Art2Heart Coaching – Hey Church Girl! Give up!?

good morning everybody welcome to my
morning chat and I got a little bit of coffee left not much but I’m just
enjoying it this morning just gonna wait for a few people to come on and today
I’m going to talk about GIVE UP and I’m just gonna wave and say hi if you’re
here with me today and hello how are you and just join in and let me know what
you think about what I have to say and what I’m talking about today is GIVE UP what do I mean when I say GIVE UP what I’m saying is give when you give good
morning Gaye when you give give UP like think of it as an UPGRADE when you’re
giving it’s the Christmas season and at this time of year we give out a lot of
gifts and we do talk we do think about it you know how much it does cost us but
I just want to challenge you HI Letisha and Brenda hello I just want to
challenge you to change your thinking and think of it hi Tammy as GIVING UP as
an upgrade that you are grateful for what you have the morning you’re
grateful for what you have and whatever you give
oh hello Roxanne I sorry I’m just gonna take a minute to say hi to people
because you know obviously I’m not getting a complete thought out of my
mouth before I’m like thrilled to see all these people I have to tell you a
story about my one friend and I when I was going through a divorce I I got a
phone call or I got a message every like I just got it all the time from my one
friend Roxanne and I realized at the end of the year
that she had contacted me every day like every day just to ask me how I was a
huge gift huge gift and got me through so that that makes me cry anyway I’m
talking about give UP and what do I mean when I say give UP what I mean when I
say give UP is when you give think of it as an UPgrade and when you’re giving to
others that is such that is such when you can make it part of who you are and
part of not just what you own to be grateful for everything that we own in
it and that sort of thing but to just make it part of you that comes out to
the surface and gets shared with another human that’s what I mean when I say give
UP like be grateful for what we have and when we share share like it’s part of us
and that’s what I wanted to say today and I think that’s one of that you can
even create like a filter when you give something to someone
is it an UPgrade and I don’t mean give big expensive things to other
people so that their life is better I mean DOES IT GIVE YOU AN UPgrade how
does it make you feel hi Louanne how does it make you feel
when you give to this person the other thing that can help us give UP or give
as an UPgrade is to give without any strings attached I you know I’ve had in
the past experience and I’ve heard people say well if they give to me then
I’ll give back to them and that’s not giving UP that’s giving with conditions
and this is not what this season is about it’s about having gratitude for
what we have and sharing what we have now that can come in lots of different
forms it can come in forms of your time it can come in for as a
message that comes through it’s through the internet through a texting or a
phone call it can be it can be inviting someone to join you for a meal you know what
it’s it you all know this because it’s all really simple things and and it’s
really what comes from the heart so when you give give UP give as an UPgrade to
yourself and to others and you will find that your giving will become way more
satisfying and yeah that’s what I wanted to talk about this morning was about how
we give and oh I got these earrings they were given to me hi Rachel I got these
earrings they were given to me by my best friend and she made them and she
they’re kind of ingenious actually aren’t they because they’re a little bit
different and she just used your imagination and created these earrings
and gave them to me that’s just like holy cow Peggy good job good job she’s she’s so talented anyway I just wanted to say
good morning tis the season for giving so let’s give UP give us an UPgrade give
us an UPgrade for yourself and for the other person and it doesn’t have to be
big and expensive it can just be what ever is possible for you and what’s
important is a little bit of time taken on the inside as you give a gift so
that’s the message today love everybody thank you so much for joining me I’m
just going to give a quick wave back because you all are so amazing for
taking the time to spend with me today okay love you bye

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