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  1. As I have been told the best way to defeat an enemy is to deprive it of it's supporters. If a government or corporation is acting in a manner that harms us, we boycott it. We don't buy their products. We don't elect their members. We seek alternatives. We place our efforts elsewhere.

    And so ultimately it is the Catholic community that can decide. Simply walk by the church and do not enter. Pay not a single Alms or Tithe. Bring home the Church in the Bible and the Cross to you own place of worship. In Truth, the body is the temple, the vessel of the soul here in Earth. The Church is you and you and you and you. Not the Building, Not the Naïve. Not the Rectory. Not the Priest, Nun, Bishop, Cardinal or Pope. They are just external Culture that seem to be ….Dare I say, UNNECESSARY.

    And so you have a Moral and Human responsibility to protect that which is Holy. First protect yourselves and your children and your neighbor. Leave that which no longer serves Humanity well and be directly in your own life and in the greater community emissaries of Goodness and Kindness, Mercy and Charity. Apply directly in the world yourselves that which you know is Right and Good. Leave behind broken and shattered vessels.

  2. Did not Jesus name directly in the people his church? Did he say, I need you to build up a massive hierarchy of Officials and Bureaucracy? Did Jesus ask for his disciples to build up another Kingdom here on earth, replete with splendor and gilt, fine garments and homes, Castles and villas? Did Jesus say, collect Alms and Tithes from the poor and retched suffering and amass vast sums for your own pleasure and security?

    From whose words, did the Holy Roman Empire get is authority? Perhaps it's own words twisting a higher Authority. But Jesus spoke directly to his Disciples. He did not appoint a personal representative here on Earth. Don't let the Church steal your bond with him.

  3. I'm getting to the point where my anger is turning from the abusers to the parents… It's analogous to smoking: in the beginning we didn't know the harmful effects of smoking, but then we did, and we were warned of the dangers… if you kept smoking after that, shame on you… same with these evil churches…. PARENTS KNOW THE DANGER that their children are in but they keep sending them right into the arms of Satan… Shame on these parents… EVERYBODY KNOWS that pedophiles are rampant in the catholic church AND that they do NOTHING about it but cover it up…. if you force you children to go there YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY as these sick bastards…..!!! Wake up people, the church is nothing but a scam to get your MONEY and brainwash you… Amazing how intelligent people can be so f*** stupid!!!! You think if there were a god it would allow this shit to happen to children?!!!! And if so, he/she/it's a worthless piece of s**t!!!!

  4. That stupid old nun protecting the abuser! so typical of the catholic church! They were children and you are trying to blame the sisters for not warning each other instead of blaming the predator???? They were with someone they thought they could trust and she expected that they would just slap the priest!? Wtf???? she is so ignorant delusional!

  5. Pope John Paul II had a daughter, Bento XVI resigned because there is a lot of hypocrisy in Catholic Church…he still living in Vatican and he knows very well what is going on in the church…

  6. Oh, I’m afraid all you hypocrites in the Catholic Church have been well and truly rumbled; we now know all about the disgusting paedophile priests. Hang your heads in shame and never, ever try to lecture the rest of us on “life values” again.

  7. 15% off all victims of sexual assault are either not believed, or in my case, family members including my mother, abandon the victim and embrace the perpetrator.

  8. A great cover for Pedophilia the Hell bound Catholic institutional church worth billions of dollars and where Jorge Mario Bigoglio thinks he takes the place of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ
    The Head of the Real Church
    The Body of Christ
    Ephesians 5:23
    Colossians 1:18

  9. Just by listening to the nun, you can hear her talking in circles. She knew more than she lets on. It's despicable that people like these abusers tarnish religion the way they do.

  10. It's disgusting to see the Catholics "in denial" that this is actually happening! With all the sanctity a religion holds & teaches…. it goes to trash with this deep hypocrisy.

  11. A 'belief' in a patriarchal, misogynistic, racist, and homophobic Iron Age biblical text apparently justifies narcissistic, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, and sexually abusive behavior. A 2000 year old history of abuse by RC church

  12. What a knucklehead the nun is…"a kiss here, a kiss there…"….love how she wants to blame the victim…she's a nutcase… no credibility. …

  13. Courage shown by Matthias, Eva and DW to expose Peter R "Fake Priest". The church and the sister is also to blame to ignore the facts. This should be in the house of law not in a church. I don't know why Religion comes in between Law & Justice. Hope German Government sends this man behind bars till his death.

  14. Watch the documentary "Who killed Sister Cathy" on Netflix. Shows the rampant abuse and its systematic repression by the church.

  15. We need to move from a culture where the victims have to hide their face. They are the ones wronged, not the other way round.

  16. It was child RAPE! Let's call it what it is. This entire Church and the Catholic faith needs to be burned to the ground! If you are still a practicing Catholic and you support The Church you are an enabler of this! You support these monsters!

  17. Hi people. I have been watching so many different videos and documentaries on child abuse child trafficking child sacrifices etc..and yet I still cannot understand how ANYONE could do this to another person even worse to children….These pedophiles and abusers can't possibly have a soul, right?! Its so dark that these people can't possibly be of light…

  18. This is what the bible says in Matthew 18:6 ESV
    But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.
    The bible takes a very clear stance on child abuse.

  19. They really need to do away with statute of limitations for these cases or any sex crime on a minor. They deserve some justice no matter how long ago it happened.

  20. When are people going to get it ? This is the actual ancient religion / cult of rome. These are not merely a few isolated incidents this is the true ancient cult of the romans who sacrifice the innocent. This is why the Celts Frisians Northern Saxons and Vikings fought back rome and won as they knew never to bow to rome and thier pagan ways…We are warned not to follow religions but to believe in one faith where there is only ONE Father ( singular steeple ). Listen to the stories of nuns who left this roman cult One testimony is that of sister charlot who is still missing was held hostage for over 27 yrs. . Charlot speaks of how she was to give herself to an archbishop who declared himself as krist. She also speaks of pregnant nuns dead babies and dead nuns.There are plenty of these horror stories within this cult posing as a Godly bunch to remain in power.
    The cathedrials have duel steeples as it is a false religion of duality ( two gods )
    Why else do the followers of this cult sign the upside down cross and bow down to a female deity and why else would people fall away from God not knowing this is a false religion…Thier plan is to pull people away from God…It is what it is…please wake up.
    Remember the mafia answers to rome as well.

  21. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Men touched by god" well satan more like. Seen a few of these exposes seen and some of the priests really do care and do want what's best for there flock. They want to support and help those in need not flees them and lead them to slaughter. Meaning Tithe until suicide which is now the business model apperently. But the vow of secrecy about abuse stretching back a millennia yes its has these policies and which they updated at the end of the 90s is really damaging the church in every way which with world wide media unafraid of Rome now it will not bend over like in the past and Catholics wont always stay silent. Think if 1 in 4 only speaks up then there driving people away in the millions from the church. Imagine how torn the victims and there families must be think about there choice between the church you love or your actual loved ones. These men are doing more damage than even luther did back in the day so for that reason alone the church should clamp down on the bad ungodly behaviour by all those involved only then maybe they could save there church for the future generations.

  22. If you want justice, then blame the individual. If you want money, then blame the institution. But if you want real healing, then ask for Divine Mercy.

  23. This priest, like all persons who molest children or assault women, is a sociopath. He became a priest with the specific intention of exploiting children and women. Sister Carolina is an accessory to his crimes. She is either a pathological liar or extremely delusional.

  24. There's been sexual abuse in the church for years, this is false doctrine not of God all they do is hide abuse in the church.

  25. Dat is het werk van de kwaad-aardige individu en zorg dat jij niet daarin verandert de aard van de werkelijke religie heeft geen kwaad"what so ever" erin

  26. More proof that Christ did not establish this evil hierarchy. You think the hands of unholy pedophiles and rapists bring God Almighty down from His heavenly throne into a piece of bread? Deluded.

  27. Shoutout to youtuber Lazy Masquerade. I can recognize that voice anywhere! Awesome dude. I hope you get more professional work like this in the future.

  28. There should not be a statute of limitations on child sexual abuse. The act of murder has no statute of limitations. Sexual abuse of a child amounts to the murder of innocence in a child; sometimes even of that child's soul if a perversion later develops and that child grows up to be a serial murderer of homosexuals….and I think there are documented cases of just such a thing happening.

    If people only knew how far reaching are the rules and regulations imposed by Organized Religion where it has no ethical or lawful right to dictate behavior since they are the ones which are not legitimate government and thus their "laws" are invalid and not real Laws enacted by a legitimate congress. People need to learn what a real Law is and why it is real and Lawful. People need to understand how Language is used to deceive and mislead. Hardly any two people communicating might as well be speaking different languages, so fraught with differences in meaning are the words used between them compared to their usage in Law books…. This is the profound chaos that Organized Religion/government has woven in a matrix we are all caught up in…which is referred to as the rabbit hole, the matrix, corporate control, etc…. This issue of child sexual abuse is only the tip of the iceberg of the aberrations committed by the church/government. This civilization needs to quit treating issues separately or we will never vanquish such EVIL from the Planet.

    We as a People need to learn a lot more about government and where to go to learn what some of those making videos know to go to find the real documentation. (Law Libraries-congressional record books, federal register, Article III courts of Law…what they are, why most courts are NOT courts of Law and how to tell the difference. There are clues that give the truth away, like when a court issues an 'opinion'……this is a KEY CLUE that it's NOT a court of Law! ) We need to appeal to those in positions of power in government, the judiciary, etc…who are still relatively decent human beings but who are too frightened of the consequence of speaking out without the support of many others. The groundwork to tackle is clear: to learn what we need to know about the Language of the Law to even begin to look for remedies.

  29. This was State covered up criminal activity and should be treated as such. All their foreign assets should be seized, their diplomatic status as a State should be withdrawn, their bank accounts in Italy and around the world should be seized – Treat them just like the rogue State they are. Force them to hand over every single document that prosecutors have thus far been refused access to. Hand over pedophiles who are currently housed in Vatican City for the express purposes of shielding them from the justice system. These are people who are not worthy of any kind of respect or diplomatic protection. We can start with that.

  30. Stupid woman, of course the abused don't talk about abuse, that is exactly how the abusers are able to continue abusing. The abusers make sure the abused remain silent. they are v skilled at that.

  31. very seldom does the priest get put in prison the catholic church moves them to other places where they can rape more children

  32. I made a promise to myself as a young mother are any of my children what harmed in anyway by a pedophile especially a pedophile priest I would take that priests into the church and I would blow his f**** brains out. Same thing with nuns they know better and they deserve the ultimate death sentence for their sins. More often these perverts in the priesthood make their victims feel guilty Carson abuse them and make them think that it's their fault. It is those people those priests that deserve the death penalty. I am now a grandmother I do not take my grandchildren to church I don't go there either but any priest out there that I hear in my area that is doing that you will never find that bastard's body

  33. Good grief! Is Sister Carolina living in lah lah land? Unbelievable listening to her justify this priest. And therein lays the problem with the Catholic Church. Sad.


  35. First of all I state all child abuse is horrible and am not justifying in any way.
    When reviewing the statistics for child abuse more than once from different legitimate sources over the last 10 years the consensus was:
    1.) Public school systems in America … 7% of employees
    2.) Protestant churches world wide   … 3% clergy & employees
    3.) Catholic Church world wide       … 1% significantly less
    Considering the above statistics why so much coverage of the catholic church ?
    Even in the first 12 with Jesus there was corruption (Judas & others I won't mention) as is in all human institutions on earth.
    Lets not let the dark side divide and conquer … lets unite with all true Christians in all institutions.

  36. You have god then you have religion. Religion is nothing to do with god. Religion is a sick pedo corporation. They rely on a belief in god to use people and say it’s all in the name of god. Religion is a disgusting control system that needs to be shut down.

  37. Private prisons for antichrist world ,& hidden prisons + wars for profit, & plenty of drugs & fairy tales & goats in suits holding money bags in college ,witccraft ,sacrifice & sorcery ,contacting lying spirits is not free

  38. Pope Francis in town means it is a peadophile reunion,protect your son's and daughters.
    Open a Bible and compare Christianity to Catholicism. You'll be shocked ,open your eyes to this cult. Go to the police with your complaints not the priest,SUE THEM !!!

  39. I still can't understand why people don't go to the police to report this cases. Why go to a clergy or a bishop? They ALWAYS protect the rapists.

  40. Catholic Priests playing good cop bad cop cars and then brush all the victims under the table then transfer the Priest to another parish.

  41. This lady is deplorable to shame the victims. She’s also ridiculous to think it’s easy for abuse victims, especially kids, to just “talk” about what happened to them. That’s a hard thing to go through and there’s a culture of intimidation and pain that goes with being abused.

  42. Yes this needs to be uncovered, but why do we continue to cover up the parallel lack of transparency in American schools?There are as many pedophiles in the school systems, but no reporting. Why?

  43. And they just transfer them to another institution where they have access to more children. Damned satanists. The Vatican is the devil. It is the Revelation beast. Take them down. They are breeding and will keep on breeding more like themselves. Thank you for this video, as a survivor of sexual abuse. I can't imagine to this extent; but this is still healing. Shame on the ones who knew and let that pedophile snake loose!

  44. Religion has always had bad press especially my branch of Christianity,
    Roman Catholicism. Here’s an example why…a Protestant colleague of mine once
    told me as we drove home that “we all know that a lot of ministers are charlatans,
    womanizers and crooks but you damn Catholics claim to be the one true church
    but you folks are the biggest hypocrites of ‘em all; you people talk a good
    game but don’t do a damn thing to prove your claims!” Was he right—yes, I’m
    sorry to say. Fellow RELIGIOUS posters as followers of JESUS CHRIST we have got
    to put forth a better effort! If we don’t we will lose the spiritual war we’re
    engaged in! Like the Apostle James says in the Book: “Be doers of the WORD and
    not just hearers.” We must purge our leadership; get rid of the child molesters,
    dead beat clerics, immoral clerics, the money-hungry wolves in sheep’s clothing
    who live only to fleece the flock of CHRIST and ‘fuss up’ to our collective
    wrongdoings and get right with GOD; Peace and all things good…

  45. Come on sister you been told before how that priest you did not believed the guy from Germany you could've talked the girls and prewarm them

  46. This abuse, by Priests, has continuous happen and has been covered up by the Catholic Church! In the 70s, a WHITE Radio station reported about how the PRIESTS were transporting Hispanic Children from Mexico through Louisiana, selling and using them! Nothing more was heard about this! This ISSUE was covered up by the Church! It was revealed by the program 5th Estate or Witness that the, Poor Children, sent to Australia to help Colonize this country by the British were Sexually Abuse by the Priest in Australia! This also was covered up! These acts, which occurred in the 50s, were not revealed until the 90s! One can only speculate what transpired during these and before this 40 plus years!

  47. The states have had more than 8,000 to 7,000 middle aged men marry 13 year old girls legally.

    Why cant you make this well made documentary of them as well?

  48. Let's not forget that the problem has reached the top of the churche's hierarchy. Cardinal George Pell, from Australia, was the third most important prelate in the Vatican administration. He was accused, tried, convicted and sentenced to (methinks) 8 years in jail. It seems millions of Catholics have not realised the enormity of what happened. In Pell we don't have a simple Catholic priest of low rank but a Cardinal, a "Prince of the Church", involved in paedophile activities. Besides, he persistently, for decades, gave protection and defended other priests involved in the same crimes.

  49. In the fifties and sixties, people were taught to grin and bear it. Unfortunately, this allowed creepy people to get away with things, and the church reacted poorly to the complaints.

  50. People respond to sexual harassment in many ways. They respond by fight, flight or freeze. Fight would be slapping or reporting right away. Flight would be leaving the situation, and freeze would be doing nothing. When you freeze you allow the behavior to continue. The abuser sees this as compliance, but it is only a means to an end.
    Most people have suffered some form of abuse. In school or work, we fall victim to the abuse of others. We need to learn how to fight back in a normal tone and not blame ourselves or other people.

  51. Following the European Holocaust, arguements were made that the atrocities of WWII were unique and that healthy, mainstream people would never have done such heinous crimes. Since then academia has discovered that the right combination of Authority, fear of exclusion and the desire to please can make just about anyone turn on their neighbor. As has been quoted many times, "For Evil to Succeed, Good Men need only do Nothing"……. and that is exactly how this keeps happening. Everyone from the perps, to the victims to the observers knows what is happening but it is more inconvenient, less profitable, less popular to step out into the open and say "enough". That's the way people want it…..at least until it happens to someone You care about. Then it's too late. Just sayin…….

  52. Most deadly sin is power. Some people abusing power. Keep telling the truths. Only truth will relinquish that power. Thank you Mathias Katsch for being a voice for the victims.

  53. Priests are humans. Not all priests are immoral. Like normal people who aren't priests nor pastors. Like normal people. We have a choice every day. Our true identity is solely from our God. This documentary is not made about our faith in Christ. It was made for the people to listen more to the victims.

  54. Sister Caroline is under this hierarchy. All are under this hierarchy. This documentary is already a step of breakthrough for any sexual abuses in church prevention.

  55. This happened many centuries ago. One has to know this is the step towards prevention. It is the innocence they robbed. They abused their innocence. It was indeed evil. Please trust that this is a step forward to prevention.

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