressed. That fundamental right was denied them. Their destiny was determined by some one else, the woman who carried them. So much for human rights.

  34. Not all abortions are Moloch Worship. If the fetus is thrown away, that’s not a proper sacrifice. Read Leviticus 18:21 for guidelines.

  35. Seems like 1.1K don't want to talk about abortion – mind's too made up either way to even consider talking, and likely would prefer something more confrontational and one-sided.

  36. You will know after the beautiful child has added so much life to your whole family! or a life of condemnation self hate, a little seed you killed your own baby guilt!

  37. A child murder was "a step towards the unknown". Brilliant… I don't think of you as of a human being therefore ending your life is ok by my standards.

  38. Not all women can become moms. Being pregnant does not make one a mom either. That's why there are failures like this speaker. Just so that she can talk about abortion one day and get applauded. She killed her fetus, and therefore, she should be ashamed of herself, but instead she seems proud of the "lesson" she learned. Not too many people are ready to become parents. That's why there are contraceptives, morning after pill, adoption, and abstenence to list a few. Neglecting to take care of their own bodies, pro-choice women resort to killing innocent babies. Now if that's not selfish I don't know what selfish is. There is nothing good about abortion. It not only kills innocent lives, but also it damages women's bodies and negatively affect their minds. I hope, one day, abortion becomes prohibited nationwide.

  39. From the same people who want you to feel sorry for pedophiles! F*ck you TED. Insane leftists cult propaganda.

  40. Since roe vs wade irresponsible Women have become prolific murderous genocidal leftist maniacs.”Dont judge me for killing my baby! “
    lady just because you throw on a dowdy dress and try to appear “ conservative” but we all know you are nothing but a puppet for the genocidal left.
    We see through your manipulative game.this entire speech talks to the audience as they are children.. insulting.

  41. Ridiculous. You’re either for the killing of babies or against it. There’s no middle ground and no other way of talking about it.

  42. Of course women should be careful and take care of their own bodies and reduce the chances of being in a situation where they have a unwanted child. However there are loads of situations that can be found like rape and forcing a women to have the child which they can't look after (remember that people have abortion because either they can't look after the child or they are too young) It can cause the child to have a terrible life they may not even survive if for example the mother's parents disown her and she gets forced to fend for herself. It happened often and we can't take away someone's right to a life. I'm going to say it now that I'm a young woman (Age is classified) and if I was too find out that I'm pregnant it would ruin my life and I would be devastated. I would follow the abortion rules for example I think it's above 5 weeks u cannot abort but I'm afraid I think abortion would be my only option. To understand there point of view u must imagine a situation where I wouldn't and couldn't keep the child. It is a very difficult decision but I'm sure that alot of women will be able to make that choice and I want that choice to be available. Forcing a women to have a child is not morally right either so if ur using the moral argument then it doesn't work.

  43. Where are the proud parents of Fetus's? Have you heard of 1984? The world of double speak. Abortion is not health care. This is genocide. There is a purpose greater than the mother with every unborn child. Rape will never go away, a child doesn't loose it's right to exist because they were a product of an evil act.

  44. PRO-LIFE help & support Canada.
    Abortion is a choice you can never take back. Post-abortion trauma and emotional pain is more common than you know. Support resources do exist to help women deal with unplanned pregnancy. From emotional support, to adoption counselling, to helping you talk through your goals for the future, to helping expectant mothers get into a safe environment, there are pro-life pregnancy centres across Canada that are willing to help you.
    For emergency support phone the crisis pregnancy support line: 1-800-665-0570.
    To locate a pregnancy center or support resource near you, please visit the Choice 42 website

  45. For PRO-LIFE help in the UK contact "Pregnancy Matters"…
    You can either call, text, or send us a message via the website.
    Here's all you need to know:
    Call – 0808 802 5433

  46. Could you use some help to keep your baby?
    Pregnant in difficult circumstances?
    Wherever you are in the USA be sure to try these pregnancy resources:
    PROLIFE Across AMERICA’s Hot line: 1-800-366-7773
    The National Life Center: 1-800-848-LOVE (5683

  47. Abortion kills babies..FACT! But this person doesn't want to face up to the TRUTH…they just smother it in sugar coated rhetoric and euphemisms to try and make it sound palatable…

  48. Every woman who’s ever murdered a child developing/growing inside them: “”murder of the unborn is okay, because otherwise I couldn’t live with myself “”(for doing so)!!!

  49. No one ever “regrets” the difficult & Courageous decision to give/birth life.

    Who knows someone who regrets giving birth – bearing life.
    No one!

  50. What a wonderful message! I as a woman, I don't have any option but to abort, and that's the hope I have, to have no hope

  51. Well,it’s not abortions that we should support we should support the right of doing One. Think a bit about a woman remaining pregnant and The doctors tell her that she can’t deliver the baby as she has a illness and giving birth Could Kill her. Should she keep the baby? I know a case. My mom’s friend had three kids and she was pregnant with the fourth and The doctors told her to abort because there are 90% chances that she’ll die delivering. And she still chose to deliver:both she and the kid died. Was it worth the risk?
    Think about women who are raped. Abortion should never be a choice but should always be an option. A life saving option

  52. I thought this is about abortion 🤔? Is it only me or I am missing something here?
    So she basically created an online platforms for women to vent out about their experiences righ? Again where is your argument about abortion!

  53. How disappointing it is to have Democrats encourage a child be separated from his or her mother permanently through abortion.
    Gun violence is horrible, I agree .But so is being torn apart alive limb from limb, then the babies brains are being crushed and their cells are used as "stem cells " to cure diseases. Also getting a shot in the heart which causes cardiac arrest. The baby dies in the womb from the poison and the mother gives birth to a dead baby. ( If you had an abortion. I feel for you , your not a monster , forgive yourselves and help others not make the same mistakes. You are loved and your life matters )

  54. Abortion is murder. Unless (and this is a relatively rare unless) your life is in danger. I am not the one to make the decision in this situation and it is a extremely sad situation to go through because there will be a definite loss of a human life. Another point is that if you are unable to support the child in which you are birthing, there are many solutions for you that do not include abortion.

  55. You have your Child Alive inside You….
    do not kill your Child…
    5x mortality if you let kill4cash abortionist crush your child's skull…
    Give Life..!!! Your beautiful Child will be a blessing and you can keep her/him or bless a Loving Parent Yearning to Live your Beautiful Child… and You'll live longer & be more healthy for having birthed a beautiful child..!!!

  56. Rachel's vineyard is the answer for post abortive women to heal the wound to the soul that happens to women when they have committed this grave moral evil of killing their own child.

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