All You Fascists Bound To Lose – Woody Guthrie

Well I’m gonna tell you fascists, you may be surprised People in this world are getting organized You’re bound to lose, you fascists bound to lose All of you fascists bound to lose! All of you fascists bound to lose! All of you fascists bound to lose! You’re bound to lose, you fascists bound to lose! There’s people of every nation, marching side by side Marching cross these fields where a million fascists died You’re bound to lose, you fascists bound to lose! All of you fascists bound to lose! You’re bound to lose, you fascists bound to lose! All of you fascists bound to lose! You’re bound to lose, you fascists bound to lose!

68 thoughts on “All You Fascists Bound To Lose – Woody Guthrie”

  1. Trump is talking about terrorists not religion. It is bizarre to hear Americans especially liberals using the Constitution in defense after spending decades eroding it to a meaningless piece of old paper. For the most part Americans are so stupid from years of propaganda that this pro-Muslim rhetoric will continue until we lose a major city. It won't be long now. Just remember who said what in the aftermath.

    All this outrage over Trump. Watch this video and ask yourself, where is the Muslim outrage:

    Here is a show of how much respect they have for death:
    And this:

    We aren't just at war with immigration here in the States, we're also at war with the political establishment (both Ds and Rs) that are selling our homeland down the river for globalist interests, and Trump is the tip of the spear in this battle. He says the most "controversial" things until a few weeks later when horrific shit happens that winds up making his "controversial" statements actually look like good old-fashioned common sense.

    14 people die, no big deal. Trump suggest that Muslims get some skin in the game, all of a sudden they are outraged at the unconstitutionality of America. Don't be fooled. These people are not our friends or they would agree with Trump.

    Here is a CNN report. Check out the byline. You can see what liars they are.

    In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners' plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.
    In fact, there were millions of people glad about the attack. Whydo you think they attacked it? I saw people cheering at the time. There were many instances of people celebrating the collapse world wide and in this country. Wake up folks. This is the lying medias latest attempt to maintain their power base with the liberal/communist establishment.

    All Americans are already in a database. Ask the IRS or the NSA if there is a database on Muslims or any other group. What about Green Cards? I get sick of these idiot liberals distorting facts for their own political agenda. Don't be naive. There are companies that will sell you a database of all the Muslims. Just another attempt to discount Trump.

    Wait till the radical Muslims attack and kill Americans on our own soil which will happen any day now. (San Bernadino) Then we will see what the average liberal wants to do. They will undoubtedly rationalize it like they do everything else.

    The only way the suicidal liberal/democrat/socialists will stop the Syrian refugees is if the illegal Mexicans tell them to. The Mexicans don't want the Syrians taking their free shit.

  2. Awesome job. Like you took my thoughts everytime I listen to Guthrie. Sorry Trumpettes your boy is going down.

  3. Dude, The Chinese Communist Party is not Fascist. They're hardcore left, as is the North Korean leader. The fascists are mostly in the US republican party nowdays.

  4. + Socialism or Barbarism You should ad Jimmie Åkeson to the mix! He is a leader of Swedens most racist party and the arch enemy of the Swedish left.

  5. This video are 100% accuret! We socialists must fight all kinds of fachism! We shall fight Donald Trump, fight ISIS, fight Putin, fight european nationalists and fight stalinist traitors like Kim Jong Un!

  6. what…no Clintons shown in this vid either. fucking global fascist nwo. Obama, Clintons as well. quit twisting Guthrie into anti Donald trump only. hed be singing against nwo globalist agenda of today including Bernie sanders sell-out bs.

  7. Literally Half of these were Communists. Are you just showing a Montage of all world leaders and claiming they're fascists? I wish they were Heil Gaddafi, Heil Graziani, Heil Mussolini!

  8. TopLel… Trump is the answer to the bad globalist that want to control the world, and hilary is speeding the peddal to the orwellian nightmare you despite, yet you will go and claim anything remotely right wing is always facist falling in the wrong believe anything that is not that is more good when its the other way around… look at how corrupted media has moved to the internet and well branded universities and its leading the battle in a subtle way for your mind.

  9. The Clintons, the Koch brothers, the Tea Party, Erdogan, Modi, Ayatollah Khumeini, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson. Otherwise, it was great. I loved it! thumbs way up

  10. Nicely done correctly referring to ISIS as the fascist organization it is. Hopefully one day we'll never hear the words "Islamic Fundamentalism" ever again.

  11. Your theme is well intentioned but you paint trump and farage as fascists instead of obama and merkel. Youre not a complete idiot just a moron. But the idea is great.

  12. I like how he won, and now groups like antifa(ironic name) are being literal fascists threatening violence and want to tread on rights.

  13. Long live socialism (also fuck any actually existing socialism, am I right). Looks like Yankee propaganda even indoctrinates leftists.

  14. After reading the comments here I have concluded most people do not know what Fascism actually is. Communism is not Fascism. They are philosophical polar opposites. They both have been used to justify some really heinous crimes but the justifications are completely different. The main difference that is plain to see is Communism hopes to achieve the betterment of all people at the expense of those at the top, while Fascism hopes to achieve the betterment of a specific group at the expense of everyone else.

  15. Fascists may have the power right now, but they will lose in the end. We will destroy them. Peace and love ALWAYS thriumphs over hate!

  16. Modi and Karani sena should be included in the list. Also many other small fascists (like Mamata Banarjee in the state West Bengal, India) are there in the World. May be those are small corners of this large earth but we should be careful about them.I know that name of all of them can not be included in one video. But Modi deserves a place in top ten list of now-a-days dictators.

  17. I dont know if Xi is much of a fascist. China hasn't really made any nationalistic moves towards war so far. Fascists always move towards heavy armed conflict. China just kind of sits there.

  18. We'll always stand against you fascist cunts whenever you rear your little brainlet heads. Solitary from a Oklahoma, comrades!

  19. Good video, comrade! Although you did missed some smelly Fascists that you could have added in to the mix like the Neo-Nazis, Richard Spencer, Al-Qaeda, Bill O'Reilly, New Atheists, Anti-Communists the Lord's resistance army, Alt-Right, White Supremacists, the Far-Right, Stephen Bannon, Trump's assistant Politicians, Zionists and Benjamin Netanyahu.

  20. Kim Jong Un is not a fascist. He is a jucheist and a comrade. I agree with the rest though.

  21. I have an idea for a parody of super mario brothers called super koch brothers. At the end of every level they hoist a dollar bill flag over the white house.

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