HAHAHHexcited!!!!!!!!!! hihhhhh*intro* hi guys i am so excited cause today as you all know i am in Thailand and they have a new KFC cheese chicken you guys i am so excited like why, why don’t we have this in Canada, like come on i don’t even know how to do this i guess i’ll put it on here first the one i can eat (this looks so yum) wow whatever *inaudible* OH MY GOD! it’s so good WOW!!! the chicken is nice and spicy look at that cheese i have to tell you something after eating KFC in Thailand KFC back home just doesn’t taste the same anymore but i kid you not it’s so much crunchier here cheese is so good WOW! that was so good if you guys get a chance to visit Thailand, you have to try KFC i am telling you, it’s not the same which it should be because it’s a chain, right? but it’s not anyways i will see you guys in the next video 😘 ❤LOVE YOU GUYS❤ follow SAS-ASMR ,SASVlogs,yukiki ONCE (fist writing subtitle ^-^)

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