All Nippon Airways(ANA) Business Class Food Review

Hey guys, it’s Mikey Chen and welcome to the final video of the Japan series. and I mentioned before either on the vlog or on the Strictly Dumpling channel this Japan trip has been something I’ve wanted to do for my whole life. And I don’t know if you can tell from the videos or not but it was definitely the best trip I have ever been on. From the places, to the people, to the food, everything just completely exceeded all my expectations. And that is why I have decided that later this year, 2017, I’m gonna go back to Japan, because it deserves a second visit. There are a lot of places that I haven’t been to, a lot of food I still haven’t been able to try. So let’s go and remedy that. Anyway like I was saying this is the last food video from the Japan series, and if you guys watch my vlog you’ll know that I flew bussiness class on All Nippon Airlines to Tokyo. And of course I filmed everything that I ate, so in this video here is my review of the food from bussiness class All Nippon Airlines. Take a look. My favorite book is here. Let’s see what we got here. Dinner looks awesome, and is kind of confusing. There’s like two types of cuisine, Japanese or International. the Japanese one is more like little bites of food and you’re gonna get a ton of variety But the International Cuisine also looks really good. Roasted beef and snow crab salad, Fillet of beef steak, grilled swordfish also sounds really amazing. But since I’m flying on a Japanese airline, I gotta go with the Japanese Cuisine. The second meal you get looks even better. You get deep fried prawn balls with sticky mushrooms, boiled surf clam with vinegar miso dressing, crab meat sushi Sounds really awesome And their snack section looks amazing, so for a ”snack” you can either get ramen, or you can get tofu soup, OR you can get a Japanese pizza I don’t know what a Japanese pizza is but I want it. So for dinner, I ordered the Japanese Cuisine. Also, I asked them to give me a bowl of the Japanese Ramen and I’m going to ask them also to give me a Japanese pizza Why not? I’m on vacation Look at this adorable little plate of pre-appetizer samplers

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  1. Some of the things probably didn't taste as good as they could have as when you fly your taste buds sense of taste decrease

  2. I've really really wanted to visit Japan since 6th grade im only in tenth grade now but still. evrything i do in school is so I can become an english teacher in Japan but that's years away but I don't see myself going anytime soon because my mom hates flying she hates japanese food she doesnt like going places where she doesn't know the language so ima just have to stay strong

  3. What happened to the pizza you still have the pizza even though I love watching you whenever you get a chance I hope you going to Virginia and find a hot pot in Virginia and take me with you I don't care if I am at work

  4. now there is one person setting on the airplane veryx2 hungry waiting for his ramen to arrive and it didn't probably his gonna die from starvation…

  5. Mikey! have you been to Japan again? Question though, airplane food are (mostly) not great perhaps with the exemption of a few… was ANA the best that you had? If not, which airline has the best food? Thanks

  6. Japanese subtle flavors?? After a time all sushi taste the same, but as you are paying overprice you have to justify your stupidity. Fresh fish is almost tasteless. If it has a taste (smell) it's not really fresh. In any case not a good review of ANA. I imagine you'll travel in another airline on your next visit to Japan. LOL

  7. I haven't tried Japanese food before so I really wanted to try some and in need of some suggestions as what to try…!!

  8. Japanese food tends to be a bit more subtle in flavor but I agree with you mike. The food on Ana business was rather bland and I needed a lot of soy sauce on everything

  9. I don’t care about the taste of the airline food. They tease me with little portions. They offer a lot of drinks but little portions of everything. It just makes me more hungry.

  10. fun fact your taste buds are a little numb when your flying so if you taste flight food on the ground it will be very flavourful

  11. If you go to Osaka, you have to go Ippudo Ramen there, I guarantee you love it. Ichiwan sucks, dont wastet time to try.

  12. Mike, I'm heading to Japan for the first time in September – a big thanks to you and your videos for helping me out with the food and getting a better understanding. I really can't wait!!

  13. Apple pie and cheese, another English invention, normally Lincolnshire, my grandparents used to give us apple pie with cheddar on top.

  14. In a pressurised airplane compartment your taste buds are not normally as sensitive, hence why subtle flavours generally don't work.

  15. Mikey, you should make a video about the "economics" of your trips. I think people would be interested in knowing how much they'd need to save to be able to make the trip. Maybe a regular addition to your videos?

  16. Most of the japanese traditional food is lightly-flavored in traditional way. Chinese people who are used to thick-flavored food wouldn't like it

  17. I never like when people say "it lacks seasoning or flavor" No, it doesn't. Your taste buds have changed and you need to ask for seasoning yourself.

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