An LGBT Church? Welcome to The Gathering | Growing Up Gay & Christian Pt. 4

hello beautiful people welcome to the
next part of growing up gay and Christian I am here with my chaplain
that went to the chaplain of Cardiff University
I feel you should introduce your role with the gatherings I don’t know if that
terminology is I’m the leader of the gathering Cardiff which is a church for
LGBT Christians there we go The Gathering is really incredible I’ve
had the focus to go a couple times and I think it is the coolest thing in the
world but also I’m so I met you at the chaplaincy I think yeah and it was I
can’t remember exactly what the context of that was or how I met how I found you
but it was that such a tumultuous time in my life yeah through university
events didn’t and then I think you might have also told me about The Gathering I’m
not sure I might have found it online but yeah as Dell said the gathering is a
LGBT plus affirming church space space and just the entire concept of
that is just incredible and so rare but I’ll let you sort of like explain a
little bit more kind of what what the gathering means basically yeah well we
ain’t be that safe space for LGBTQ people to come and explore Christian
faith and that’s the whole reasoning setup in fact it was set up for a
student not unlike yourself come to me about six years ago and said where can I
go to church in Cardiff that is you know that does good lively music that I can
worship God in but will accept me because I’m a lesbian I can think of
many inclusive churches in Cardiff but they’re not necessarily the ones that
you can like wave your hands around and actually have some lively worship and
worship songs and then I’m gay myself so I was very aware that
although I practice as a Methodist minister and there was wasn’t
necessarily space within my own denomination I mean that’s one of the
things that I love about it is that it kind of draws for different
denominations as well I’m gonna grow there was we went today and she was
saying that she’s like my sexual and Catholic yeah and I love that it’s this
space where you can kind of you can come from any absolutely anywhere and you can
have a myriad of different beliefs as well and still kind of have this really
special experience which i think is really really incredible I think that’s
it’s that connection with each other and the gathering that is so important and a
recognition that actually we’re there for especially if people have been hurt
by their own churches yeah which is an experience of so many LGBT plus people
that have faith experience it shouldn’t happen and it’s it’s so shouldn’t happen
that we get kicked out of our own churches but it’s that part of the
message you have to send out to to make that statement churches do it so that
they’ve realized there are LGBT people in their churches and it’s horrible that
we have to get kicked out because of it but that in itself showed the message to
the the frankly homophobic transphobic biphobic people in our churches actively affirming but I’m not actively
against it what they will do is a bunch of people in the middle to confront your
own policy changes not to the fact that you’ve hurt people and I think as a big
seed church we’ve been very bad at that yeah so often we have that experience of
rejection so then to have a place that accepts us explicitly openly and
abundantly it’s more than that almost accepts you in an accident and emergency
convent AME room kind of sense of patches you up wreckin you helps you to
recognize that your your faith in God and actually God’s love for you isn’t
conditional from the fact that you’re not gay or you know not queer it’s
actually got love for you as their godless and for everybody and and
because God created you and made you to be who you are and that’s just wonderful
yeah I think it’s very true to its name it’s it’s a gathering that feels very
much like a gathering like it’s always in a circle more centered around
discussion more centered around connection with everybody that’s there
and there is that to me that’s what church should be all about
absolutely it enables everybody to bring something to the table and that enables
a freedom of expression that means that you feel affirmed right and you feel
accepted yeah even if sometimes you’re not very sure about your own ideas that
they’re about God anywhere sure yet though
whatever your own ideas about God are they are acceptable and they are
welcomed and you can discuss the so one other thing I want to ask you
about is sort of your own personal journey with faith and sexual sexuality
reconciliation well for a start I didn’t realize I was any different to anyone
else I thought everybody felt the way I did about other women and also um I
suppressed any an idea that anything would happen to me other than I would
get married in and just have a normal heteronormative life and so actually
that’s what I did I did get married to a man and had that normal heteronormative
life for a while and then that didn’t work and there was a sense of right okay
well if that didn’t work if that wasn’t right for me then everything’s up for
grabs so I can I can really explore what’s in who I really am and and so
that’s what what happened really I I met somebody fell in love pen for their legs okay actually this is something
different so and I think that that’s my journey on my sexuality friends um my
theology on sexuality was ahead of it in many ways okay because when I’d already
trained to become a minister and I’d already done the kind of thinking around
sexuality and faith and and and actually about powers that absolutely perfectly
acceptable to be gay and a Christian and that everybody would be welcome and I
did that thinking through the Bible and I kind of looked at that while I was
training to be a minister while I was still married to a man Wow so that was
my whole kind of theology was already there yeah so it was honest like my
my sexuality had to catch it with my theology or my fantasy so what I wanted
to ask you it’s like if you could say something right now let’s assume that we
have an audience of non affirming Christians or other faiths believers
what would you say to leaders of organizations of religious organizations
throughout the world or just members of religious institutions that aren’t
affirming yeah I would say listen I would say please listen listen to people
who say they are Christians because they may not agree that they’re Christian but
listen to people who say they are Christian and who are LGBT and look for
the spark of God in those people because I truly believe you’ll find them and
you’ll find the spark of God in those people and you’ll recognize that what
God is doing through other LGBT Christians and when you recognize what
God is doing in those people you can’t possibly then say that it’s
not okay to be heard you beauty and and Christian we I won’t ever win an
argument with somebody in Houston the laser training in in biblical studies
and has come down on the side of literal I’m going to believe literally what this
Bible says about these particular verses that supposedly condemn homosexuality I
don’t believe they do I’ve done my own research and we’re in meeting and I
don’t believe they do condone homosexuality but I’m not going to win
an argument like that that’s not what that’s not what changes people’s hearts
and minds I mean it’s the story of pizza you know with the in the dream the
blanket comes down and it’s a filled with foods that as a Jew Peter should
shouldn’t eat and he hears a voice the Lord saying to him Peter get up and eat
and he’s like how can I do that I hope I got
you I can’t do that I don’t want to do that and and the reality of what the
Lord was teaching here was that it’s okay for Gentiles and to be to accept
Christ and to be a part of the Christian family and Peter had to learn that
lesson through experience and through through God changing yeah God changing
this lanser experience well thank you so much for coming on here this
conversation with me I really appreciate it and I hope that you guys will check
out the gathering even if you’re not located in Cardiff which is where the
gathering is they also have social media and they have just a lot of really great
things to say and I think they’re also just a great place that if you’re
struggling with your sexuality and faith great group of people to reach out to
have a conversation with and I mean car looks very accessible come on down you
know and grab a bus just to say that if you’re looking for the gathering you’ll
find us at the gathering card if if you do a search for us and if you’re
steering at Cardiff University she’s also a challenge
so yeah but by being who we are and yet being called by God to be in that place
we become

28 thoughts on “An LGBT Church? Welcome to The Gathering | Growing Up Gay & Christian Pt. 4”

  1. There are no Bible passages or stories that CONdemn same sex loving relationships. Yes, homosexual acts, of certain kinds, are mentioned. It must all be taken into context.

  2. Hello beautiful people! Thanks so much for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed this video and had an open mind with it! Although I do not currently consider myself religious, I do value what the Gathering is doing so much, and I'm so passionate about bridging the gap between the LGBT+ and religious communities.

    For more of my Growing Up Gay & Christian series:

  3. I think anything that helps people to feel accepted for who they are should be encouraged, whether or not it fits our exact beliefs. So the existence of this group is a good thing for people who do have religious beliefs in that it helps them reconcile those beliefs with their sexual orientations. Thank you for continuing to add to this series, whether or not it gets a huge number of views, because it can be helpful to those who do see it, even if that is a small number. And frankly, if only one or two people are helped, its existence is justified.

  4. Great vlog Bradley. There is for sure people out there that needs reassurance that churches are supporting the LGBTQ community. It is for sure a topic that is not really recognized properly. Thanks for sharing as everything you bring out us a inspiration and help. 😘😘

  5. I watched "sex education" and I could not find you in the scenes. Can you tell me what episode and maybe the time slot in that episode. I was raised catholic and the church do not recognize and are against anything that we are. I am glad you have found your way to believe. I believe that the Bible and organized religion is written by man and there may be a something out there but not a god. I believe in humans and that we as human make up all the belief that we need.

  6. Nice video Bradley! One thing I feel so badly about is the rejection people face (for whatever reason)…and it can lead to deep loneliness. Sad, isn't it. Keep shining where you are. You have a real gift of being sensitive to the feelings and needs of others…thank you.

  7. You've got to be kidding me. Religion should have no place in modern society. I expect LGBT community to be progressive not just in a sense of supporting basic human rights, but also to value science and be critical of religion. Remember that religion is the core reason why LGBT people have been prosecuted for century in the first place.

  8. Another affirming video from you, Brad! Thank you! The Gathering sounds like a lovely space, and i’m Sorry that someone wrote such an awful piece about it. But that comes from their own insecurities and prejudices. I have a couple of things to say about this video in particular. The priest used the word, heteronormative, a lot. And as a lapsed Christian myself, the thing that made me uneasy about attending “normal” church was that although, at least in the church I attended with my ex-partner, we were accepted as people and made friends, theologically we were brushed under the carpet as it were. As longs as we fitted into them, we could find acceptance. Which ultimately meant that as far as I am concerned, I felt left out and even inferior because I’d never have a wedding or baptism of a child etc etc etc because all the key rites of passage were designed for heterosexuals. Sadly, people die, and although at the funeral prayers may be offered for friends and family, I have a strong hunch that from the POV of the official church same-sex partners would come under “friends”. I very much doubt that prayers would even be offered for “Mark’s husband” or “Jill’s wife”. And this is what still puts a lot of people off the Church as an institution. Most of us know God loves us, but His institution still treats us as an anomaly. ( I once read an ad in a church magazine that asked for people to make coffee. Would suit married couple.)

    Given that The Gathering sounds like a great place of acceptance for LGBTQ Christians I do wish it didn’t have to exist! The nasty article (see Brad’s Twitter for details) kind of proves my point. Many of the world’s atrocities follow the cycle, Crisis (esp economic recession) – scapegoat – ghetto-ise the scapegoats- do awful things to them. We don’t need to look any further than Trump’s immigration policy. The minute those poor immigrants are in a cage we can snatch their kids away, that kind of thing. So for a church to have to inflict ghetto-isation on itself, based on just who people are, whether it be black churches or gay churches, is tragic. Because that institution becomes a target for hate. Of course there’s safety in numbers, but on the whole I think my vision is that members of groups like the Gathering could walk into a mainstream church and be affirmed and loved and offered the same rites of passage on the same terms as everyone else.

  9. Imagine where we would be today had Emperor Constantine never embraced Christianity? The already advanced work (to name a few) in science, mathematics, art, humanities, construction and literature would not have been silenced until Galileo opened the doors again in 1600 CE.

  10. Here in Australia, most congregations of the Uniting Church In Australia will welcome and affirm LGBTIQ+ christians.

  11. Jesus said "take up your cross and follow me" and for LGBT+ people this is so true. As a gay man and a Christian I have seen the persecution others face and I'm thankful that I haven't personally received any. But I feel so disappointed and ashamed that those who call themselves "Christians" can take a message of unconditional love and mutual respect and twist it to suit their own agenda of hate. We in the LGBT+ community are more like those first Christians than we and they realise. They we also persecuted, tortured and killed for who they were just as in many countries in the world LGBT+ people receive the same treatment. I occasionally have a crisis of faith, but when I do I remember " you did not choose me, but I choose you". Peace and love to you all. X

  12. Actually a gay man named Troy Perry founded the one of the first LBGT affirming Christian churches in the living room of his home with about a dozen people after he was excommunicated as a Pentecostal minister and then moved to California sometime in the early 1970's'. Troy was also one of the first individuals to publicly advocate same gender marriage and he performed one of the first same gender marriage ceremony's during that same period of time and he was one of the original founders of Christopher Street West after the Stonewall riot in New York and Troy helped to organize the first Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles against the wishes of L.A.'s homophobic police chief Ed Davis who had his police officers ruff up and arrest Troy on false pretenses after the parade took place. Another gay Christian minister is Mel White who rented a house directly across there street from homophobic TV Evangelist Jerry Falwell's church in Lynchburg, Virginia and publicly challenged Falwell's lies about the LBGT community face to face as well as the lies of Focus on the Family and other religious right organizations for 20+ years. Mel White was also arrested and jailed numerous times during peaceful civil disobedience protests he organized advocating equal rights for gay men and women. The reason being they realized much of the hatred towards gay men and women that is often expressed through violent acts is the result of religious teachings.

  13. The People who believe that homosexuality is shameful are subject to their own views. they need the most help. When they forgive themselves they can love others. Jesus is the cure for your shame. Not who you are.

  14. I would like to see a video of pastors who accept Homosexuality as ok in church! I would really enjoy seeing a video of these pastors and their loved ones being tortured by binding their hands behind their backs and placing them straddled naked on a huge sharp saw blade and watching them slowly being cut in half ! What a mess ! And Fun

  15. You’re a Lukewarm Christian, you’re either Christian or gay, you can’t be both under the Bible’s word.

  16. There is no such thing as an homosexual Christian !!! To be Christian means to be Christ like homosexuality is a sin just like any other sin no sin is greater than another but God said this sin is an abomination because it goes against the creation of man with a woman to create children. A real Church would try to help deliver you from homosexuality not make you feel comfortable with it, but some people say that's being hateful but in reality it showing love.

  17. It warms my heart seeing people harmonizing their orientation and faith. There is so much judgment in monotheism against the LGBT community as a whole, and it only works to harm others and push them away. I found my faith in paganism after experiencing that hushed judgement against myself and others, and it sickened me to my core. The gods do not judge us for who we love, instead judging on the merit of character and deeds in life. As it SHOULD be in monotheism. Your god loves you. An omnipotent, omnipresent god should have bigger concerns than who you happen to love. Keep doing the good work, and change some hearts and minds. May the gods keep you, and bless you, both in this life and the many to come, and may karma smile on your good deeds.

  18. Yeah I bet you feel real spiritual pulling this caricature of devotion. We as humans cannot control emotions and how we feel, but it is always our choice on how to act on them – the lack of self control and pure indulgence by this society is disgusting. And not just in sexuality, but on all fronts. I'm truly crestfallen by this and the sheer "support" it's gotten. The comments are literally backed by non-theistic satanics and non-religious individuals. What sense of faith is that?

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