7 Sure Signs You’re in a Cultish “Christian” Church | Escape Christian Church Cults

I am Jennifer LeClaire here senior
leader at The Awakening House of Prayer founder of the ignite Network and the
awakening blaze prayer movement turning cities and nations upside down with the
power prayer I want to talk today about seven signs you might be in a Christian
cult now technically speaking there’s no such thing as a Christian cult so let me
put it this way because Jesus is not the head of a cult
Jesus is is the king of the universe amen but we see these terms throughout a
more accurate way to say it might be seven signs that you are in a
cultish Church because churches can be cultish now someone was asking me can I
get a prophetic church be cultish any church can be cultish any church can be
cultish it happens when the leadership bends in line with control it’s a
control issue where does control come from fear insecurity I want to talk to
you about this today I was looking at some news headlines and just today 9
hours ago there was an article what makes a church a cult so I thought it
timely to sort of bring this out there’s another one
Netflix docusate song Rajneesh cult how here’s another story five hours ago how
cult leader convinced two million californians including top politicians
that AIDS sufferers should be that AIDS sufferers should be a sent to death
camps here’s another one inside this is from February 28th yesterday inside the
bizarre world of Waco cult leader David Koresh who was once mocked as mr.
latardo and it goes on and on and I’d here’s another one obvious history rose
mcgowan childhood in a polygamist cult here’s another one I mean just goes on
and on and on I heard here’s the cult of Joel here’s a
three killed and revival cult clash in a pub there’s all kind of different cults
it’s a broad definition I read today I think it who is it Brad Pitt and some
what some other superstar is gonna be in a movie about Charles Manson that was
like a death cult but what but there’s there’s koltes churches out there
there’s koltes churches and then there’s churches that are accused of being
cultish when they’re not cultish at all but somebody just doesn’t like to be
corrected can I just say that can I just be honest with you every Church the word
there’s a pastor or an apostle that brings a little correction now and again
and sets the house in order that doesn’t make them controlling and it doesn’t
make them a cult when Jesus went in the temple he saw the money changers all
over the place and he set some order it’s called he made a whip and knocked
over the tables now I’ve never seen an apostle do that but many apostles try to
set ordered churches or then accused of being cultish well there’s no love in
this church well guess what don’t get me started down that path let me talk about
these seven characteristics of a cult of a cult you might be in a koltes Church
it is possible that you find yourself identifying with some of these things
that I’m saying you could be in a Christian cult and lift let me just tell
you something at the start from the beginning if you find yourself in a
church that’s manifesting what I don’t even care if I don’t even need you to go
down all and say yes to all seven if you’ve got one of these bad boys you
need to run run run run run run the church you run to that’s pure might not
have a lot of programs the church you run to where the Holy Ghost is pouring
out his spirit and pouring out his fire every Sunday might not have a lot of
extracurricular activities what’s important at a church is the equipping
of the Saints the fellowship of the spirit of the bond apiece
that you’ll receive the impartation inspiration that you’re getting the
counseling and the help that you to get your life in order programs on
Madigan’s programs but you can have some some programs programs programs I mean a
very controlling Church seven characteristics of a cult of a cult cult
is Church coaches cult and cult his churches I should say it that way number
one number one they oppose and actually I got this from Mike Bickle and I’m
gonna expound on it okay credit where credit is due
need to see a lot more than on the Internet guys you’re gonna take
somebody’s teaching and expound on it please give them credit it’s called
integrity come on now hallelujah number one they oppose critical thinking
versus demanding that people think for themselves cult members must accept what
the cult leader believes without ever challenging their doctrines they do not
want their members to think critically for themselves now and awakening House
of Prayer in South Florida where I’m the senior leader I challenge people to
think when people come to me with the problem even as their own problem well I
want you to tell me three solutions to your problem I’m gonna help you a minute
I’m gonna help you out we’re gonna wade through this issue you’re gonna receive
the help that you need but I want you to think when I’m preaching the Word of God
I want you to take notes because if something that I said didn’t make sense
I want you to come and ask me in a right spirit not in my you said I don’t know
in a right spirit I want you to come ask me explain this show me this in the
Bible can you give me another scripture can you help me out I want people who
are in my ignite network I want people who are in the awakening blaze of prayer
group to be critical thinkers now that doesn’t mean critical speakers the
spirit criticism is not what I’m talking about critical thinking I mean thinking
for yourself discerning getting with God praying about what you’re hearing if
there are are things going on in your church that just seem way way way wrong
and you go to your pastor this yeah I see that we don’t want to really
deal with that that’s a sign there’s some kind of issue there now sometimes
it’s an issue because you’re just critical and that’s why they don’t want
to deal with it hey man let me move on don’t get me started this is a big one
here look listen this is a big one number two this is a big one
number two dishonouring the family unit versus insisting on the biblical
priority of the family unit children are taught to be more loyal to the leaders
than to their parents women are taught to be more loyal to their leaders than
to their husbands and husbands are taught to accept this as a normal
behavior now what I was in the church I was in an Apostolic Church many years
ago I was taught that church came first now they they they would say family
ministry they would say God family ministry but what they really meant was
ministry ministry ministry build my kingdom you had to ask permission to go
home to see your parents on the holidays you had to you know you had to you had
to get permission to go to your child’s basketball game I don’t believe anybody
in my church needs to permission to do anything you are free now we appreciate
it if you’re not gonna be there let us know because we don’t we don’t want to
be concerned about your welfare if you’re going on vacation let me know I’m
going on vacation there’s a healthy communication because we’re the
Shepherds of the Sheep amen you want to know why you’re okay don’t
make me chase you down just hay drop us an email I’m going on vacation my kid
has a basketball whatever okay now church should be a priority
Church should be a party you cannot blow off church constantly especially if
you’re in a position in a church if you’ve taken on a position in a church
you need to do your job you need to do your job so there’s balance in all this
but dishonouring the family unit when I was in this very controlling Church my
daughter had some some issues when she was a teenager as many teenage girls do
and I decide this you just need a more of my time a one-in more mommy time
there wasn’t in the house and so you know I decided
to stop going to church on Friday nights and and you know I was there on Sundays
but I decided that for a month I was gonna take Friday now off and just go to
movie night go to dinner but it would you know I doubt we duked up side one
and up one side and down the other for putting my daughter ahead of the
pastor’s needs in the church even though I left people in place to cover my
responsibilities that is a koltes Church and again if you’re in a position in the
ministry you need to do your job especially if you’re being paid but but
but if you’ve got other people in place to do it you’ve got an emergency you
need to be allowed to do that without getting rebuked they dishonor the family
unit after I left this very controlling cultist Church people from the church
continue to contact my daughter to try to woo her back there and they were
trying to out what they said well I’ll come pick you up for she’s 13 years old
well I’ll come pick you up one Sunday just tell your mom you’re going to your
friend’s house quick excuse me what thankfully she told me about this and it
wasn’t too long that she decided you know what mom that church was kind of
cultish I didn’t see it till I get out some of you might not see if you’re in a
koltes Church some of these things I’m going to say are gonna stir you you
might get mad at some of them because you’ve been programmed you’ve been
programmed to be so loyalty to leadership is really important
loyalty to leadership we must be loyal to leadership but not more loyal than to
God and if God is saying you need to take a season to be with your family
because your daughter’s meeting you or or whatever it is you need to submit
that to your leadership but you’re not asking permission you’re communicating
in a healthy way they got my daughter discerned it before before she got
sucked in but they tried to to take her basically away from me
number three I so any members and penalizing them for leaving versus
helping them to do God’s will cults isolate their people from families the
church and society they reject any who leave and Warren saying they
may be judged by God or will lose God’s best if they leave people are taught to
make lifelong commitments to the group some groups teach their members must get
permission before joining another ministry the church I was in was so
cultish we wouldn’t even allowed to go visit another ministry if there was
another conference in town at a church but had some speaker that we’d always
wanted to hear we we weren’t allowed to go we were rebuked if we went and we
never had anybody in our church the cultist church that i attended many
years ago but they didn’t bring in any guest speakers from the outside because
they wanted to control the message they had one or two people that said the same
thing as the pastor said and those were the ones that were allowed the church
because he didn’t want anything else coming out besides his message isolating
people from their families from the church and from society they reject
those who leave I saw the inner workings of this people
would realize this church was cultish this church was spiritually abusive and
they would leave and there would be blackballed and we would all be told
don’t talk to them they’re deceived and they’ll pull you right out of God’s will
don’t talk to them we’re praying we’re counseling they weren’t counseling
them they just did one there would be a mass exodus from the church when that
person who the veil had been lifted from their eyes the blinders that had been
removed from their eyes the deception had been broken off their soul they
didn’t want that person to plant seeds of truth in our hearts that we might
also notice the coaches characteristics of this church and leave I never forget
one time we were sitting around the table it was right after somebody left
somebody in the ministry left his cultish ministry that I was part of
somebody in the ministry left and one of the pastors the pastor’s wife called us
all around a table in the back office and she like coerced us into a covenant
how many know you cannot coerce somebody into a covenant but she says none of us
are ever leaving I want you to make a covenant right now we are standing
together we will never make each other we will always be together now you can’t
force it when there are true coming relationships you do see Bill Johnson to
Chris ballot tonight at Bethel they’ve been walking together for
decades and they plan to walk together till one of them goes on to be with the
Lord until Jesus comes back that is a covenant but nobody forced anybody to do
that it’s a healthy commentary I remember I remember I taught you about
healthy soul ties toxic soul ties healthy covenants toxic covenants and
they sat on that table and they made us all promise never to leave would you
know that today I want to say almost you have ten years later eight years later
I’m sorry all those people left the church that
were at that table not one of them stayed you cannot force covenant you
can’t force Cohen someone tries to force covenant on you that’s a sign of a
cultist behavior when I left that church in what they did to one of my friends
stayed behind just to kind of see all be said about me the pastor the Apostle got
up there weeping saying that I had lost my salvation and be careful because
she’ll try to steal YouTube that was number four we’re on number five
crossing biblical boundaries of behavior versus walking in purity and financial
integrity Colts crossed biblical lines of behavior especially in immorality and
finances false teachers can be detected by their covetousness and immorality
here we see you know in this church but I was in there was all these people in
the worship team who were unmarried getting pregnant out of wedlock
there were people going on missions trips and getting drunk in their little
room at night immorality we saw financial scandals in the church we saw
mega bankruptcies in the church we saw people getting arrested for driving
without a license was just a lot of unholy stuff going on that is one of the
fruits of a cult crossing biblical boundaries of behavior versus walking in
purity and financial integrity number six
separation from the church versus a culture of honor towards the church
separation from the church versus a culture of Honor towards the church cult
separate the wider Church I’m sorry cult separate from the wider
Church and and and and operate with an elite spirit I like to call it a the
spirit of exclusivity where you think you’re the only game in town you’re one
of only a few churches that has this revelation whatever it is you’re one of
only a few churches that really really gets it you’re one of only a few that
elitism or that that exclusive spirit is not the Lord believing they alone have a
special status with God they are fully they have a polarized the mentality of
us versus them they criticize the larger body of Christ and often claim to be the
ones only ones truly saved they view all other ministry and denominations as
being an error I can’t tell you how many how many times I’ve heard the apostle of
that church is a trash trash major ministries now you know it’s it’s hard
not to have a mega ministry without some some goofy stuff going on among the
members when you got 10,000 people you’re gonna have some issues but this
one would stand up and talk about you know men and with false anointings and
white suits blowing people over I’m like my god everybody knows who you’re
talking about this is awful this is dishonorable it’s horrible and so they
just honor other churches especially the churches in their city because they
don’t want you going over there they don’t want you getting involved over
there they don’t want you to leave that church and go to an audition it’s all
control it’s not it and let me just say this there’s a difference between a
Jezebel spirit and the control spirit although many times where you see
cultures churches there’s a Jezebel at the head many times but sometimes it’s
just garden-variety control is remembered out I was I was for a very
short time went to another church that turned out to be very cold you know what
I did I left quickly I left quickly and I
began to it’s a certain it’s a certain network of churches that I won’t name
but but there they were they were very clear to shit in their own right and it
but I had learned I want you to learn number seven
emphasizing special revelations that contradicts scripture verses loyalty to
Scripture cult emphasized the special revelations of their leader and
contradict the scripture you know there’s all these different religions
that have been formed and many of them name Jesus and then they use the Bible
but they have these very obscure special revelations that you can’t really it’s
error you know there’s error and there’s heresy and you see all these offshoot
religions that are you know they might name the name of Jesus but they’re in
major error because they have this special relation that had this special
visit from an angel I believe angels can visit people but I think that if they
ate I believe it I know that if the angel says something that violates
Scripture then it was not an angel of the Lord it was an angel of light and we
must understand in this season we must discern those whom we labor with we must
know the people that were serving God with we must understand what our pastors
our Apostles our prophets what they believe these the seven signs of a
Christian cult and I want to pray I want to pray that you will have a discerning
spirit I know that many of you who just listen to the sound of my voice were
shocked by some of the things I said some of the experiences that I’ve been
through I could go on and on and on and on and on and on I might write a book
about it one day I want to protect the identity of those who I’m speaking about
of course and it’s kind of a mishmash I think I’m going to interview people
about their experiences as well but I want to pray for you but before I do I
want to charge you I want to encourage you if you’re an intercessor you’re
Billy Graham just died I wrote an article about how Billy
and there’s this mental intercession that we need to grab hold up because
it’s gonna take more than one of us to make up for his powerful prayers for our
nation and for the nations of the earth but I also just released a prophetic
word go read it on my website Jennifer LeClaire.org about power
intercessors rising up in this hour who’s also on the elijahlist it was also
when charisma magazine power intercessors rising up in this hour if
you are an intercessor I want to charge you I want to put a demand on the
anointing on your life to connect with me go to awakening blaze calm help me
turn your city upside down we’re planting awakening place prayers folks
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want to help you we want to train you and equip you we want to encourage you
awakening blaze calm if you want to be part of our awakening house church
movement awakening house calm and if you are a prophetic person I urge you to
join the prophetic Network why because we are contending for a pure prophetic
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gonna bring should receive fellowship with people who believe like you do so
we need the only people in your city who believe like you do you can’t find
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now.org sign up 14 or 2 or higher to get in the training and the equipment in the
fellowship that you’re looking for in Jesus name Amen
you need to jump on this if this stretch your spirit if you want to see this
accede to the ministry you can do that at Jennifer LeClaire.org slash donate now
I want to pray father I thank you for the anointing of the Spirit of God I
thank you Lord that you give us a discerning heart Lord let our hearts not
be divided let us not be double-minded let us zero in on what you’re saying to
is what church were supposed to be in how we’re supposed to serve who were
supposed to labor with God help us in the name of Jesus to be those who are
quick to see when something is out of line with your heart Lord give us a
hunger for the word that we might rightly divide the word of truth that we
might not be deceived in this hour of great deception I released a sermon over
you in Jesus name there’s a woman watching me you’ve got glasses and brown
hair to about right here and you’ve just about been in tears because you’ve
recognized that what you thought and hoped was it true is true the Lord said
I will heal you of your wounds now and allow me to begin the process
now when we connect you with those who will really love you not just say they
love you and try to control you if that was you email me info at Jennifer
LeClaire.org my goodness my goodness my goodness my goodness my goodness my
goodness or thank you for giving us discernment
for being those who can stand together in this hour in Jesus thanks for being
with me you can find me online at Jennifer LeClaire.org

11 thoughts on “7 Sure Signs You’re in a Cultish “Christian” Church | Escape Christian Church Cults”

  1. No there is christian cults… for u to say otherwise is absurd…yes Jesus Christ is not about cults…where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty/freedom…

    Paul warned us that there would be another Jesus taught… a false Jesus… a counterfeit jesus if you will… so these cults cloak/masquerade as Christian churches…

    These cults don’t allow you to question their doctrines…. they will not sit down with you so you can amicably go over scripture that points to their error.. like John McArthur won’t sit with anyone to point out to him the errors of his doctrine of CESSATIONISM…

    They are heavy on tithing… always referencing scriptures about robbing God or bringing the tithes(money) to the storehouse…blah blah

    There are no more Levitical priests… therefore pastors today can not say you are to support their ministry because God commands it..

    Tithes were crops and livestock not money… also they can’t spiritualize that the “church/ministry” is now the “storehouse” of God… take them some grain along with a kid goat see how that goes over…

    Cults are heavy on membership… they will constantly hammer you with being “grounded in a church”… they don’t allow you to visit your sisters or family friends church.. they act like you cheated on them..

    The word of God tells us to be grounded in the word, in faith and in the love of God.. not a church because they will be the first to lead you away from Jesus Christ with their false doctrine and made up rules or traditions of men…there is only one CHURCH.., the one in Acts 20:28… the very CHURCH Jesus Christ brought with His blood.. it’s known as the REMNANT church n they will only follow the TRUE SHEPHERD JESUS CHRIST

  2. One Christian cult is advocating their congregation throw away their children's toys deemed sources of evil. Of course the practice is not applied to the so called mature adults who's addiction to their own treasures goes unchallenged.

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