A 24 Hours for the Lord Parish Odyssey

So we’re on assignment at the moment for the Catholic weekly Today’s March 24 Coincidence! It’s 24 hours for the Lord and we’re going to do I think about seven… seven plus adorations over the next six hours here in the Sydney metro area and it’s going to be a lot of fun Okay so just wrapped up at St Raphael South Hurstville with adoration there adoration, confession We’re off to – off to Caringbah now for I think Stations of the Cross Okay so just wrapped up with two stations of the Cross with – here at Our Lady of Fatima in Caringbah We’re off to our next church… P.S. It’s a surprise So I’m just leaving Saint – Our Lady of Fatima in Caringbah and we’re going now to Saint Joseph’s in um.. in Oyster Bay Como so it’s a bit of a drive away so I’m gonna have a bit of a bite to eat Just with my emergency stash of bread Mm it’s good Okay so um just wrapped up at St Joseph’s Como so we’re going to move on to the next parish and see how we go there so uh – see you then! Okay so I’ve just come out of Our Lady Srar of the Sea in Miranda and this wonderful – this wonderful organist very — she was obviously very experienced and was right up there on the organ playing very mellow very mellow hymns and finished off with a with a very subtle performance of of Ave Maria – just amazing, just amazing! So I’m here at Saint Michael’s Saint Michael’s in Hurstville and I’ve just been photographing bit of adoration and and one of the parishioners turned off the lights to make the altar look more prominent Okay so I’ve just come out of Saint Brigid’s in Bankstown and the sound – the sound of the rosary being said in Samoan it was just amazing – the sound of the Rosary in Samoan was so peaceful and the tone and iterations are just next level stuff Anyway I’m off to to another church now It’s a bit further away but should be should be fun This particular church is having their first 24 Hours for the Lord so it’s going to be interesting *ah* that was good Okay! Got to carry on So I’ve just come from Saint Therese Saint Therese Miller And I noticed there was another Samoan group singing So I asked them I told them I’d just come from Saint Brendan’s in Bankstown which is nearby and I told them ‘Look I noticed that the Samoan group at Saint Brendan’s sat at the front of the church and I said I noticed that you, that your group actually sits at the back of the church’ I said ‘What’s up with that?’ and they said ‘Well it’s clear that we need to be closer to God’ There we go – now I’m heading off to I forget exactly where but I’m just being guided by the GPS at the moment so we’ll find that out very soon Okay, is that on? There we go Okay so I’ve just headed out of Holy Spirit at Carnes Hill and there was still quite a few parishioners there for Holy adoration for 24 hours for the Lord and I’m currently in the back streets of I don’t know where heading out to the Schoenstatt Shrine over at Mulgoa I’m here at Mulgoa at the Mount Schoenstatt Shrine and if you’ve ever been before it’s very small inside So the atmosphere is very very delicate and intimate I’ve had an incredible day following 24 hours for the Lord across parishes here at Sydney and to end up here is just a real treat If you’ve never been you should definitely come along and look next year do what I did and have an amazing pilgrimage across Sydney experiencing a whole dimension of faith communities It’s just amazing just amazing but when you see the photos you’ll know why Anyway, enjoy

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