A Mother’s Day idea to honor moms in your church service

Hey, this is Dave Dolphin at practicalworshipblog.com, and Mother’s Day is coming up very quickly. You might be looking for an idea, something you can do to honor your moms in your service This is what we did last year. Now, it’s
an idea that we stole, who they stole it from someone else, but
the cool thing about this idea is that once you get going, it quickly
becomes its own unique thing to your church. So, check this out. Here’s how we honored our moms last year. Well, this is Mother’s Day, and we we’re talking around the table, trying to figure out what are we going to do and how can we honor moms? Sometime it doesn’t seem
like we can say enough about the job that moms do, and so
we we’re kind of sitting around this table, trying to figure out what to do. And we decided we were going to write a song. We wanted to write a song for mothers on Mother’s Day. And we’re, like, that’s a great idea! And then we had to figure how to write a
song. And so, we went to the experts. Watch this. So we’re going to write a song about all the moms in the world, and we
need your help. Okay? Does that sound like fun? Yeah! Sure. Okay. If we were to write a song about Mother’s Day, what do you think we should call it? Um, I think we should call it… Uh Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day… Mother’s Day Song. Thanks moms? Thank you mothers for everything you do? God loves all moms everywhere. Joyful moms to the world. What is something that your mom makes for dinner that you really like? Enchiladas? Bow-tie pasta? I like spaghetti, and I like her pink potatoes she does for Valentine’s. Not much. Not… I just can’t think of anything because there’s way too much. What is something that your
mom does that’s really funny? She dances in front of me when she’s listening to 80s music. Should our song be, like, an 80s music song? Uhhh… no. What does your mom do that’s funny? Tickle me, until… But sometimes it takes me… sometimes she tickles me until I go pee in my pants. Well, my mom is seriously mostly more than being funny. That’s what my mom is. If your mom was a superhero, what would her superpower be? Changing diapers super fast. Hugs? If she had a superpower of hugs, how
would she use that? Um By hugging us when we’re scared? So, if your mom was a superhero, what would her superpowers be? To cook awesome. Would she have a cape? Yes. A cape with pizza on it. So what is your mom like to do for fun? A lot of things. She likes, um… to watch movies, and she also like scrapbooking. And, um… she also likes sleeping. And lately she’s been into like, these number puzzles. I forgot what it’s called. Something like suh-dokey-o or something. Sudoku? Is that it, sudoku? Yes! What rhymes with sudoku? Madoku? What else does she like to do? Her likes to play with me. To sort the movies out, and make sure they’re in the right cases. That’s her favorite thing to do. So, Paisley, if your mom wasn’t there does that mean that all the DVD’s would
be in the wrong cases? Yeah, and mixes ups? We couldn’t have that. What would happen if we woke up tomorrow and there was no moms? Uh That… That’d be awkward. I think I would have pancakes. Pancakes? Why would you have pancakes if your mom wasn’t there? Because when my dad cooks breakfast, he always cooks pancakes. I would scream really loud. I would go crazy, because nobody could do my laundry. I would be sad. And what would you do? Uh Stay in my room forever and never come out. So, what are some words we could put in this song? Uh, moms are good. Moms are awesome. Have you ever thought about rapping about your mom? Have you ever tried to rap before? I tried to wrap myself, because my dad wrapped myself and my head was sticking out. Moms are cool, and moms are fun. Moms are special, and moms are funny. That was awesome! You guys did amazing! Wait… Imagine a world without moms. No more mashed potatoes with pink throughout. All I’d eat is pancakes. I would stay in my room forever. And never, no never come out. This one goes out to the joyful moms of the world. We say thanks, moms, for everything you do. We say thanks, moms, for you. If there were no more moms, it would be really awkward. No more enchiladas for the sons and daughters. Sadness would be on all the kids faces. The movies would be in all the wrong cases. No more sudokus would drive us madokus. Going crazy because the laundry’s piling up. No more moms fixing all the wrongs. No moms dancing to 80s songs. Moms, they want, they wanna have fun, moms. We gotta say thanks, moms, for everything you do. We gotta say thanks, moms. God loves you, yes it’s true. We gotta say thanks, moms, for everything you do. My mom is seriously mostly more than fun. Yes, that’s what my mom is. Happy Mother’s Day everybody! Thanks moms! So that’s how we on our moms in service last year. Now, I wrote a pretty detailed
blog on how we did everything step by step, and I put that link in the description below. If you think
this idea is pretty cool and you’re going do in your service, hey, let us know.
Hit the like button below. Also, if you have any questions about how we did anything, let us know in the comments. We’ll respond that way. And hit the subscribe button. That way
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66 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day idea to honor moms in your church service”

  1. Great idea for the moms!  Loved how you got the kids involved too @Dave Dolphin.  I'm sure there were some melting hearts during that service!

  2. Who would know better than the kids about their moms!  Love the questions and interaction between the adults and the kids.  The kids were honest and open, sometimes amusing!  Love the video and songs.

  3. Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all the wonderful Mother's all over the world. May God continue to bless you.

  4. Brilliant. I'm like so taking this idea to my church team for mothers and fathers day! Thanks for sharing ;D

  5. That was awesome, you both along with the kids did an outstanding job! This has got to be the first song ever to make me laugh and cry at the same time!!!!

  6. This is fantastic! love it! just checking what we can do for this year mother's day in my church, i think this is cool!

  7. Happy Mother's Day for all the mothers today, in the future and in the past.. Honor them not just this one day but always.

  8. That was cool!! I live in Brazil and I teach English to kids at my church. I will try to do something like that with them. I will tell you if it worked out. Thank you for sharing!!

  9. Hey , awesome job guys ! If I may ask what software did you guys use to create the video and what song is that playing in the background as the kids talk ?

  10. Thanks for the video and the details! We're in a small church and it's been a big learning curve since we have no video team so I'm learning editing on the go. Not sure I'll get a song written and practiced prior to Sunday, but we will have a funny video to show! Thanks again for sharing!

  11. Wonderful Songs & Videos, Just For Mother.. “ Too Mother’s Have A Wonderful Mother’s Day…”

  12. Hi Dave. This is Geri from Word for the World Christian Fellowship in Manila, Philippines. On behalf of our Children's Ministry (KidZone), we would like to thank you for sharing this idea. God bless!
    Here's our own version – https://wordfortheworld.com/messages/kidzone-mothers-day-presentation-2018/

  13. Another great Mother's Day idea is providing a photo booth at your church and giving moms the opportunity to take pictures with their families. Here are some photo booth props for the occasion: https://amzn.to/2ZLe5Wm

  14. Lovely stuff…I am actually thinking of using this video as a guideline to create one for our church on mothers day, and would like to actually feature THIS VIDEO IN OUR VIDEO…if it is okay with you. Will of course mention that fact!

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