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[Music] I’m a perfectionist and so that’s hard with kids there’s definitely days when I have my doubts about my abilities struggle with my temper I struggle with like how I react with situations I wish I knew how to I guess just calm myself before speaking to them I wish I was better at taking time to sit down and just listen more to my child I wish I was more confident in being a mom I’m not the most patient person in the world patience patience is are in a way probably the biggest struggle I just want them to know just how much I love them [Music] my mom is totally awesome he’s fed to snuggle with pretty funny she does cook a lot food for me she’s just unique that’s why I love her so much we go on dates together like we go shopping she loves me a lot I have a lot of favorite things about my mom we like to watch movies together and color and stuff we go to church together we volunteer together she is like my heart I guess you could say cuz she’s that close to me my favorite thing is to jump on the trampoline with my mom that’s my most favorite thing I go up high we like get ice cream or something and like you’re go to the nail salon and have fun my mom is my hero she’s pretty and beautiful she is my hair she just will care about me and just always love me forever she said so awesome I always seem to focus mostly on the negative and I guess I can walk out here and say that I’m doing something great and that my child is really totally different lenses I view myself so that’s that’s inspiring this is my calling this is my job this is what I love to do and I will do it better and with love each and every day because those kids count on me and they love me for what I’m doing

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  1. This is great. Mom's make the world go round! I love my mommy and I ain't afraid to say it! Love you Mommy @Barbara Carroll

  2. Hello Elevation Church, was wondering what the background song is called?
    It is very complimentary for the mood and subject.
    Thank you.

  3. This is such an amazing idea! So thoughtful and well thought out. Something us mum's need to be reminded of constantly! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This so awesome. We mums are so hard on ourselves. It is the toughest but most rewarding job in the world. wow I got emotional watching this

  5. This was so sweet! I am a mom of 3, & I have the hardest time with my 9 year old son. He said something to hurt me when I was not around prior to viewing this. I am learning through my relationships with my kids to show the love & grace that The Father shows us. So proud that I did not react out of the hurt I felt, but instead I listen to Your Presence then watched Pastor Furtick's Christmas message. Now I'm here, so encouraging 😢😁

  6. I remember watching this video before Mother's Day but my kids were younger. Now that they are old enough to get on my nerves and I'm loosing my patience with them, this was a joy to watch with my new perspective. 🤧

  7. 😭😭😭😭 It is so true… As a mom I focus more on what I should be doing better …. This video touched my heart so deep… I needed this … Specially in this momento of my life. God bless you.

  8. How touching. I needed this. I think all moms needed this. We try so hard and often feel we aren’t doing good, when we are doing more then we know! Love you moms.

  9. My daughter cannot communicate with me because of her disability. I have never heard her say 'mum' and probably never will. I often wonder what she thinks.

  10. oh my….i am so teary right now….u think you are doing a bad job and here they are…they think you are awesome…Unconditional love

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