Anonymous 99 Video – Fight Back Against Corporate/Govt Crime & Lies

this episode of young texans brought to you
by three let’s there’s the group of family there’s also the
fees opponents it’s called anonymous ninety-nine would you lease a car they had that damaging information regarding fraud
and bank america did not get lisa apparently an honest ninety-nine is in favor
releasing that and they have there answered as well they put out this video on the internet this
weekend consent for minors brown disenchantment citizens to live with
more info against last class milton percent populations consolidated versus fashions lover organised percent population he me consistent mark attention going from answered consistent markets economy effective immediately as the first sign of
good man burned stuff as federal reserve chairman flowered that northwestern was um… peaceful submissions our from plan with him pollution projects too planet his the added flat and having anton or the and uh…
a him packages realities gets a conservative look
roll over territory began about politics as long as they knew what they say about non-violence hi lie behavior exposing fraud bank but the government more explosive god bless your heart i don’t know how they got a message in the capitol hill at the information but i know that the public has a right to
know if their largest banks the country which we have subsidize are committing wide-scale frog pop-ups by the way that the american has already very
recently split their banking to good and at that time it’s already comical we know that needs or maybe if you don’t let me explain it to
you that bad bank has all the toxic mortgages
in it and at some point they’re good at that time
on your lap using the just litter for no reason no they going to keep a good morning and a good at all will go back back that will be the the idaho
loaded up you the taxpayer the soccer okay so if there’s people that are exposing what
they do okay back on patsick and look this for pulp revolution involved and parsimony in it and they’re gonna releases like his family
today monday but it’s part of a broader think is part of we give the explaining the leaks of our government so that the people tunisia and egypt didn’t know just generally that there really is regret
they already knew that but specifically on how they were corrupt and how the system worked and that uh… we know if you’re in the united
states things our government is not the light was now and that at the world wide web also a huge
part of this obviously organizing on face book google whether it’s in yet or whether it’s in wisconsin as there was a third of the wisconsin singles for best let organically by the people
of this that person finally stand up and not waiting for any kind of leadership
certainly from the democrats of the white house than anyone else that is part of the
new revolution people say enough is enough that expelled war or other middle-class warren buffett said
it there is a class warfare it’s a race against the middle-class some of the ritual in goes
a long buffets works today it’s time we realize that fought back so if this part of the fighting back exposing
the uh… banks are doing in the fraud that they’re
doing uh… i’m onboard fantastic so i can’t wait to see what the revelations and we have a new sponsor phyllis uh… they’re
very cool because they don’t get with uh… really interesting things going on in your
account or anything you might be and they don’t know about right they also let you know
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100 thoughts on “Anonymous 99 Video – Fight Back Against Corporate/Govt Crime & Lies”

  1. @SSanf lol. In case you didn't catch it yet, Empire refers to our nation. Like in Star Wars, we are an Empire. Anon are the rebel forces fighting against the empire. I'm sure you figured it out by now though, lol.

  2. Campaign Finance Reform?! LMAO IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Campaign finance reform is a dream. Politicians make the campaign finance laws … campaign finance laws make politicians rich … SO WHY WOULD THEY CHANGE IT! LMAO

    Keep dreaming!

  3. "Until our demands are met, we will engage in a relentless campaign of non-violent, peaceful, tree-hugging, koombaya singing….." lol?

    What a joke. I admire their intentions but a couple of gamer whiteboys with a voice changer and some website skills aren't exactly going to foment the next great revolution. But maybe i'm just a hater, i guess we'll see with "operation empire state rebellion" lmao.

  4. @Saaduk92 Because I obviously must be missing the deep, intellectual undertones of the word "politifags."

    Why don't you just babble something about Mudkips and be done with it?

  5. Back to the Gold Standard, it's the only thing that the whole world will understand. It will hurt at first and take time to shake out, but it is the ONLY WAY. ANONYMOUS, The FREE WORLD stands with you. I do & will stand against the machine. Buy Silver & Gold, Guns & Ammo, Canned & Dried Foods, keep your wealth. It's coming, read the writing on the wall. Peace, God Save the U.S.A. ! ! !

  6. @projectcracka Politicians are in office because we elected them. Since we put them in office, there will NEVER be enough people upset about them to have a rebellion. Some will be upset and some wont. The one fact that will NEVER change in a capitalist society is The Golden Rule – Those with the gold make the rules! America is the epitimy of that idea! Politicians make the rules for a system that makes them rich, so they will never change the rules! The dream of reform will always be a dream!

  7. All anonymous members have been identified through court orders getting thier IP info from proxy servers, We will be arresting and locking them up next week.

  8. yeah, anonymous is going to web war with the secret illuminati new world order zionist lizard alien government

    lol, you fucking morons

  9. @SeriouslyPissedOff Their anonymity is not a strength but a weakness, anybody can claim to be 'anonymous' with a few youtube videos and some faked emails anyone could start a campaign of disinformation or worse. That is the main reason I want nothing to do with anonymous, the whole trolling and memes crap that comes with them is the second reason.

  10. @electronicoffee What?? HE HAS TRIED TO STOP THE FEDERAL RESERVE FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS. LOL that's all I'm going to say, kid.

  11. @jal247 I'd start on 4chan but that'll take a long while.

    Maybe try foraging through hacking/cracking boards while simultaneously not getting hacked yourself?

  12. Wait, are these the guys Julian Assange was referring to when he announced he was going to expose the banks with the help of an insider?

  13. @electronicoffee Ok Troll lol my last comment…. "he's voted with them" ummm maybe you can go ahead and research who introduced the bill that would audit the Fed…. Lol how old are you troll? 5

  14. @jal247 You just do. There's no registry, there's no place where you go to sign up. Just get out there (or in here) and start contributing what you can.

  15. @Paralysisis What are you doing? It's easy to laugh at them, but at least they are doing something. If you know how to do it better, contribute or start your own movement.

  16. @BKNYMikeG There's no registry. If there was, all the names would be "Anonymous". You just need to get out there and contribute what you can.

  17. @Hariuka It's usually the young who carry the revolutions, it's the ones who have the kind of energy that's needed, and who still dare to dream about changing things. Check Egypt, Libya, etc.

  18. @doyoureallythinkso You don't need to know anything anything about computers. Whatever are the skills you have, contribute them to the movement.

  19. @SirTimbo
    Like MastermindX sayd, no. I think there was this Anonymous interview with a former employee of Bank of America, with some revelations, but that's independent of what Wikileaks supposedly has in hands that bank.
    As far as I'm concerned, the more crap that comes out, the better. I don't have any money in BoA, so info about other banks would be great too. In the end, you can't trust any bank at all ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. @pennjersey83 People are already calling for Assange's head all the time. If Anonymous were to reveal their identities, how long do you think it'd take to dispose of them?

  21. @TMNTPIZZA And then they bring it back again.

    And then the corrupt remove internet anonymity and police the internet, for the lulz. LULZ!

  22. @SeriouslyPissedOff We'd be able to see past not only the memes and trolling, but the sociopathy, the glorification of chaos, humiliating other people, the sadistic campaigns to ruin people's lives over trivial matters… IF YOU'D STOP DOING IT. There's a good reason not to trust 4chan and Anon- you folks have built a reputation for being untrustworthy and self-interested, tormenting people online and offline. What's to stop you from undoing everything you're working for "for the lulz?"

  23. @SeriouslyPissedOff They've never attacked me, but I see them gloat on ED about ruining other people's lives. If someone needs to be taken down a peg, then take them down a peg and be done with it. Their persistence is disturbing. Immortalizing their victims on ED allows the hazing to continue indefinitely and the person's life is ruined over trivial matters. This is cruel, and I will not trust or support any group associated with the chaos that is 4chan.

    Thank you for validating my concerns.

  24. @Saaduk92 And now we've gone from "you're a degenerate and my comment went over your head" to "you're a simpleton and you're taking my comment too seriously." Back and forth, back and forth. You're just going to keep replying, hoping you can piss me off.

    You gots to step up your game, /b/ro.

  25. @MastermindX I should know better than to say this to someone named 'mastermindx,' but real life isn't like the movies. How can anyone view that clip and take them seriously? Kids in high school maybe. It's just plain immature.

  26. Thomas Jefferson also said this

    "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation then by deflation, the banks and the corporations will grow up around them, will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

  27. @FumingPoliticalPunk
    Sure, just let everyone print their own currencies and say how much it is worth. What happens then? Nobody accepts any currency but their own local currency, so we can no longer trade with any other countries (as they will not trust some random county's currency) and the U.S. becomes another third world country with 'competing currencies.' Of course, maybe that's what you want?

  28. I am not terribly familiar with American political history, so forgive me for asking; who is the man ranting toward the end of the anonymous communique?.. This video gives me hope. Until now I couldn't envisage a peaceful protest that could have a direct impact on the aforementioned cartels and individuals. Thank you anonymous; and goodluck from all the like-minded citizens of the Irish Republic who are directly, indirectly and, more importantly, unnecessarily feeling the hardship of recession.

  29. @FumingPoliticalPunk
    Let me explain this slowly. One person wants to get rich quick and set up his own 'competing currency.' He goes to his local Walmart and tries to buy something with his 10 billion dollar bills. Walmart doesn't accept them, after all, Walmart couldn't pay its employees with a random person or county's 'competing currency.' I know, common sense is a bitch.

  30. This talk about any bank is abundant. Banks have been commiting fraud since the beginning of their existence. From providing large amounts of loans to countries without, themselves, possesing the currency to give out, to creating, distributing, and organizing the use of this "fake" currency. In my belief, all banks commit fraud and should be held accountable for these actions of "unlawful dictatorship". This was aloud by us, the people. Though the crime of fraud was commenced by the banks.

  31. @DiamondChrome42 Just to say it in a different way than @RytanEmpire – They never said they wanted all banks gone. But just for arguments sake – who do YOU want to pass judgement on the banks? Name one figure you think could do it impartially. And Anonymous never actually took that church's website down – the church just kept saying they did to get publicity. And Anonymous didn't take down the Sony Network for two months. They took it down for a day, to show the security flaws. The rest is Sony.

  32. @DiamondChrome42 Heeeey! I NEVER said they were nice people. Anonymous might be the most dickish people in the world, with their weird vengeful tactics on someone who doesn't have a jaw. But they never denied that. They've always been upfront about being massive jerks. That doesn't mean that they don't get the world or doesn't want good things in it. And Anonymous didn't do the month long Sony thing. Their members are nerds, and nerds didn't like the Sony network being down. Simple as that.

  33. It is dangerous to be right when the Government is wrong.. Dont steal, the Government hates competition. You go guys, they are robbing us blind!!!!!

  34. Support Anonymous. Stop corporate opression!

    For too these money sucking whores have got fat and rich off our backs, now it's time to put them on theirs. And when we plant our flag on the smoking rubble of their empire they will know we are LEGION.

  35. Well, HOW LONG has it been since Anonymous announced their war against the Federal Reserve and what has come of it??? NOTHING that I can see. So Anonymous is mostly huff and puff and nothing really. They should be going after all the FBI informers files and exposing them, and they should be crashing the Federal Reserve and destroying Facebook. Isn't that the stuff they said they would do??? So lots of talk and no action.

  36. They seem to favor V for Vendetta so my guess is that they're Anarcho communists. Like Emma Goldman and V in the graphic novel.

  37. i wish i could meet cenk i would have so many questions

    turk but not a muslim maybe someone could refer to a video on that subject

  38. i wonder if the fbi knows anything about phone tapping on all of our phone communication over the last many yrs before cell phones became popular,,yep,,,some know of these things,,,wake up ppl, get off your alcohol, drugs,,anti-depressants, your couchs in front of the lies of the owned media,,,the invisible may be part of the 99%.

  39. Anonymous+Dr.David Duke=annihilation of corrupted zionist bastards!

    Want better world? Here is your change, make a your choice.

  40. @ politicalprisoner2 ok what i want to see tommorow is facebook hacked and on every wall your youtubename so i know it is you just fucking think about it hacking the fucking fbi that is really hard secured that knows everybody the facebook hack must be cancelled because they hacked psn so facebook shouldnt be that difficult for them it is not easy to hack and leave no evidence just wait when we need them they wil help you better start thinking about SOPA that is something serious and dont say t

  41. What happened to the American Working Class? It's always the Middle Class that are mentioned. Have the Working Class vanished or is it too politically charged a term?

  42. Undemocratic? Without the process of public consensus, more discussion and productive action relying on the enunciation of truth anonymous wouldn't exist. We are the people, if we had no voice all would be lost.

  43. if there is no prosperity for the people, then those who are responsible with will be accountable. the people will not pay for anymore mistakes that are made from the bankers.

  44. Anonymous = neo Nazis. Don't trust these scumbags. They are just another tool promising action against corporations when they are financed by the feds

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