100 thoughts on “A MERMAID From HELL Washes Up In CHURCH!”

  1. This isn't real and I have a ministry of deliverance and I could you the convos with demons aren't like this!!!

  2. Some real fake shit , con man Daniel, u can fool some ppl sometimes but u can't fool all the ppl all the times. Only a fool would believe this crap

  3. The Roman Catholic church is the harlot and all other churches is the daughter of the harlot, my ppl get out of the church it will send u to hell with false teachings

  4. Why ask questions???will they help solve the problem???just cast them out….it's all fake I don't believe…

  5. Cut her right off the moment she talks about the Men! im dun! they disrespected her and every other divinley powerful woman. Big Time! The spirit world is first….. physical second. This is the Slave master. That is why they didnt allow to give to pastors etc…. Apowerful Queen taken off her Throne…. not for long! lol

  6. She said “4 eyes” y’all know the spiritual eye is the 3rd eye… not 2 😂 fake assfffff. And I do not believe God can be present in such a negative place. Religion doesn’t mean you’re closer to God. Opening tour 3rd eye will. Religion not needed.

  7. Hmmm, so she claimed to be a demon who came to an entrainment church and stayed until it was time for deliverance and patiently waited in line for her turn, and began to speak foolishly? That must be one lousy demon who can be bribe. The girl behind her isn’t scared to hold a demon, the Person holding mic isn’t scared to place the mic in front of her to speak. And everyone is calm and saying it’s God doing wonders. The pastor seems knowledgeable about this demon but have little knowledge of what God wants to do in kingdom concepts.

  8. If you don't believe this then why wasting your time in watching and commenting. Go and watch things which you believe

  9. I love to see emmanuel tv and the miracle happening around through TB Josua .i want my wife by the name sentipenla to free from ailing and belive if anyone show this reqst to man of God TB josua and the healing is in great anticipation..thnks to who can forward this plea to scoan pastor.

  10. Shame on these people. Bad script, horrible acting. The audience is gullible at best. They need to take this act to Hollywood and get some real writers, producers and actors. This woman was in another video doing the same shyt; same turn up. Also, way too many Africans believe in this Mermaid/Demon Spirit b.s. My prayer is that there is progressive consciousness in the world so people like this pimp can be ignored in a pulpit.

  11. I don't believe this lady. She's just making stories. Bad attitude is worrying het that's all. Storry..storry falassy..give way there let's watch something else please lady gaga.

  12. I wish there was a part 2 of this. So educative to the ignorant souls. God bless you Vickie n give u wisdom to maintain your salvation.

  13. To the unbelievers don't watch n that's funny about the fish tail lol but the natural can't understand it's spiritually decerned spirits can't be seen I'm glad but if God want u to see u will unbelievers just ask he might show u But God is real. The Bible say Jesus cast out devil's n said the work should continue to this day get a bible n read for yourselves Amen

  14. I hear a voice constantly telling me not to sleep with my legs crossed Everytime! Also woman should stop wearing weave attachment!

  15. This is bullshit. Apparently, its not only us Africans that are idiots. Even our demons are logically and intelectually deficient. SMH.

  16. Goddess Oshun does not even act like this. She Speaks Traditional Yoruba Language and she is the Goddess of Love and Mercy. Possessed People usually Speak with a very very scary demonic voice.

  17. They would actually get away with it if this was a labelled a Drama/Play…… Cause that’s what it is…a little production editing and it could be a series just like love and hip hop or that repo show…we know those shows are fake but it’s entertaining. Simple

  18. these demons sure like to stick to the microphone…they really are making sure that the sound quality doesn't get messed up . LOL

  19. Everything that the devil gives is fake that is very true and the devil doesn't want people to know the truth. He is so annoyed with this but we are more than conquerers. This wicked demon has been kicked out and we give all glory to God. Thank you Jesus.

  20. So we’re in hell or in their realm so Jesus really does take us to his realm wow love you all xx in the name of my king Jesus Christ

  21. There are vampire demons. My grandmother got bit from one before. And it mentions them in the Satanic Bible. I was trying to find an online Bible to read and came across it, read it, and was disgusted.

  22. we cant have the same belief, some people will believe this also some people won't believe this. it is normal, but if you don't believe just keep quiet go and watch things which you believe

  23. Emmanuel tv, i need answers, i want you to respond to my question plss 😭
    So as my question was, my dreams and my mothers dream, for my dream i was communicating to a tall man with a long hair, what i remember he show me a feast, a long table with many foods, and we came back at the house and he said "Eutopia", the second was i was attending a wedding but i'm not the groom, they said when you are in marriage in the dream you have spiritual spouse, but im not the one who are married there i'm groom's men, the second was we are many who are teasing a girl, and im the only one chased by a girl, chased, the last was my mother's dream there are a couple of young women, telling they both want to marry me, and my mother chase them away saying my son is still young, please emmanuel tv, i need answers plsss 😢

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