Armed Robber ARRESTED In Church!!!

Those of you that have the Anointing Water, I want to minister it to you to let you know what you are having. Can you open it? Raise it up, and stand up. Blessed be the name of the Lord He is worthy to be praised and adored So we lift up holy hands in one accord Singing blessed be the name of the Lord. You just stretch it forward for the
benefit of those who do not have the Anointing Water. Whether you have it or not, all I know, once you spray it on the air now, whether it fall on your clothes or body, it will catch fire. Shout, Jesus! Spray it in the air. See what is happening.
People are falling one after another. The anointing of God is flowing right now, see what is happening. As he led them in prayer, and they began to spray the Anointing Water, the mighty power of God fished out all the unclean spirits in their midst. Say, In the name of Jesus. Open your lips and spray it into your mouth. Drink! Open your lips. Hallelujah! Amen! Whatever unclean spirit! Out! Whatever that causes you failure! Out! Whatever that causes you sickness! Out! Whatever causes you hardship! Out! Whatever that causes you barrenness! Out! Whatever that causes you nightmares! Out! Amen! Face your neighbour and begin to command whatever sickness and spray it on your neighbour. Command whatever sickness and disease. Prayer! As they sprayed the Anointing Water towards their neighbours, many began to manifest and shake uncontrollably. Truly God is at work. Where the light of God is, darkness has no hiding place. As the evil spirits within them tried to escape, the power of God operating through the Anointing Water, many rolled back and forth, others trembled. Someone has coughed out this blood substance which was the root cause of their affliction. The name of Jesus Christ is power and fire which makes satan and his agents tremble and flee. Watch your screen and see what is happening. See what is happening as they are spraying the Anointing Water. Watch the screen of your television set and see what is happening in the midst of the people. See an armed robber. Watch your screen and see what is happening. Amen. I’m an armed robber and a cultist. I took a blood oath. You are what? I’m an armed robber and a cultist. As the prayer continues, this man who is an armed robber and a cultist is fished out. And the evil spirit within him is forced to confess. Spray the Anointing Water and see. Watch your screen! The brother says he is an armed robber and a cultist. The man of God instructed people among the congregation to spray the Anointing Water towards the man who confessed to be an armed robber and cultist. Unable to stand the mighty power of God, he rolled back and forth on the floor. Feeling uneasy due to the fire of the Holy Ghost, he began to pull off his clothes. The fire is clearly too much for him, and he tried with all of his might to put out the invisible flames. Who has Anointing Water? Ok, come here! Tell him to stand up and answer. Stand up and answer, in Jesus’ name! Hallelujah! Look! Tell him to do like this. Jump up, in the name of Jesus! At the instruction of the man of God, he commanded the exposed armed robber and cultist to jump in the name of Jesus Christ; and the man was forced to jump. In the name of Jesus, I command you to jump and talk. You can see. These are the people terrorising us out there. He said that he is an armed robber and cultist. You can see what the power of God can do. Ask him to stand up again. Stand up, in the name of Jesus! I command you to stand up in the mighty name of Jesus! Tell him to jump! Stand up! He shall jump up! Put your hand on your ear and jump up! In the mighty name of Jesus, jump! Jump, in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen! It’s alright. Tell him to go and sit down. Come back! Come back, in the name of Jesus. I command you to come back, in the name of Jesus! Tell him to sit down. Sit down on the floor, in the mighty name of Jesus! My name is Christian, and I am 25 years old. I am a cultist and also an armed robber. In 2008, when I travelled outside the country, I was deported. It left me with nothing, causing me to roam about in the streets. I started smoking Indian hemp and moving with bad guys. What really motivated me to join the cult is the way they lavish money. They can eat a hundred thousand naira at a go. I asked my friend to put me through so that I would belong to the cult. He asked me if I was willing to keep to the rules. I told him that I was willing to do anything. He then told me to come back and see him in 3 days. I called him and he said he was going to take me to our leader. After two weeks, they called me and I went to see them. They took me to the forest and asked me to take off my clothes, which I did. They told me to raise my hands. They tied my hands and asked me to lie down. There were 10 of them and they lashed me 25 strokes of machete drilling. They also used a razor blade to cut my left hand. Then they asked me to take my blood and keep whatever we did there a secret. I promised that I would keep everything a secret. After one week, they called and said that there was a mission for us. They brought out arms,
cutlasses and axes. They gave me one tool to carry out
the mission with them. Then we went and it was successful and we came back After three days they called me
for another mission. On our way, the police took us unawares. They shot two of our guys who were instantly dead. I went to a herbalist for charms so that the bullets would not penetrate my body. The herbalist did it for me. They called us again for another mission,
in which we lost three souls. Six of us were left alive. I have charms in my body which I use
for operations. DELIVERANCE TIME This is Christian, the armed robber and cultist who is now receiving deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit, after he has given his confession. You are delivered, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! We believe you have been inspired by the clip you have just watched. Click here to subscribe to witness more of God’s power at work in our generation today, and stay up-to-date with the latest prophecies, deliverances, sermons and testimonies from The SCOAN. Emmanuel TV – Changing lives, Changing nations, and Changing the world.

99 thoughts on “Armed Robber ARRESTED In Church!!!”

  1. why can't he go to every hospitals in the country and heel everyone ? if he is truthful.

    ooo people ,they are fooling you with nice actor's .

  2. Lord Jesus Christ, God of TB Joshua. I place Shannon Leone Lewis Blair before you Lord. She has been battling cancer for more than 6 months now Lord. She is a believer that has been dedicated to you from the womb. Her father died while she was still a little girl from cancer. Lord cancer will not take her life in Jesus name. God of TB Joshua give this young woman a testimony and the last laugh Lord. Cancer will not laugh at her family. Cancer will not make her children motherless, will not make her husband a widower, will not make her sister sisterless, will not steal the first fruit of her parents union. Prophet please pray for deliverance please. I reach out to you from Jamaica but she is a born again Jamaican currently in US receiving treatment and chemotherapy but the physical eye , the blood tests and science are not looking favourable right now. Our faith look up to you Lord Jesus for deliverance and healing in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
    Thank you for her miracle and testimony in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  3. I live in ibadan and I need the anointing water hw can I get it. I am a very busy person at work they won't give me time to go any where because of the pressure of work. I watch emmanuel TV on my phone every time I have an opportunity and I believe in what God is doing in the synagogue church

  4. Man of God pray for me please I needs some of the anointing water I leave in Boston Mass .How can I get this water

  5. Father TB Joshua may u lived long my king.
    How can I get the anointin water I lived In American in Omaha, NE. Please pray for my families especially me

  6. God hs healed me 2 when i was on my bed crying for 6 month extrimely he healed me now i m fit n fine when i see my past life it was very dirty n shamefull life but god he is very gracious slow in anger n fast to forgive i was forgiven and he extend my life amen n amen

  7. for those of you that always talk bad against pastor TB JOSHUA,may God forgive you,how many men of God that can do generous works he's been doing,may God open your eyes to see ! GOD BLESS TB JOSHUA

  8. In the name is Jesus you will be exposed with all these stupid tricks . Fooling innocent desperate people for gain . The true God is watching you .


  10. Horrified at the rubbish, so many gullible people , I'm sure they paid a lot for this 'anointed' water.

  11. why is the white ppl doing this to africa my country 🙁 religions are all made up and created by the white and arabes

  12. Prophet T.B.Joshua how can i get the anointing water…i'm in Solomon Islands south pacific

  13. Let me get this straight, you claimed you healed people, yet you are asking them to hold their ears and jump in the name of Jesus like some bunch of prisoners!That's absolute nonsense..

  14. Dear pastor how we get Anointing water.( Sanjiv Peter) Kolkata India M. No. 09339894429/sir pray for me my family and for my nation INDIA /ALLELUIA ALLELUIA ALLELUIA

  15. It's suprising why these corrupt pastors continue to deceive their gullible followers while fattening their bank accounts.

  16. Just today our neighbor was raided on by a gang of armed robbers. Only if we would know God and this Jesus our Lord and Savior! Prophet T.B Joshua is pointing us to this almighty God, but the world is so blind and busy with vain business. Christ have mercy! In Jesus' Name! Amen.

  17. Please my daddy in the Lord, help me, my business is not going well again like before and I need the anointing morning water also, so that my business will grow back and it will never fail back again in Jesus name I pray Amen, thank you sir . I base in bauchi state of Nigeria thanks .

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