Ask a Priest- Are Unity Candles Allowed at Catholic Weddings?

Yeah, I think that the unity candle starts
out with a good purpose. And the idea of our desire to show
unity, especially at the time of a wedding when the couple are truly becoming one flesh.
We want that unity to be shown. We want to see it. So the idea of the unity candle was brought
about for that reason, but I think we forget that that unity we’re seeking is actually
shown in the flesh of Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist. And by the reception of that Eucharist, of
the Eucharist by the bride and groom. When they receive it, that is the symbol, the sign of unity… is the reception of holy Communion. So I would say that for Mass I don’t like
to do the unity candle because I recognize that the Eucharist is that sign. So I explain that to couples and try to teach
them that. I obviously let them if they want to do it
at the reception after the wedding to do that, that’s perfectly fine. Um, some do have it at weddings. It’s usually a personal choice between the
priest and them but also in cases of one of them not being Catholic. I would definitely offer that for them because
we might not celebrate the Mass because that true unity that the Eucharist also displays
is the reception of that Communion and when one of the members, one of the spouses, cannot
receive it shows a disunity in a sense. So the unity candle would be a good way to
supplement for that situation so I wouldn’t celebrate a Mass necessarily but I would have
a service with a unity candle.

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