A Walking Miracle. A Health Update from Eric Eitel

his faith Lord and I just pray that that
will be communicated through the video through the audio and everything that we
put together Lord that you would use it for your purpose Lord in Jesus name Amen my name is Eric Eitel and I’m the
president and owner of MediaShout as many of you know last December 30th I
was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer and it had spread to my T 11
vertebra and my spine and in my right arm my doctor gave me seven months to
live it was a surreal moment to be sure but one in which somehow I felt peace I
felt peace because if I died I knew where I was going and yet I also had
peace because of my confidence in God’s Word to heal
I thanked my wonderful oncologist for his kindness I walked to my car and I
called my two older siblings Doug and Linda so much had to be done in a short
amount of time my team was the personification of grace under pressure
supporting me and managing the needs of our customers in a way that still brings
tears to my eyes they pieced together an email that we sent to all 80,000
MediaShout customers around the world asking them to pray to our amazement we
were flooded with letters packages prayer shawls cards along with thousands
of emails I felt so encouraged I felt cared for and I felt comforted I was
seeing the body of Christ in action and reading note after note from believers
I’ve never met who committed to stand with me in faith that God would heal me
significantly I was touched by the constant theme that there was hope in
God and there was power in his Word people weren’t expressing
sympathy they were lifting me up in prayer and exercising faith for a
miracle I was overwhelmed with this astonishing outpouring of love what
happened next was truly a miracle laying in bed the night that I received my
terminal diagnosis I told the Lord that I had only one weapon in which to fight
and that was my faith I gathered up all the books I could find on healing and
wrote down as many scriptures on healing that I could find I spoke the Word over
my body and I prayed with confidence that God’s miraculous power to heal
would save my life inspired by the prayers and scriptures I
received from our customers I stood in agreement with their prayers as I read
each one you cannot believe the feeling of gratitude I felt for every message of
hope that I received so my go to scripture became Psalm 118:17 I shall
not die but live and declare the works of the Lord I began a regimen of
radiation therapy for pain relief palliative care and submitted to dozens
of tests scans MRIs bone biopsies lung biopsies and constant labs which is a
pretty lonely experience through it all I spoke psalm 118:17 to everyone I met
in the hospitals and doctors offices simultaneously I went through the
process of getting all my affairs in order and doing my best to ensure that
my elderly parents would have the comfort and care they deserve I made a
trip to Memorial sloan-kettering cancer hospital in New York for a second
opinion only to hear the same grim diagnosis and prognosis confirmed from a
medical standpoint there was no hope out of the blue three months after
my diagnosis and with only four months left to live I got a call from my
oncologist he had found a clinical trial for me to consider as a last-ditch
effort to slow down the disease to my surprise the clinical trial wasn’t in
New York or Houston or Boston it was right here in Nashville at the Sara
Cannon Cancer Center in my spirit I felt tremendous joy although I knew nothing
about clinical trials I had peace and an ever-growing sense of confidence in
God’s Word so what happened next like something out of a movie when I went to
see the doctor in charge of the clinical trial at Sara Cannon I found out that I
had a very rare form of cancer it was so rare that not a lot was understood about
it but the doctors told me I should feel encouraged because this clinical
trial they were doing was designed specifically for my very rare form of
cancer other good news was it was gonna be free of charge
he explained that instead of standard chemotherapy this treatment was going to
be in pill form and the two worst side effects were gonna be dry mouth and
fatigue it didn’t produce the horrible nauseating side effects that that are so
common the reason it doesn’t is because this treatment works like a heat-seeking
missile to kill only the gene mutation which in turn kills the disease instead
of carpet-bombing my system with toxins it just kills the gene mutation the
doctor invited me to participate in five days later I took my first dose of LOXO
282 I had gone from having no earthly hope
of survival to having a door open for a clinical trial designed for my specific
very rare cancer in Nashville with mild side effects that was free of charge
the stories of kindness are too numerous to tell and the number of ways that God
spoke to me in miraculous ways would take hours to recount the love I felt
from my family my church my Bible study and my team was exquisite and a blessing
in and of itself but what happened after that takes the cake
eight weeks into my clinical trial the the mass in my left lung shrunk by
46% and 16 weeks into the trial the mass had shrunk again so significantly that
what was left was only a small tiny shell the medical staff were amazed and
I was told that they had not seen this kind of radical response before I was a
walking miracle I continued to take my treatments and also get regular
bone-density shots cat scans MRIs and the like
but I no longer have to fear death it is a miracle to be alive and doing so well
there is a lot more to the story and I’m gonna be writing about it but for now I
wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all of the prayers and
faith our customers invested in my recovery there is power in prayer and I
was the recipient of prayer and confidence in the Word from believers
around the globe I am humbled I am grateful I’m amazed and I plan to spend
the rest of my life living up to Psalm 118:17 I shall not
die but live and declare the good works of the Lord
consider this just the beginning of my proclaiming God’s good works on the
earth thanks for watching and thanks for caring

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